EXTREMISM – Who ARE the “Extremists”?

140829 EXTREMISM – Who ARE the “Extremists”?

Considering the Natural Human Being is Intelligent, Wise, Ethical and capable of reasonable and constantly true thoughts, and considering that so many today are ready to deny themselves all these natural traits, thus are unable to know what political extremism is, and who political, social, economic and together, who cultural extremists are, there's no point, on this loose medium for egomaniacs, Google Plus Conversations, to offer the question of “Who are the extremists?”

How many actually think they actually think, is for others to observe, and conclude. As to how many of those who know a little about the possibilities of what and who controls their mentations, how many are capable of such honesty as to admit that most of what they think, they think, is actually implanted into their mind, and is little more than an unthinking, automatic response to the events around them, is another question.

Extreme?” Only if you're an extremist! Ie., “an idiot”.

Because the “Normal” Ordinary Human Being, is Balanced, Intelligent, and aware of these factors influencing what 'we think' [we think], and knows to maintain a healthy, fairly distant relationship with the world, so-as to not be made as stupid as, the mainstream extremists, of, the modern, hi-tech, egocentred world of forced-consumption, hyper-materialism. Advocates of which, think being paid by that deadly culture is good.

Today's most marketed, most lauded, most false 'mainstream' culture, made of all the branches of utterly corrupt economics, politics, media, and social acceptance, which also is the most abusive, corrupt, dangerous culture, ie., modern western forced-consumption, judaic-christian, pyramid-market cRapitalism, is the biggest threat to everything and every living being on earth.

So it, our 1st world, cRapitalist, maximum-consumption, FUCK EVERYTHING, judaic-christian modern trend, is the most extreme culture, system and set of beliefs.

So.., why do it's politicians label as “extremists”, those who see this FACT, and who are forced to take up arms against it?

The only possible answer is that the politicians and others so endeared of the most dangerous culture on earth, are insane, cannot speak plain facts, and/or, are PAID to lie-their-ugly-gutless-fannies-off!

Also, it's right then, to label those who vote for them, as insane.

Begging the question, are insane people allowed to vote in public elections?

Maybe they are, but is that good for the general populace?

It's quite fair and reasonable to give as many the vote as possible, because 'insanity' varies in degrees, and many who are fitted into that category, are not so “not-in-control-of-their-mind” as to not be able to figure out the best personal, public and national policies, and thus, political candidates.

So we must define what 'insanity' means, in this regard?

To start, if we are pedantic, and precise, we will eliminate the vast majority of voters in the most-dangerous-culture-thus-political-voting-system on Earth, as “insane”. Insane that-is, beyond having enough self-awareness to know the culture they actively and emotionally support, is the most dangerous on Earth.

Mainstream America”, in short.

But also anyone who lies, or is blind to the most dangerous evils of that nation's dominant culture, and who voices that anyone should support America.

Pro-western politicians. Media. Marketeers. Priesthood. Economists. Teachers. You?

As they, on-the-surface of our culture, stand as the peoples' representatives in the houses of national policy legislation, they are representatives for advocating the most dangerous culture on Earth, so they, are the spokespersons for the world most dangerous extremists.

The fact is, there's not one person, not one Militant anti-western, anti-judaic-christian Fighting Force on Earth, by these mainstream western judaic-christian, enforced-consumption, pyramid-market culture terrorists labeled as “extremists”, who comes close to these, our western politicians, when it comes to “extremism”.

Time the police arrested the politicians, media moguls, clergy, corporate executives, and leading socialites of their “extremist “western nations.

Why do none of our media, put this FACT to the politicians?

A! Because the media, ARE GETTIN' PAID!

Paid to be traitors to Humanity.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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