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The Conversation, an Australian web news site, usually red by Intellectuals, is one I look at when I'm not too haunted to read the in-depth and longish articles.
Tonight, Malcolm Fraser, ex-PM, [Liberal] of the 1970's-80's wuz red being interviewed about the Syria crisis.
Since his daze as our PM, and stand-in Easter Island figurehead, he's grown quite to the not-so-right-wing as he wuz and as his old party has become, and I reckon's he's even something of a Socialist nowadays.
He's certainly had some very balanced opinions over the last 20 years since his leadership era.
The things he says about the Syria debacle of now add to his acute political abilities.
Here's the link to the Conversation article/interview.
Malcolm Fraser: Syria attack ‘illegal’

Of course, as Malcolm Fraser says, any attack on Syria would be illegal. But so have about every war since Adam smacked Eve been illegal.
That is not a consideration, of today's warmongering “lords of sick”, as far as I see it.
There's a shitload of other stuff going on behind the scenes, we little people never know about, with or without WikiLeaks exposing the corrupt.
But also, their media propagandists, from Murdoch to the bloke who starts a conversation on the street, who is really there to “start a conversation on the street”, and fill some gullible fools mind with shit totally distracting from the reality, so fool can go scampering to his mob and spread the shit. Which is precisely how MI6 and their ilk have fucked over whole nations for the last 100-plus years. So at the end of the shit-stream, there's about a zillion different stories flopping around town, winning adherents by the mouthful, until it makes the editor's desk in typed format. The rest, as they say....
So, with a few idiots leaping into their compudelusion and distracting from the conversation, in the comments following this posted Conversation with Mal Fraser, others were more concerned, and gave their thoughts, for the likes of me to shit on.

No harm nor malice meant, from me, but I was inspired to be realistic to one Mary O Mary, of the comfy club, who wrote this, to whit, I replied, to what....

Mary Mitchell

[in pink, for female psychologists...]
Why is the only possible response military? How come in 2013 we haven't evolved enough to have come up with a way of holding those who abuse power accountable without causing the suffering of multitudes of innocent people? Seeing who's got the biggest club has never been the way to tell who is RIGHT.
Why could not an international body vote to take measures to remove power from governments that abuse their power and install a caretaker international government until either the current government agrees to abide by international human rights law, or new elections are held? Bank accounts can be frozen, and politicians could be locked out from computer networks etc if they resist. If politicians commit crimes they should face courts. If a rebel group tries to seize power in the vacuum they should be held to account by the same measures. If someone has used chemical weapons (or ANY weapons in fact), all parties to the conflict lose the right to power until the independent arbiter decides the outcome.
Citizens should have the ability to petition an independent international authority if their rights are being violated. This in itself could prevent wars.
Yes yes I know I'm idealistic. But why could not a system something like this work? Why are we not working towards ways to make such a system work instead of spending more money on military weapons than food?

Max Cook

REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
In reply to Mary Mitchell
Mary O Mary? The world doesn't, never has and never will work like that. Progress is a scam, Democracy and law courts all show, so well done as to have you and the comfy classes utterly blind to the brutality of real life, and free to dream your dreams, vote for your ideologues, and still have a house and warm fire with friends to sip vino in front of, at the end of the day/epoch/war.

Syria, the topic, is but one front.

Hardly a region on earth is not earmarked for subterfuge, infiltration and subversion of politics and warlords' dominance these days. War is the agenda, and it is planned to spread worldwide asap.

Our region too.

The comfy club benefiting from the churches buy-off [bribe, aka, 30-pieces of silver, to betray the natural world], for the last several centuries, is paying off for the global elite, such that they march in and do whatever they want - read need in resources - anywhere. And the comfy homeowners sit mute, turning to another channel a blind eye to the horror of reallife, out there.

Politics and politicians, monarchs and diplomats are only where they are as long as they play the ruthless games of the never-known power-mongers.

Therefore...? ENJOY the spoils!

Hyperbola and hopes of the wordy many, are futile and but dust. er...? hot air, wasting their and your time, filling time between adolescence and death.

While we think mere safe, polite conversation and debate can save us, without ever having to get up {"Get Up!], leave the lounge room, drop our pleasant inheritances [as-in forget we ever had them], discard our accoutrements, take up our arms, axes, picks, shotguns, molotovs and a month's food pack, and march with Comrades for weeks to the core of the corruption, then wage war fearless of our own death, against the zombies of the 1%'s guards, we are lost.

Thus.., we are lost.

So..., you voted for Abbott? :]

Don't yet know how Mary O Mary will respond, whether she will come hunting for my scalp, blood or other, or whether I've turned another comfy fanny into a Raging Revolutionary with bloodlust for the upper-upper classholes.
We wait in hopelessness, considering it's but 5 days before Armageddon, in Canberra.
BUT..., ya neva know?!?#$%^&?!
Could Hope Spring Eternal?
Could the Rising Parties Raise the votes of the punters?
Could we bring the political classholes of the two-party farce to their long-grazed-knees - AT LAST???
Can Big Hat Bob Katter's Party, Clive Palmer's United Australian's Party, The Greens, WikiLeaks even the far-left REALPolitik Socialist Equality Party SEP, and others of the contender collective, FINALLY bight the noses off faces of the ponses in power?
Stay tuned Folks!

But FIVE bitchin' days to go, 'til YOU KNOW!

Meantime, over in Syria, bombs are being stroked by bombardiers, chemicals are being smoked by bongadeers, and farther west, whiskey and gin are being mixed at dangerous levels in more dangerous comfy-fanny clubs of the lords of sick.

Is it, ARMAGEDDON outta here?

Stay stupid, and you wont hear the bombs comin'!


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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