More bitches from yours fullofshitly, on World War Threeeeee YIPPEEEEE!!!!

Further commentaries on The Guardian's website article,

Max Cook
03 September 2013 8:35am

Isn't THIS a popular topic, then? What a sport, war is! Better than the Grand Final!
Seems that the pending shitfight in Syria/Lebanon/Iran/Iraq/Afghanistan/Egypt/Turkey/Gulf States/ISRAEL is stirring emotions and keyboards all over the planet?
The psychoses of the western aggressors is beyond amazing.
Does the world need further proof of the WRONG WAY culture out of the Judeo-Roman west, and that it is time [there's a new one!] for everyone everywhere to get off their fatcells and march down the western elites.
If we bitch and shout, and even hold massive rallies, across the world, we might well stop a US, with it's corporate allies backing it from behind the drinks' and laudanum cabinet, from igniting another invasion in the Mid-East?
We might?
They might back down, and like magic, find a peaceful solution, without more war.
But for how long?
If 1/7th of humanity PROTESTED, an acquiescence by the aggressors might result, but nothing fundamental would change, necessarily.
All would happen is the fucking psychos would connive a different way to fuck everything in Syria, the Mid-East, Afghanistan and any other remote opium-growing farmland. ET, cetera...!
If.... one billion-PLUS people marched down the political class fools, and stopped this folly, then the 1 billion are themselves fools if they do not take their momentum that large and most necessary step further, and force all politicians, parliaments, and, AND military, to abandon bullshit policies, bullshit laws, bullshit media and bullshit religion, once, and for all of us.
"We don't need Jesus..., Just, True, Land Laws".
In other words, the whole class of politicians and it's self-interested manipulation of our minds, hearts and souls has to end, to end this type of insatiable expansionism, and false "evidence" against puppet leaders.
We've been done over for millennia.
You'd think we knew better by now?
It's the simple and scientific management of the world's economy we must make right.
Not leaders, not religions. And certainly not centrist ideologues praying to "Jesus".

Another commenter, responding to another commenter, who'd written...;

03 September 2013 8:27am

As the clamour for an attack on Syria gathers momentum, Syrians in Ghouta say that Saudi supplied rebels were behind the chemical attack.
Dale Gavlak who has been covering the Middle East for several years for several agencies including Associated Press , interviewed several people including rebels and their relatives in Ghouta where the deadly attack took place and quote several of them that the weapons may have been supplied by the Saudi intelligence and they went off accidentally due to mishandling.
Many believe that certain rebels received chemical weapons via the Saudi intelligence chief, Prince Bandar bin Sultan, and were responsible for carrying out the dealing gas attack.
Countercurrents.org [better check this one, too, I guess...?]


03 September 2013 8:30am

Exactly! That report is on numerous websites. It is being ignored by the mainstream media. I would like to see the AP reporter and others involved in that story being interviewed on BBC, CNN etc. Also Carla Ponte should be interviewed. She said she was almost certain the rebels had used chemical weapons. And why isn't the media bringing up the fact that Syrian rebels were actually arrested in Turkey with canisters of sarin gas.

...to whit I replote...,
03 September 2013 8:52am
I agree on the gas being from rebels, and an accident makes something less evil, aye?
But we delay only, the intentions of the west to screw the place over, by waiting for media to interview the people who know the facts.
The media, are up there too, as much culpable as the mad men with bombs!
We spoiled 1st worlders have to watch ourselves, because we may well have fallen into having undue, ie., deadly faith in our hi-tech comms and media, expecting CNN or BBC et al will be able to broadcast enough to stop such psychotic warmongering?
I want to see at least ONE BILLION PEOPLE, worldwide, marching to their parliament houses, chanting spooky stuff at the politicians, AND at the media scum-er-scrums, in PROTEST against the western forces' global landlords, demanding fundamental law reforms, so we do not have to debate how to deal with Refugees, with "war or no", with "austerity measures", with "mass poverty", with "mass homelessness", with "mass ignorance", with "climactic change", with"tax evaders", with fucking psychos lusting for more war.
We have to stop relying on media.
Time to rely on our voices and legs, and, our Common Unity and Common Knowledge of True Laws.

But she was reading my mind, so before I could finish this and post it, she'd posted...;

03 September 2013 8:46am

Well I want to see Gavlak and Ponte interviewed on TV channels, but those networks are determined to show only one side of the picture. This played out during the Egypt crisis and now the same thing is happening with Syria. Whatever faith I had in the media is now approaching zero.

So, all in all, a jolly old time positing posts was had by all.

The threats by the west stopped.

Westminster was closed down forever.

Socialist Agrarianism was instituted globally, and we all lived, typed, smoked and stroked happily ever after,

and President Assad was elected unanimously as the New 1st Global Pope of Atheism!

O! And media DID stop world war threeeeee YIPPEEEE!

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