Palestine, Gaza, Israel, Ceasefires, Foreign financing of Israel and what the world must do

Palestine, Gaza, HAMAS, Israel, Ceasefires, UN-hOLLYWOOD, Foreign financing of Israel and what the world must do

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Here's a Repost of another from G+ a few days ago, from This is Gaza - Pray For Gaza

I do so purely for what I'd written to [and added-to here] it's comment's thread, which goes to another aspect of Israel's mental health issues of fanatical narcissism and want for all the Levant's land for their greedy selves.

hOLLYWOOD! Very  UN holy wood, fact-be-known!

It's proper and worth reading first, the Mangalore Times article about Egypt offering to host “truce talks' between Israel-the-aggressor, and Hamas, who govern Gaza, then my words below, to see in which ways hollywood funds and therefore influences so much of the world's, especially USA's, general thinking on war, on the crises of the Middle-East, and why they are so adamant we should support their stomping Palestinians, so they can steal their land.

Plus, why we really should do as I suggest, and stop going to hollywood movies.

My words are not rocket-science, nor more than off-the-top-of-my-head thoughts. But the concept should be clear, to those who want to do the Right Thing.

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[my thoughts, posted in the comment's thread on g+]

And how long will this truce last?

Until the protests are forgotten, and Israel begins the next stage of taking Gazan's land.

That Israel plays with our attention spans, hoping the world forgets the horrors of the last month in Gaza, so they can resume their theft of Palestinian's Lands, is why the world must not let this slip out of our awareness, and why the world must even increase pressure on Israel, by sanctions and product bans as per BDS, etc.

ALL anti-zion media have to start or keep up their

- airing of the crimes of zion - everywhere, but mainly in Palestine,

- the legal humanitarian cases against Israel,

- to encourage listener's/watchers/readers to maintain their awareness of their purchases, and

- read BARCODES for where produce originates.

There's an whole study in the last 2 - Israel's profiting from the industries we assume are OK to buy and use, for media to follow-up on.

All levels of govt everywhere, need to be monitored or asked where all their product comes from, and who the companies in the chain of delivery are owned by.

Locals can find these kind of details about what their own Local Governments buy from Israel, and from corporations and even local companies and shops who source things from an Israeli-owned company.

This type of Local Activism, is Legal, and Righteous.

Getting involved “at street level” as it were, is the BEST way Democracy functions.

In making situations Proper in far away places for most, like in Palestine, does actually make things right for YOUR OWN “Patch”, “'Hood”, “Territory”, “Stomping Ground”.

If western governments can decide that ISIS/ISIL/IS are credible threats to their own nations Peoples, as Australia's bullshit right-wing government is saying now, as it sends a contingent of our troops and fighter jets and other war equipment to “help” the bullshit USA bomb the crap out of ISIS/ISIL/IS, then WE, THE PEOPLE, can go about reducing the chances of “BIG BAD WORLD WAR THREE”, and any need for war there, by doing these kind of LOCAL things.

Kids, you too! But hey, get the folks onside first!

Lobbyists everywhere have to keep at the world's govts, corporations, religions and institutions to stop dealing in every way with Israel's media, and any Israeli corporations in any industry.

BDS has had huge success in that field, so everyone should know that it DOES work, and Israel is hit by blockades and products AND SERVICES bans, etc.

But one huge area the world CAN reduce Israel's foreign income is to


Adding, that we have to wake-up to the subtle messages most hollywood movie scripts are trying to sell, and hypnotize the audiences, into believing!


Fact is that most of hollywood's hero-genre movies condition audiences to accept that a mythical Jessuss figure is on his way to save the planet, and of course, to save the audience.

That, giving the world false hope in a savior, is actually tricking the world into being lazy - politically, economically and intellectually lazy.

Purely, so the zionists, who are the world's wealthiest elites, and who are also mainly of jewish descent, background or origins, or who've been pressured and/or bribed [“all the wealth of the world”, sound familiar?] to let this happen, can retain their delusional, and evil central control of the planet.

With, by no coincidence, a totally “puppet” Jessuss, marketed to be sitting at the top of the world hierarchy, as the god king of us all.

The puppet they are manipulating the world' minds for, by “hOLLYWOOD”!!!

The "puppet Jessuss false god-king", is in fact, the MOST EVIL and anti-democratic concept possible.

There's also a direct relationship in this dirty con-job by the Jews and Israel and the world' elite, and why hollywood movie stars are paid so much and why they're made so famous!  

"BRIBES!"  Actors, also, "tell lies" in their work.  That's WHAT THEY DO!  So the jewish masters of the USA and of hollywood pay their actors millions, mainly to keep the images up, which are distractions from the seedy, filthy, corrupt things the masters are doing, in hollywood and out, in war zones and business and government arenas, and to keep the actors SILENT, about the disgusting manipulation the movie industry does to the audiences.

Sure, "theatre" "acting", is, or was a Fine and Noble Art, to retell stories of moral, ethical, political, and mere entertainment value, or worth.  

Good theatre, good stories retold, and good acting also, help people learn, and mimick, how people best communicate with others.  And how not to behave.  But that and society, have been corrupted so that we often mimick the bad behavior, because it's "cool", "tough", etc.

But hollywood has gone way passed all noble intentions of acting, and is now using movies to hypnotize audiences to believe very sinister things about life.

"Conspiracy Theory"?   NOPE!  Conspiracy FACT!  Ask Mel Gibson!

[More links related to "Conspiracy Theory";
An hollywood movie about this miserable-son-of-a-bitch - me.
A slight divergence from the basic topic here..., but,]

In effect, the Jews of Israel, etc., are using YOUR money spent on hOLLYWOOD movie tickets, to set-things-up for them to totally rule over you!

When you realize this, you may feel just a little bit SICK! And/or ANGRY! Not to mention “anti-Semitic”.

So, the whole hollywood hero-genre film industry, making money hand-over-fist FROM YOUR INCOMES, to fall for the bullshit myth of “Jessuss”, is what hOLLYWOOD and cHRISTIANITY is all about.

Nothing to do with YOU being saved. The zionist elite do christianity so THEY alone can be saved, along with stealing most of the planet's and humanity's wealth for themselves.

Notice how we leave the cinema with that "all is well! Everything's gonna be fine!" feeling after one of those hero movies?

They always end on an "up" note, filling us with the dangerously untrue belief that our own world is gonna be cool too.

"Hypnotism", is what the jews are doing in hollywood. Mass-hypnotism.

I admit I love action movies, from the last century portrayals of America's cowboys, and stuff, to the latest Sci-fi. Etc.

But I know to keep the delusion separate from the reality of now.

And the "hero-delusion" pouring out of hollywood is designed to let the audiences leave, feeling as if SOMEONE ELSE is gonna do the hard yards of BEING RESPONSIBLE in how we MUST live, from here on.

Seen in this light, hollywood becomes a demon-maker, letting the majority be slaves to the worst things for the health of the planet, and for democracy, etc - "over-consumption" - because SOMEONE ELSE is gonna do THE RIGHT THING and taper-back their wasteful lifestyle.

AND.., hollywood's “demons” ARE THE AUDIENCE! YOU!

NO apologies for this extended "rant".

It goes to EXACTLY the same Cause last weekend's Climate Marches worldwide addressed.

"Personal Responsibility". Or...,


"It..., IS up to YOU!"


Yeah, I know..., rahrahrah! {;-]

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