Clive Palmer, China, Canberra politics, and the diplomatic clean-up

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The mistake has been made and the damage has been done,’ Wang says of Clive Palmer’s ‘Chinese mongrels’ outburst
Gabrielle Chan
theguardian.com, Friday 22 August 2014 17.55 AEST

24 August 2014 1:46pm
Clive put his foot in it, for sure, but as he stepped in the ABC studio.

It wuz a set-up! Can't you tell?

Q&A's Jones, the zionist agitator, intimidated Clive on his most depressing point, his court case with the non-paying Chinese, while the panel full of zionists, from the two major zionist parties, leered at him, 'quietly' urging him on.

Jones' kept the pressure on Palmer, working Palmer 'like a charm', until Clive ran out of patience and spat the dumb stuff he did.

[Reminds me of a certain leadership debate televised from Kerry Packer's Channel Nine TV studios in 1996, between John Howard and Paul Keating!]

"A conspiracy" no less, by the majors to get the biggest threat to them out of favor, here and in China, our biggest trading partner [?].

As others here write, Clive spoke true, basically.

And, who of any other party or seat would ever speak the facts about how dirty international business at their levels, is?

Not one of them! The Chinese are as good and evil in business as anyone on earth, once your in those industries, and at their levels.

Business is war. Always was, always will be, and the Chinese would be the first to admit it.

They also did have much more respectable traditions in trade and how to treat people from other cultures.

But things went down hill from about 1860-on.

And, I think many Australians would not be put off Clive that much, albeit that he does have a responsibility to show more 'diplomacy' and 'tact'.

Both he and PUP Senator Lambie are not your typical upclub well-to-do 'selected' political class types, who tow the mainstream lines of saying nice things while stabbing you/them/us in the back.

Aussies used to be regarded well worldwide for our upfront and irreverent truthfulness.

For us to want only to hound Clive and the PUP out for this one 'misstep', which WAS simply honest of him, would betray our better, more honest People and our recognition that the mainstream politicians are despicable liars.

Many of us saw him, and his Senate Candidates, along with Ricky Muir's MEP, Et Al, as our chance to break the grip the two major parties have had for too long on our votes. That's why they were voted in.

The ALP and the LNP, catholics and proddies, also saw this diversity in the new Senate as their biggest threat, and WOE! a slim chance for Democracy in the bighouse.

"Can't have THAT!" They hollered together in the Canberra restaurants.

The Chinese govt are far more mature and intelligent than ours, and know that what Clive 'blurted', was, in essence true. Not at all about all Chinese, nor even about the senior Chinese govt people.

"Wanting to invade?" And the USA, British, Europeans, Indians, Indonesians are not?

Business is ruthless, and anyone who does not know it, is a fool. Things are only made worse when no-one has the balls to say it out loud.

Saying it out loud can have an expunging effect on everyone, if it's true.

Keeping those simple facts under our breath contaminates the business arena, and encourages evermore falsity, which just ruins everything eventually.

Exactly as the west has made the corporate and business world.

Everyone should look up to Clive, let it go, his 'youthful' outburst, and remember he and his new team, are far far far more genuine, than most we've had in Canberra perhaps for decades.

Well, aside from Clive wanting his family to be our next dynastic ruling family?

I'm one of the country's Deepest Greenies, but I Salute You Clive.

We should NEVER ignore Honesty, especially in politics.

Honesty is tyranny's enemy.

Go Clive! Good Fortune with the Chinese. Go have a cup of Green tea with them. She'll be right!

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