Reasons for Everyone to be a CONSPIRACY THEORIST - FOR THE FACTS

Google Plus, 'appear', to my internet access at least, to be allowing a Healthy variety of People to open their own "Conversations" pages.

As seasoned Conspiracy Theorists - CTs - generally know, or find out the hard way, the mainstream media - MSM - and the bigger governments AND religious cults - are rarely good for the FACTS on big news involving large scale conspiracies, as in, say, most international politics, economics, drugs, wars, etc.  

So since my earliest awareness of these Google pages, I've been skeptical as to whether they would even go close to keeping to the motto Google started out with.

"Don't be evil".

Simple enough, and enough to rope in any "naiveté" not aware of how contrary to such an attractive slogan some of the bigger and biggest corporate internet and general conglomerations can be, from their beginnings, but are usually forced to be, by the dark side, of larger and larger global powers.

Indeed, we of the street levels rarely if ever get close to the underbelly of the machinations these same massive corporations are dealing with day by day.   But, from that general field of employ, most all corporate executives do battle to varying degrees with their own consciences as much as with the dark side trying to bring them into line with the 'orthodoxy' of massive corruption.

"Zionism" being the name of the most powerful 'lobby' and mercenaries, who force otherwise clean, simple and good, or wannabe good People to reduce their Ethic, just to stay in business or even alive.

Shit happens.  But, those who endure, and come out the other side with their own sanity, and conscience intact, grow immensely from the experiences.  And, often enough, if they are supported by "the good guys", they will come back strengthened.

So when we see media, that usually 'dark side' 4th estate, allowing we CT's into the same upper echelons of media, and publication of the types such as Truth Warriors, and Conspiracy Theories here on Google Plus, we all should be inspired, because it means [assuming all this rant of mine IS getting online}, for all to see [who have "modern hi-tech, mass-connectivity techno-junk" - it's "duty" to cann it, y'unnerstand?]  the Warriors for Truth in media are winning!   


One Good Guys' site, is "CONSPIRACY THEORIES", and is supported by a Dedicated Top Quality Team of researchers, added to by all manner - and from all nations - of those who see a flaw in some media release, or have inside knowledge about a scam, that's big enough to warrant publicizing, who're posting all manner of credible and questionable theories to these and a few other allied pages.

"TRUTH WARRIORS" another.  "OCCUPY" yet another.  

And not forgetting the invaluable "Atheism" pages, currently numbering about 10 [without checking].

Even the 'subverted' of them, still let lots of factual and revealing info and knowledge, facts and WHAAAH? Truth, to be posted and commented upon.

I go so far as to assert that these pages, and not just the REALISM pages of the Atheists, are having the fastest and most positive effects globally against the false god, false savior and false dogmatic bullshit cults of western especially, religion.

When we see the MSM broadcasting revelations about some filthy mobster or cult doing their usual evils, after our own dedicated harping on about them on these types of sites, we all are lifted up a bit, and everyone has cause to be inspired and to "Jump Aboard the CT Train", as it were.

But, most of the Warriors for Truth in Google's pages, gather their knowledge by endelss surfing on of the even more 'marginalized' online sites, who manage to stay up, and either go to specific lines of large-scale perversion, or crime, but both don't advertise their wares, or are still 'smalltime'.

So any congratulatory words, for the big guys, like Google Plus, are invalid without Recognizing Equally, the smaller sites, and, of course the Dedicated Crews who work them, often have to stay very anonymous, and yet keep asking the right questions, fearless of the dangers, and publishing them, for the wider audiences to see.

They too, are now, Legion!  YO!  And, for Humanity, Thank You All!

Sure, being Egalitarian as they, most of these sites, know is Best, they allow all types to flog their penchant online, and so trolls get in, and try to discredit those who are awake to the Worth of being Credible, Honest, Tough and Fearless against the swarms of demonic idiots, aka the psychos so often in power.

But one way or another, the juveniles yet to find their own mature intellects and integrity, are sorted, dispatched back to the nurseries, and we Carry-On.

For anyone interested in the general farce we know as "media" and "politics", of local and global scale, but perhaps mostly of "the future" awaiting us, and who wants to see if there IS any truth to media today, these pages are good places to run through.  

And, of course, if anyone has some inside knowledge about a conspiracy, and needs to air their disgust and anger against it, or merely put it out there so the better equipped and informed can wise-them-up, these are as good as any a place to do so.

While we always have to keep that "skeptic" alive in us, on every article we see, the big difference here, on G+, is simply it's reach. It's reach across the globe via the internet. 

