Aliens in red suits in rural Australia?

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Who are these two [middle photo] in red uniforms, in rural Australia?

Probably two nutty Grannies belonging to some catholic zionist witch cult.

BUT, could they be 2 extraterrestrials in red suits?

These photos I took [through the trees] today, as shown in the date stamps, of a farm , which has become a base for all sorts of fascinated - A! "conspiracy theorists"! no less - fools who monitor someone [myself] who they believe [NOooo! They ain't hypnotized to believe anything!] I'm some sort of superman, or alien, or as many have said to me, Jessuss!

I don't offer any answer. I am a bit interested in these two in the centre pic, for wearing what appear to be red suits, when today in south eastern Queensland, is quite warm, mid-20's Celsius and very sunny.

I suspect some sort of "gathering" of witches is gonna happen this weekend at that farm "Tranquility Farm" by name, although I call it "Tranquilizer Farm", for all the traffic it gets, since I was directed by spooks to the spot I'm "hiding" at.

They've had "functions" there before, and I am sure people from all over the planet are "invited".

Quite possibly, LAPD cops, and some bribe-taking notables from unHollywood.

[Which reminds me;
WHERE'S MY 50 MILLION US DOLLARS, SCHWARZENEGGER??? A little "joke" between us.]

But, what would I know?

Here's the link to a poem I wrote last week after the Scotland independence Referendum, [which even impresses me, my own worst critic];

I called, "The Fire of Scotland"

Any "talent" I do possess, is merely what has been "programmed" into me, over my 59 illegitimate years.

From my own painful inquiries of the last 9 years, I conclude that I'm but a puppet of the mad bastards in the CIA's "MK-Ultra" project of mind control. CIA, being, of course, but a branch office of the British scum-er-spies, of MI6, HQ at Cheltenham England, GCHQ.

Built, to play that false, and in my estimation outright "evil" puppet Jessuss, to be used by the far more evil vatican mobsters to be fitted-up on their bullshit god-king throne.

After about 30 years of being very suspicious of mum's lies, evasive chatter and clearly secretive intentions for me, and seeing links to the evil "Theosophical Society", definitely the Vatican, and possibly also even the Illuminati somewhere entwined amongst it all, and since being certain of me being set-up, I still fall on the side of


You decide for yourselves, if you have your Impartial, Atheist Intelligence awake to discern.

But these two somewhat "mysterious" characters over the valley from my hideout, [the pics I took on a Fuji digital camera, at maximum zoom, about "x60", so about a kilometer away] as said, possibly just two fanatical catholic cult grannies, and possibly two damned red-suit ALIENS, [hehehe, hohohoho - they must be a little bit afraid of me, for never coming and saying "hello!"] add to what I know is "goin' orrn" behind my back.

Sad, for no-one able to be honest with me.

Therefore...., as the actor "Patrick Stewart" says to Julia Roberts in the Mel Gibson hollywood movie - [I allege - about myself] "Conspiracy Theory" of 1997, and I seem to recall [from the movie] he also said it to Jerry Fletcher as Gibson [playing Fletcher] was being held in a wheelchair,

"only the truth will set you free".

So, as everyone is unable to be truthful to me


Have a fun party at Tranquilizer Farm, cocksuckers!

Max N Cook
Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


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