Is USA's Republican Party financing ISIS/ISIL/IS & media trolls?

140903 Is USA's Republican Party financing ISIS/ISIL/IS & media trolls?

US intelligence officials working to establish authenticity of video of Sotloff being killed, reportedly by the same fighter who murdered James Foley
Paul Lewis in Washington, Spencer Ackerman in New York and Ian Cobain in London
The Guardian, Wednesday 3 September 2014 04.49 AEST

Matthew Hall, Sydney Morning Herald
July 18, 2014

Hearing of this 2nd alleged beheading, then listening to an interview on Australia's ABC zionist radio, of an associate of the latest 'victim' to lose his head, there was a touch of insincerity in the interview, from both the interviewer and interviewee.

Since say, the Tunisian uprising, thus the north African and Mid-eastern 'spring', all MSM and online 'alternative' news services have gone into the highly-unbelievable categories, with allegations and counter-accusations, then counter-counter, then counter-counter-counter, and on, and they've so often also got the video to "prove" their little piece of propaganda.  CGI?  And the rest.  So..., yeah....?

So, with a flood of allegations streaming down from the satellites that ISIS/ISIL/IS are actually CIA, now Mossad, paid mercenaries to generally completely fuck-over the Middle-East, with the last one I bothered scanning through last night saying it's a direct Israeli putsch to shatter the Islamic nations altogether, etc., intended to make the whole of the Mid-East Israel's, I let thoughts float up this morning that ISIS/ISIL/IS is actually an American right wing, Republican Party, GOP-sponsored war effort, to do horrible things to the Obama administration, and their branch of zionist Illuminati, the catholics, by whatever 'strategy' they figure suits the next media broadcast, and their hopes of making everything Obama completely trashed by the next 2016 US Presidential election.

Because of data charges in my previous expensive prepaid broadband, I didn't watch the James Foley decapitation video. But from a still I got the impression he was sloooowly decapped', and not by a trad long machete type knife, but by a short-blade.

I don't think anyone would cut a person's head off with one a dem! Guess, now I'm on massive BIG data plan, I can find it and watch, grim as it probably is?

Whatever. With every news bulletin, and online sensation, and eye-catching post, article, release, and if there's any gaps or reasons for suspicion as to any authenticity, the counter-accusations and the counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-counter-accusations, etc., all this serves to do is make us all completely untrusting of any of the media's reports.

Which, in the long haul, might be a very good thing.

Good, other than it also allows the real terrorists, the western corporate-military-industrial, banking, fossil-fuels, weapons'-maker, drugs'-running and real estate cabals of our wealthiest subhumans, to know their backs are covered, by any of an assortment of lying bribe-taking media and diplomatic staff – staff bullshit. And, online trolls.

The funny side, and the serious, is that the planet Herself, will only take so much bullshit on her back, before She kicks back.

I incline to 'truth' and even it's poor cousin, honesty, are fundamental to Universal Laws and Principles.

As this world, all worlds, are illusion, mere sparks of activity escaping the original light of the pre-mid-and-post 'alleged' Big Bang, this and all can be manipulated to whomever has the reins.

As this recent alleged epoch, 'post-fall-from-Eden' has been fought over by about every faction of the species, for ownership of the reins, the horses and the wagons, of the wagon-train of existence, or, of the Matrix, and as we approach the final race, I suggest the whole fabric of the Universe we inhabit now, is being stretched beyond even it's readiness, willingness and/or plasticity, to endure.

The bullshit being pumped at maximum rates from and to, our media, ie., from and to our minds' receptors/perceptors/projectors, only adds to accelerating the final opening on the cosmic broadway of the big local stellar neighborhood Black Hole.

Clearly news, media, entertainment and all-things-trend are well out of control, over-the-top, and add to everyone's insanity.

So how much insanity can a Universe stand?

See you in the Hole!


But, I rewrite my latest suggestion, with a deepening belief that it is quite likely the most probable scenario.

The right wing, fundie-christian, pro-Israel, white-supremacist, zionist Republican Party of the USA, or the “Grand Old Party - GOP” as they rebranded themselves since Sarah Palin and genre caused the party to expose its utter 'brutidity' [brutal and stupid. GW'd like that one, I reckon?], shatter, and reform, split into the GOP and the Tea-Baggers, also happening to be the ridiculously wealthiest polito-corporate cabal on Earth, are behind everything ISIS/ISIL/IS, as is messing the beds of millions of Islamic, Arabic, US Democrat, and media singularity in the Middle-East and USA.

It seems, Israel's psychopaths, can again sleep well at night?

But will the Universe absorb and assimilate the bullshit, and not turn inside out, via the pretendly-frenemy local stellar neighborhood Black Hole this is opening up?

Darth? You out there Darth? Got a question for ya!

And, a message to US President Barack Obama...;

Dude, I think you've got a 'rat in your ranks'!

Just ONE?” I think I hear him reply?

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


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