I don't know how easy it is for Chinese CT's or it's public to access Google Plus Conversations, or the General Public in say, North Korea, or Cuba, and the other nations who are necessarily restricting such freedoms, like the hardcore Islamic states, etc., but this type of stuff, while on first glance may be regarded as "leftie - er, HA! Conspiracy Theorists" running loose, I incline from what I've seen to now, to trust that these counter-intelligence sites are far more well..., "above" politics as we know it, Jim.  So lefties and right-wing nuts get on and push their little wagons, and we, are free to read their stuff, and deduce with our increasing scientific discerning faculties, the merit or not of each one.

An Inestimable Value of these types of "interactive sites", not to be underestimated, is the ability to comment. 

Very often a post is enhanced with more crucial knowledge from the readers, which adds to everyone-who-reads', awareness of an issue and related points.  It's obvious that more and more posts are made possible from the extra comments, giving the viewers more knowledge again, on the issues, be-it the turmoil and catastrophes across the Middle East, or Ukraine, or in so many "hotspots' in the western 1st world nations, and the others.

When we find "juicy shit" [sorry], which has some really gritty facts in it, usually we should be inspired that some mainstream medium is allowing us to access it.

As well, once you attune your mind and faculties to the "Art of exposing conspiracies", it does become an addiction.  But one of the Best I can think of.

And, "shit that was FUN!" is one of the best feelings once we succeed in bringing out and/or down, a cabal who're so badly deranged as to threaten Mum Eartha, and we, Her kids, anywhere. [Which begs asking how the cynics and selfish can tolerate their own stupidity?]

As I say, these latest additions to Google Plus Conversations have credible and not so credible, "allegations" posted continuously. 

Some of them, are really, truly, "Jaw-dropping!"  

And some, often well-disguised, are humorously just "jaw-droppings", aka bullshit from the mouthes of jawless fools.  [I fully admit to having been conned to post trash myself occasionally. As would most CT's, AND Atheists.]

The egomaniacs who dive in just to express/expose their stupidity, often throw in comments deriding the efforts of these Champions for a Better, more Egalitarian and Democratic world.

But we rarely see them once a "theory" has been hammered, until the facts are found, and the "theory" has become known as actually having occurred.

I'd guess, that we do more to correct their attitudes, once we get to proving our rants are not paranoid delusions, and are FACTUAL.

To that point, I ask why we haven't "upgraded" ourselves, we "CT's", to being "CF's" or "CFF's" - "Conspiracy Factualists ", or Conspiracy Facts Finders" or such?

But..., as "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" is the best known term, so be it.  For now.

[Which - DUTY, y'unnerstand? - brings me AGAIN, to SHOUT 


So, here's a rant I threw up to a few G+ sites yesserday, for to Inspire the doubters, and the skeptics, and the cynics, and the simply new to or unsure if they could or should be bothered, and those who are asking themselves if it's worth it.

Come to it. with the actual conspiracies alive and threatening all sensible and Wise culture today, we owe it to ourselves, but more to 

1, our kids, and future progeny, but 

2, to all those who saw their roles, and put themselves back of the Facts, behind the larger Mob we call Humanity, and have gone out on a limb to expose the mad fuckers who just want to destroy everything if they can't get their mad ways.

Julian Assange!  YO!
Edward Snowden!  YO!
Commander FIRST CLASS Chelsea Manning! YO!
Aaron Swartz! YO!
John Kiriakou! YO!
Lady Diana Spencer!  YO!

And, it has now to be stated, to the Warriors in the offices of this portal, Google, for their determination, and clear mindedness, to do Battle for we little People, who suffer the large powers-that-lie!  YO!  

[Sorry, but I get an 'ominous' feeling for writing that???  But can still give a {8-) ]

And, 3, they and "The Endless Nation of True Fellas", who've succeeded in exposing the psychosis of corruption across time!



[fwee "Jeremy Fletcher?"  a private joke between me and Mel Gibson.]

ET! cetera!

Here's my rant to yesserday's G+ "CONSPIRACY THEORIES" pages.

Discussion - 2:43 PM

Lots of chunky' posts here today.

Cheers, "CT"!

Being in one, meself, much thought and derision, makes me determined to defy the "conspirates" ['cons'; sucks people in with bullshit, 'pirates'; steals their valuables (hohoho)] and get as much info and facts on it, and others like 9/11 as possible.

So, the big questions I reckon need asking, of all serious, and not delusional CT's, are;

Q1: Are there any 'conspiracies' on earth?
A1: Yes.

Q2: Then it's reasonable to conclude that there is at least ONE, which is the biggest conspiracy, on earth, yes?
A:2 Yes.

Q3: So, what would we imagine would, or could be the biggest conspiracy on earth?
A3: What else but an attempt to take complete control of the whole planet.

So, leading to
Q4: Is there any evidence that such a BIIIG plan is active?
A4: Yes, there is ample evidence, in the known agendas of the catholic church, in the known agendas of the jewish "chosen People" tribe and cult/s, mainly.
But I expect, some people have credible evidence that the same desire - to take over the planet - is being enacted, attempted, by other cabals, consortia, clubs and nations.

This, can be potentially mind-numbing and confusing to many, with the ever-present threat of being sent insane, to stop an inquiry.

Any and many very serious methods will be deployed by any said 'conspirators' if they have such an huge plan afoot, to the extent of large, massively-murderous wars.

The facts about world wars one and two, are as much a part of this type of madness.

Other means may also be deployed, if "Any and many very serious methods will be deployed" is correct.

I assert it is. We only have to have a reasonable level of knowledge of most history to be able to attest to the fact that power-mongers WILL resort to any and all methods of acquiring control and power.

"Machiavellianism" is one of the preferred tools the powers-that-lie use, and I say, it also inclines to sending them also, irreparably insane. Example No1, might well be todays' zionists, as per the bullshit wars in and around Palestine and the Levant.

So, the Work of Balanced Conspiracy Theorists, is to disprove 'theories' by finding credible, irrefutable evidence of facts to replace them.

As well, the CT has to gather the often scattered facts, and be able to put them altogether, like the proverbial 'jigsaw puzzle' until a clear, obvious 'bigger picture' becomes evident. And not just to the CT, but to the public.

The "9/11 Truthers" are a good case-in-point. Where since 2001, they've been ignored totally by the ['demonic'] MSM, and castigated to silence or even perhaps some, sent mad by the bastard players from Dick Cheney & coven, down through the ranks of the madhouse of the GW Bush/Cheney administration.

All manner of distractions and 'doubt-seeds' have been planted and spread since 9/11, and lots of us have had to take a break to let the mass of confusing info settle and find it's own level.

Fortunately, like as many dirty bastard conspiring agencies, we too, are Legion, and as well, we too, are spread across the globe in all levels and classes of nations and societies.

So, when one or a bunch of us get "over-theoried", and need a good joint to cool-off, or something, with the big and potentially very serious 'CT's', 'the truth will out', and so others take up the baton, and use their own high-quality training in relevant professions, fields of employment and general want to talk true, rather than be full of shit, and with their Intellects, do the sums to deduce the facts from theories and deliberate distractions.

They add to the mounting tomes of evidence of facts, no longer theories, or paranoid delusions, but irrefutably credible FACTS.

This inspires the 'initiates', who had the natural insight to spot a fraud from day one, to get back on the trail.

And so the numbers swell, with truth, and evidence and logic and natural intellectual ability to DO THEIR MATH, by adding up all the potentials and details to put it together so that it cannot be ignored.

And so that the Masses, most of whom DO also have active that mental faculty of discernment, but for as many of reasons as there are people, are not at the point of thinking about any such major crimes/conspiracies, see, and become both so angry that their govt etc, have done very bad shit to their own trust, beliefs and to their much loved nation, AND, the consideration still growing to maturity, to their one and only absolutely magnificent, Mum Eartha.

Even now, I put it that the majority of interested Conspiracy Theorists, from young wannabes to the likes of Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, WikiLeaks, Anonymous, Commander FIRST CLASS Chelsea Manning, Aaron Schwartz, Et Al, still can be shocked as to the extent of some larger conspiracies, and, how we are best to live, on earth, if and when, the bigger/biggest conspiracies have been outed and defused.

Me, a 'feral', 'rogue' MK-Ultra puppet, Dissident Outlaw, and, for the same conspirators guiding me into appreciating the Environment, by joining Australia's earliest "Conservation Societies" as a teenager, perhaps one of the "Deeeepest" Greens, firmly believes we ALL have to re-assess all the modern ways we so love, from autos to passenger airline flights, to what fuels we use for cooking, and on and on, if, IF, we can be "really truly True" to living the right ways, as against the wrong ways encouraged by the conspirators we see as evil and fight against.

"Back to Nature" in brief.

Or, to this hombre Outlaw CT, "Materialism sucks!"

War-On, Warrors!

I'm more optimistic than I've been for too long, about our Collective Intelligence and Common Sense, as per going at the idiot egomaniacs who think they can conspire to fuck us and everything, so they can rule the world.

"Momentum", is OURS!

It ain't over, 'til it's over!

Change? Yes, we can!

"Sunny Gunaiwolooroong Braigooloong"
Gunai Brayakooloong Indigenous Outlaw

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor