130928 JUST DEFIANCE Weekend BLAST Edition

Opening my The Guardian emailed morning newsletter, I'm hit with items about the calamity just installed in Canberra, and two more failures of the fed government.


The subtitle quotes Abbort's excuse-line to the asylum seeker boaties issue, and only serves to show us further evidence that he is a dolt, and should not be in the PM's chair, or any other chair but that of a baby, in a high chair, being spoon-fed by O? Murdoch's nannies:

Prime minister says the issue is a 'passing irritant' that he hopes will not complicate the two countries' strong relationship

NO-ONE, cannot connect this terrible misuse of the language to his earlier incorrect term in saying “suppository” when he meant “repository” [of wisdom], a few weeks ago.

The amateur and professional shrinks will be delving into his psychological issues with the “anal fixation”, or “anal-retentive” terms in mind, methinks [ admitting that I actually do not know what either mean, in their clinical uses ], for these two uses of terms, the 2nd - “passing irritant” - at least having common application to influences in the bowels.

I do believe he was being typically provocative and antagonistic using that term, intending it to refer to “Boaties”.

As to whether the idiot also wanted to show how tough he thinks he is, and meant it with allusion to the Indonesian government, we speculate?

But, I think most people, and not alone Australians, already knew what a piece-of-poo this LNP leader is, so his making gaffs like these expose his anal whatevers - is there something also in his showman-preference of being seen in his “budgie-smugglers”? Not only his nuts were semi-exposed! - and we must ask if it's right to let him keep passing these potentially toxic statements.

That his most recent “passing irritant” term was in his comment about both the 3rd world “Boatie” asylum-seekers, but also involving Australia's pending dispute with our 2nd nearest national neighbor, Indonesia, and that it is already well-known that he and his LNP are racist, and anti-Islamic, of the “Pentecostal” white-supremacy-type [ regardless that Abbort is overtly catholic ], as well as toxicly phobic to immigrants other than pearly-white Brit-Eurapean jews, christians and freemasons, or if, not white, at least subdued by and subsumed into, the white supremacist cults of his “Cecil Rhodes-ian” indoctrination, as have sprinkled their hexes across the planet, it begs asking whether Australia is in fact as bad as I perceive it to be, of being a dangerously ignorant mob, with “racial” phobias and completely outdated ideals coming out not only their mouths?

Ignorant perhaps, in 1stly allowing this utter idiot, Tony Abbott to become our PM, as well as letting his stupidity be sounded across the northern straits to Indonesia?

Even he has enough mental capacity, I hope, to remember that Indonesia is some 10 times our own population, with a correspondingly sized military, and has but one-twentieth or so, of our land mass!

Also, as the western alliance of insane corporate leaders in Westminster, Brussels, and Washington, so in Canberra too, are waging a war of extermination against Islam, and that Indonesia is the world's largest Islamic state, made-up of a People - the Islamists - who have the far more Righteous “religion”, if not all a “Philosophy”, which sees the insane attempts by our own “old country” Brit-Euro christio-jews to kill off Islam everywhere, we should take seriously the need for Australians of whichever economic-political and religious preference, to voice our dissent against these utterly fucking stupidly fucking DEADLY statements and attitudes by the latest LNP Murdo-puppet federal government.

And, whether or not this is in fact Abbort and his greasy sycophantic LNP doing the bidding of the US corporate-military-industrial complex, to accelerate the said American, thus western-alliance complex's “pivot-to-Asia”, Australia being the base for the “pivot”, thus furthering the potential for a worldwide nuclear war between “East-and-west”, it remains frighteningly clear that unless Australians get up and PROTEST their Intelligent dissatisfaction with, thus, DISSENT against the utter idiots now in the chairs of our federal government, we may well not see out the 2nd decade of the 21st century without that major global disaster, of proportions only referred to in such as the last book of O!? THEIR biblical “Revelations” prediction - ALAS! An instruction, toward Armageddon!

But..., I might just be paranoid?

Facts might well be that all is lovely on Earth, we all love each other, and the future is as Green as the blue planet can be?

“Green” happening, or not, to also mean “FUCKING NAIVE!

So..., I s'pose I'll read the article now.....? [ NOPE! Couldn't be bothered! ]

The other article headlined and linked above, but another fuck-up of galactic proportions by the new Australian government, about the latest “International Panel on Climate Change” IPCC report that modern industrial over-consumptive, WRONG WAY, FUCK EVERYTHING whiteguy humans do-do cause climate change, should alert Australians to their stupidity for electing the LNP.

The regular spoon-fed line from the LNP corporate genocidalists is that “there's nothing humanity can do to even mitigate the disaster we alone have brought down on the future, so we may as well stay ignorant, abusive, over-consumptive, polluting fuckwits, and enjoy it as we ride the bomb down!

Government is supposed, supposed, to be about intelligent and wise management of the peoples, and thus how they treat the national and global ecosystem.

But the LNP shows every trait of the very opposite.

I guess the conundrum is in the fact that the more intelligent parties, and advocates in politics, who see, investigate and understand the issues about the species' longevity, or is that our “lounge-evity”, as per we whiteguys being mostly lazy-fuck “lounge-lizards”, ...whatever..., the conundrum is that the good guys have let themselves become at least as vulnerable to being blackmailed by the Lounging-Numbskulls Party of Tiny Abbort and coven, with their perhaps even more insane secret plan to build a FALSE! world messiah?

FAIL!!!! Says him. The false one.

[ ALAS! The adage: “History repeats itself!” is exactly appropriate here, because an impartial inquiry into the first so-called “messiah”, Jesus of Nazareth, or “Yeshua ben Joseph”, was also a false messiah! ]

So, while both rummage around in their joy, or grief, at conquering the falsities of christianity, or, of being found out, the plunder and planned decimation of us is a few more steps further toward being implemented.

All-in-all, it really does put the mockers on the potentials and veracity and rectitude, and all those other fancy words, of “democracy”?

This is only made worse, by the fact that the two major factions in global, thus national, thus local politics, the freemasons and the catholics, have been in collusion for well over 100 years to bring the long-theorized “one world government” into being.

Both want the top chair, if and when it is realized. And both have been engaging in a fearsome war to get there first.

While the materialists of the free world of internet and chat rooms and Google discussions etc, spend time and data arguing the rectitude and not of either side of the “Communist-v-CRAPitalist” argument, the reality is that both are designed by the 2 colluding cults to war against each other, so-as to distract the boffins and masses from the real hidden war, between the cults, to expose the flaws in each overt CRAPo-Commo system/ideology, and to bring down the arrogance of those smaller players, who either run to the “blue pill” corporate mememe selfish consumer cowardliness, or, perhaps with some genuine smarts, run to the “Red Pill” sides, and make a stand against the illogik of faithful over-consumption corporate CRAPitalism.

And, on-topic or not, it came to me this morning, that we only have this debate between “CRAPitalism and Communism” because we have warring religious cults.

If this has merit, then the more useful resolution to these antagonisms between “right and left”, would be to TAX ALL RELIGIONS, thus the best of them would survive, mainly because they'd have been founded on HONEST economics, and not, as all western cults have, stayed in existence because they play the MOST DISHONEST economics, of land speculation.

HA!” As the Great John Jepson, might exhort, were he to hear it?

However, sadly, and typically, there's a far more sinister aspect to these larger battles between these two out of control and so, quite psychotic cults.

And that is that through a final world war, the world would bomb and shake and starve and disease some 90% of us to extinction.

The LNP's rebuttal of the Climate Change Science, is but our own government's small part in furthering that “Rhodes-ian” zionist apocalypse.

I say, really, they are asking for someone to assassinate them?

Like the promises made to Islam's “Suicide Bombers” of dying for the Right Cause, and being reborn in Heaven with 72 virgins to mess their kaftans forever, I cannot regard such an action - of assassination - against those who advocate utterly stupid, ignorant, inhumane and immature “burn the earth” policies, as wasted.

But, the idiots in the LNP may not be worthy targets?

Clearly, this “species' decimation” policy comes from afar, in the higher offices and palaces of Brit-Eurape.

So any Warrior, who might be Fortunate enough to find the Wisdom to exact Selfless Justice against whomever plays terminator of 90% of humanity, must research the right target well, so as to 1, aim well, and 2, thus be most effective?

Today, from my hole in the trees, I wouldn't begin to assume I knew who, if any small number, are the best targets?

With the depth and spread of the ignorance of selfish ideals, we all know that shooting one or a number, will only engage the autonomic corporate mechanism to replace them from the pool of suitable players.

Always, like in almost every Revolution, there are willing greasy maggots [ not at all unlike the current Australian PM ] to jump into a role which offers them the classic “all the wealth of the world” and false fame, to subvert or divert or totally destroy a Movement.

So knocking off one or a million of them most influential and most hypnotized in the dark class of politics, may well be pointless.

But.........., it may not also....?

Finally, as things are as out of control as they now are, we do have to ask if we are a better species to let it go to that “war of decimation”?

Maybe we should?

I guess the question really is,

Which is the Righteous Path, Grasshopper...?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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