Australian PM talking “invader-speak” again!

140830 Australian PM talking “invader-speak” again!

Australia's dumbest prime minister, Tony Abbott has again inflamed Indigenous Australians with another comment designed to intimidate Bleck Fulla, by telling the world he thinks the 1788 invasion was “the defining moment for Australia”.

Australian Indigenous Spokes-Folks have responded with simple, accurate words, against this typically whiteguy, PM Abbott's, narrow-to-zero-understanding of what Australia was, before the 1788 invasion.

Certainly Abbott's zionist Rhodesian cabals have done everything possible to wipe the slate of our histories clean of all knowledge and appreciation of how “Advanced” pre-colonial Australia was.

And, most here know well that what Abbott knows, but more, comprehends, about those “Edenic” timeless days, is abysmal.

So, from my abysmal knowledge of Indigenous Australia's “Gardens' of Wisdom” possibly half-million-year epoch [but even that's an under-estimate, to my understanding], might I presume to “update” the most idiotic prime minister Australia's had?

1st, it is known that over 520 Indigenous Nations existed on Australian soils at the time of the British invasion.

It's known that they were well organised in terms of culture, economics, government, sustainable living, and complete harmony with the Terra Firma, Her seasons, and with all it's plant, insect and animal species.

Australia's pre-invasion Human Beings were

- completely free of almost every disease known to mankind, and to womankind,
- suffered next to NO mental illnesses,
- lived free of ruthless landlords,
- free of land speculators,
- free of inequitable divisions of the Mother Earth, the Land,
- free of criminal politicians in charge, had
- cleverly maintained such a balanced “work-ethic” that they all, I estimate several millions of them across the continent and islands,
- completely avoided any and everything like the criminally,
- unhealthy and
- unnecessarily-laborious working/slaving/dying workplaces, for someone else's criminally-selfish profit,
- had the People-on-Land-Distribution Balance Perfected, such that
- no-one, outside of the zero-point-zero-zero-five-percent [hypothetical estimate] who transgressed the Laws, starved,
- was “homeless”
- was hunted and killed by cabals of insane police forces,
- no-one paid taxes,
- no-one was maltreated merely because of the color of their skin.
- Every Nation here, had “Communal Sharing” of all assets,
- had a full knowledge of natural medicines for all ailments and injuries they might incur,
- knew where foods grew always having a supply, wherever they walked and stayed,
- knew how to cook for nutrition, and for taste,
- were fitter and healthier than any of the invader peoples have been since the invader peoples' “fall from Eden”,
- had complex Art Traditions in painting and music and song, to record and share the Important and Sacred Things in life,
- had daily, annual and multi-generational lifestyles so well sorted that they did not even need the wheel, to get around, nor to cart junk around with them,
- could walk, or run, distances 98% of the invader-tribes would die just thinking of having to walk or run,
- were completely free of the need for coins, money, usury, evil speculative financial institutions designed to defraud the masses, and to keep them poor,
- were never “poor” [“poor” being an entirely relative term, the word and phenomenon created by and because of the invader peoples' distant ancestors having made-manifest, out of being so long and lost off-the-Path-of Righteous-Living, the division of wealth, class, thus the most evil and inequitable claims to, and mal-distribution of resources, owned by Mum Eartha, and the evil distribution of Her Produce - “Wealth”], had no
- entirely corrupt laws, no
- entirely perverse and corrupt law courts, no
- entirely callous, corrupt and pathetic police forces,
- no need for detention centres for foreign Refugees,
- no prisons for people merely trying to survive in an wholly-corrupt society and culture,

because Indigenous Society and Culture WAS NOT CORRUPT!

And, Indigenous People, were HAPPY!

Pre-invasion Australia's 520-plus Indigenous Nations carried no

- delusions about an individual's superiority over others, merely for [whiteguys' self-deception of] being in possession of stolen wealth, had no
- delusional,
- divisive,
- entirely false,
- deadly beliefs about gods, and saviors and religious hierarchies, nor about false religious superiority,
- maintained Respect across All Nations, for all life, including Visitors from other regions of the planet, but as well,
- for all other animals and species.

Pre-invasion Australia's 520-plus Indigenous Nations had an advanced Knowledge of the Cosmos, of the Higher and lower realms, of the Spirits, of the occult, of the Laws of the Universe, and thus, lived entirely in Harmony with the Spirits and the worlds above, on Earth and below.

So Indigenous Australians having not 'fallen from Eden' were at one with the Universe, and knew fully, that they were dwelling in “The Dreaming”, and that to maintain their own mental, physical, National, Multinational and Planets' Ecological Health, Perennially - the Ancient Ways of “Eden”, to borrow an allegory from the most fallen tribes ever - they must remain as they have always been. True!

The 1788 invasion of British colonialists, the year our most-stupid-ever prime minister has asserted was “Australia most defining moment”, was the start of the destruction of all of these Perfect Cultural Assets, which every one of today's entirely perverse, corrupt and self-destructive nations can only dream about.

But for the majority of the world's “political leaders” being so off-the-Path-of-Righteousness, to the point of almost all of them being utterly corrupt, and, therefore, insane, they cannot even “dream” about How Magnificent the Culture of Australia's Bleck Fulla was, and Lived.

Tony Abbott, Australia's least Intelligent prime minister,

- does not qualify to make such untrue and racist, ignorance-based announcements,
- is not fit for the chair he lied his way into and so-tenaciously clings-to,
- has displayed such ignorance about Australia's Truest Peoples, our Indigenous Folks, as to be held accountable for

- attempting to continue the white's-fabricated “racism”, purely for whites to claim the Indigenous Peoples' lands, for
- attempting to continue the marginalization and genocide of Bleck Fulla, as planned and enacted by the very school of dark magic whence he was gifted his unimpressive “Rhodes scholarship” in England.

Therefore, I charge the Australian prime minister Anthony Abbott, with

- unsurpassed stupidity, thus
- his absolute failure to qualify to be our prime minister.

I also charge our Australian prime minister, Anthony Abbott, with

- crimes against Humanity, and
- war crimes,

deliberately aimed against the Australian Indigenous Peoples, with the pernicious want to remove knowledge of their Perennial Cultural Wisdom from our history books, so he and his delusional, most-insane-ever white, Brit-European, judaic-christian invaders, colonists and cultures can further assert entirely false claims that their cultures and religious beliefs are the best for Humanity.

These charges against Australia's stupid federal politician and his governing political parties, the "Liberal Party of Australia" and the "National Party of Australia", are made in this time when millions more worldwide are recognizing and accepting each day, that the 'modern' western culture and lifestyles are the deadliest evils all Righteous, Rightminded Human Beings are Obliged to take up arms and Fight, until it is “dead, buried and cremated” as he so stupidly said of a previous ALP government's “Carbon Tax” policy.

The one point in that fool's favor, regards the stupid assertion he made, is that indeed, the invasion of 1788 was a defining moment, in that it was when the Pure Peoples of Australia were to begin their rapid decline “out of Eden” into the pits of whiteguy, western, judiac-christian mass-ignorance, and the inevitable “end-of-days” their evil beliefs now brings on the whole of the planet.

A curse upon your slippery soul, Mr prime minister, Tony Abbott, and upon all of your blind, egomaniacal zionist perpetrators of racism, social and cultural division and the impending endless wars.

All Praise The Bleck Fulla!

[“Bleck Fulla” being the Generic Term for ALL True Indigenous Peoples of the Sacred Mum Eartha!]

All Praise The Bleck Fulla True Fella of Mum Eartha!!

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor