Ferguson Riots and USA Law Reform

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This e-ssay below in red goes to my thoughts about the Ferguson Missouri USA riots, and potentials of Martial Law there, and nationwide. 

 And, if possible, the better aspects of such a move, by the US Obama administration.

A few reports I saw tonight suggest still, that the Ferguson events are 'false flags' staged from above, by the DHS 'Dept of Homeland Security', with intentions of spreading nationwide Martial Law.

This [my] comment to the G+ “Left Wing” pages, suggested that a day or so ago.

140815 G+ Left Wing - North America

North America - Yesterday 3:34 PM

Can't know, from Australia, where your street violence is taking you, USA, as-per the latest in Ferguson, Missouri.

If nothing else, it might incline the govt to keep a stock of troops in the homelands, rather than dispatch them back to Iraq, and elsewhere, such as Ukraine?

However, frightening as it must be for so many Americans, perhaps - whomever IS inciting these riots and alleged 'racist' events, [questioning the 'racist' tag, only in as much as the possibility that someone up top or in the powerhouses, is using 'racism' as a means to start an internal 'civil' war, and perhaps, just to get Americans out and protesting], perhaps you need a catalyst like this/these to give the rightminded, in wherever, the reason to bring a larger, wider, wiser, deeper rearrangement of your seriously awry legal structures?

I do happen to know that there are some quite influential and powerful players across the USA now, who are very well informed as to what the Proper Laws are, and that they are absolutely necessary if you, and all reliant upon US trade and diplomatic and military relations, are to not simply boil over into an uncheckable chaos.

The Bundy Ranch event was, as best as I could discern, a 'false flag' event, for multiple reasons, by the feds.

I do also ask myself if so many cops and troops could 'conscionably' enforce with such apparent callous disregard, as they are there, in Ferguson, and down in Albuquerque not so long ago, without having a very good reason to agree to such commands?

Me, a cop-hater from way back, manage to accept that there are some, and perhaps more than I want to acknowledge, cops with consciences, and that they do talk amongst themselves about good laws, bad laws, evil laws and what they really do have, even just to appease and live with their own consciences, to do.

As the 'free-FUCK-EVERYTHING-corporate-market-place' is never gonna pull back on it's rampages of utterly immoral profiteering, and as this type of over-militarized policing is cowering the masses - usually - underneath all the hype and scaremongering media on brutal policies [although, they are actually NOT that brutal] and policing, it IS possible that the ones running the show, way above the street levels, do have a good intel handle on local, regional and global situations? And this, may well be but one tiny part of a bigger better, longer term plan, they've assessed and seen as absolutely necessary to implement? Maybe?

But, what do I know?

All I can put in is that those who are motivated to PROTEST, against any policing and brutality, as we see in Ferguson and such, gets their knowledge bases together on LAW - which laws are True, Right - and now, in this mad stage we're all tumbling into, absolutely necessary to have brought in.

If you're on the streets, because of that simple impossible to ignore "civic duty", and are out there shouting, perhaps your best, and perhaps your most effective chant, or signage, is to demand True Laws of the Land, and of the taxation system?

From down under down here, I call on all coppers to acknowledge if a protester is making that call, then they should be allowed to pass, or such.

And, make sure you ain't dragged down on a 'false flag' riot!

Come to think more about it - I reckon the feds are playing this up so they are called to focus on domestic issues.

I bet they do NOT want to be dragged back into Iraq, or anywhere foreign. But especially Iraq, IS or no IS.

When's the next Presidential election? 2016?

The last thing Obama would want, or HRC et al, or any GOP candidate, in the lead-up and campaign for the next election, is to be bogged down in ANOTHER bullshit war O/S.

So? Start a fracas at home!

Simple. Job done! Yep, terrible that it causes grief for the likes of the Black Fella, and his Mobs.

But all-in-all, and with getting America on it's feet about it's own issues, you can rely on the sensationalist MSM to inflame it further, so maybe it can all be 'stage-managed' to the point where some SERIOUS reforms have the chance to be implemented - AT LAST?

140820 22:00hrs AustEST time;
Thoughts a few days later; I'm guessing that “Ferguson” and the spreading upsurges of violent street protests across the USA are being incited by the feds, but by a lot of interested civilians as well.

I put it that the feds have more intel on the negatives of American lifestyles than the US public get on MSM etc.,, and I put it that the evidence and the prognosis is bad, real baaaad.

I put it that the USA HAS to, not slow down, not change it's ways, but to STOP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, going the road it's on, in it's proud “all American ways” of freedom to be material over-consumers. The most over-consumptive nation on earth.

I'd say the people at the top, even many corporations' executives, who are in talks with the US administration about the big things, agree that you are in a self-perpetuating market/consumer 'firestorm' right through US society, and that it has to stop, and that there's no other way but to introduce Martial Law, nationwide.

I'd say most of the riots and deemed needs for increased equipping of state and county police to military-grade, is well-organized and does not have such a dark side to it as the People are thinking it has, at the moment.

Think about it, Folks? How else can America pull back it's growing snowball of commercialism/cRapitalism?

Y'all gotto try see the bigger picture, of how bad US culture is for the planet, and everyone's future.

I put it that Obama and Biden and all the Congress even, far right wing Tea-Baggers too, have come to see and possibly even agree that there comes a time”.

And, another take on it might be that, they too see that any change for the better, has also to come from below, from The People.

And even if it comes by street riots nationwide, and violence, looting, burning of buildings and [YESSS!] police vehicles, it will be the People doing what they should, and bringing down the 'freedom' of the oligarchs and plutocrats, to fleece everyone to Hell.

Then, once the feds have assumed, that-is “Resumed” control and authority nationwide, and once the corporations are no longer in control of say, local councils, states, and other PUBLIC Institutions, Properly Informed, Intelligent People, from the Masses, can be found, from amongst you, to fill the chairs and gaps in correcting the LAWS, of Proper Distribution.

I'd say there's absolutely no other way, for the USA, from here on.

From what I heard on the news, about the People of Ferguson getting to know each other better than ever, and in that are talking true about the real situation there, and farther afield, you are being handed an opportunity USA, like never before.


Me, living in my own little bubble, can't possibly see the hard truth about America's real situations, so grafting the knowledge of Proper Distribution into the USA as it stands, could well be ludicrous?

It works, from the local, UP, the national.

So, locals, “Think Global, Act Local”, as it goes.

Pull your heads in. Pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps, obey the police, and think about making the most of this adversity.

It may not be all as bad as you, or the media want you and us, to think it is.

And... “YO! THE HOODIES!!!”

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

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