AEC, The ABC, Murdoch Media All Need Investigating

130910 JUST DEFIANCE AEC, The ABC, Murdoch Media All Need Investigating Edition
Fabulous Yahoo news article on the day before Airplanes-in-Buildings Day!
So I flung it this...
Pens too expensive for voting: AEC AAP Updated September 10, 2013, 11:45 am
[There were some comments deriding Palmer, and questioning the possibility that the AEC electoral system could possibly be corrupt..]

It's designed to be corruptible.
Clive's correct.
AEC isn't pure by any measure.
Pencils but another part of keeping the results manipulable, as it's always been.
I've been suspicious of these factors which Clive mentions, for decades, and I guarantee the whole result was manipulated, in most all electorates.
Australians are asleep to this blatant chasm of corrupt behavior, exactly how the church state wants us.
Good on You, Clive! I wouldn't vote for you, [I don't vote] but have a lot of Respect for this, your Courage to speak up about these flaws in the system.

I urge Clive, with Bob Katter et al, to take on the AEC, & the whole process, of pencils & unsecured ballots-in-bags-in church graduates' back-rooms.

The process has been farce since 1808 [before elections, yes], so fools like Abbott [read "Murdoch"] "win", why Australia's run by idiots, totally for dynastic profits, why offshore thieves steal away our land/resources, & we foot the bill with skyrocketing land prices.

Then, I found a typically erudite and Honest article by ex-Senator Green's Bob Brown on The Guardian Australia website, “Team Australian Greens is growing”, so I flung it THIS, a looong one

KingCommo [tha's me in regal drag!]

10 September 2013 6:51am

Good On Yer, Bob!

"Well Done!" to the Greens.

More than ever, as you say, now with this extremist right-wing government, and an obvious spread of fools being led by tyrants, we need this, your type of straight forward Honesty in our media.

The Guardian's entry here, into our narrow media range of views, better late than never, should've happened in 1996, hoho!

The Fairfax stable has done us proud though, but again, it did feel like it was lagging.

The Greens though, from here forward, with the increased strength, will still have to parlay with anyone who knows the [2-party cartel] situation is dire.

And, Clive Palmer has won my Respect for bringing up the actually crucial issues of "alleged" AEC corruption [as I've been blogging-on-about for a few years], what with the farcical "pencils" and loose security around ballot papers.

So, The Greens will win Respect from their many right-wing detractors if they are ready to unite with Palmer Et Al, on electoral reforms, and a federal, police investigation into the AEC and the processes, from pencils to preferences.

The results, with the many new players, clearly shows voter-discontent with the majors, perhaps with the Greens too, to some degree.

This discontent has to be used, captured, and acted upon by all of those who do purport to want to clean up the whole affair, once and for all time, so a unity across the rather-more illusory, and fabricated "right-left divide" with the smaller parties, independents and single issue players is a must.

I do not see the Abbott "Dolt's Party" having an easy time of it, from now, if even 20% of the new players have the courage and rightmindedness to demand Honesty, in the fundamental areas of taxation, foreign ownership of the land, etc., but perhaps most testing, for it being the crux of the two-party stranglehold, all smaller parties should go hard at dismantling the 3-tier structures by shutting down the states/territories middlemen apparatus.

Keep the vitality on fire, Greens, PUP, Bob Katter, and the rest, and use the momentum to really shake the foundations of this rotten 3-tier, 2-party system.

I wrote on voters voting against the 2[3] major's cabal in my blog well before the election, for the sake of all of us, and they have themselves seen the failings and known what they had to do.

So, while the LNP struts proud and smiley now, "because they won!" it wont last long, if the current non-mainstream Senators can see the future of a firey and motivated House in 18 months.

And from now, the LNP will start to wake from their delusion soon enough, once their bravado starts being shaved off, exposing their weaknesses and falacies.

This all also, means the media will have to shake itself awake too, and smarten up to report on the action in both houses.

Their only option as the months pass, will be Honesty, again. Again, for the 1st time since the late 1800s.

So, Murdoch preens his ego, thinking he's got us in his bag, but might well have to think again, soon enough, methinks.

As well..., Palmer and any "Honesty Alliance" with others, Greens included, there really has to be some sorting out of the bullshit opinion-polling media and corporate shenanigans.

I suspect that with the many voters so dissatisfied with the whole game, they are telling porkies to the opinion polling people, because they also see the pollsters as part of the problem.

Labor clearly needed a kick in the backside, perhaps even a wipeout.

That they didn't, shows the punters - if the ballot was NOT corrupted - understand the underlying policies of the ALP do have Merit, but it has to clean out it's backrooms.

I assert, this goes directly to the heart of the corruption, from here to Westminster, but most, to the Vatican. So a future ALP has to come out and be honestly separated from their quiet, corrupting, cuddly mother, the church.

Today is not the 1950s, when most of us were idiot believers, forced, bribed or hexed.

The huge ship of catholicism/christianity is a slow turner.

The People, in this vitalized era, are massively faster to break with those crusty beliefs, now 2-generations at least dead.

So the party must be honest about this unspoken underlying issue, and if Rudd is so welded to the church, as I think he is, then yes, he must throw himself on his own cross, and leave.

But we all know the devil [not meaning Rudd] can lie still for eons, and waits for the chance to resurface in a new body.

So the only option is for an overt statement by the party, on leaving the church behind.

catholic. protestant. mason. jewish.

Ha! yeah....?

So, for the Greens, and Honest Australians, we have Great Things to look forward to, Luke!

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