Zionism - The Delusional Jew?

140819 Zionism - The Delusional Jew?

Saw a text online the other day of the “protocols of the elders of zion”.

It was a few chapters of that tome, describing how the jews plan to manipulate their little modern times, puppet “king of the jews”, and all their willing follower-dupes, to suit their world plan.

I guess it's got me going, while at-once dejected and feeling hopelessness again.

But, there was something that stood out.

It was to do with the general thing about christianity, that the mythical savior, said by zion to be here, or coming soon, allegedly has the devil shit-scared of him.

And, thus, all the devil's followers are frightened too. To the zionists, everyone who is not a zionist, is possessed by the devil or such.

However, this savior dude, just happens to be an occult mythological fabrication by, the zionists.

Therefore, it stands to reason, that the 'alleged' enemy, evil pieces of shit, must be occult fabrications too. Because if they were 'real' they wouldn't be scared of a myth.

He”, this zionist's “Jesus”, is a completely mythological figure, whose 'reputation' of being possessed of the greatest of all, in occult power, is nothing but what the cults have secretly plied into him, and the false beliefs they've spread to their idiot followers.

If he, himself, believed he was all powerful, on that delusional scale, that he was the savior, that he was Jesus hisself! GOD-DAMN! It would only be because he was still victim, as puppet, to the occult suggestions of his puppet masters.

None of the powers would be his, but he'd merely be the channel through which the witches of the cult were focusing and sending their occult energies.

So, if he became aware of this, and Dissented, he would also likely come to see that the perceived 'enemies' of this cult, aka, 'zion' were not HIS enemies. But the cult is.

The cult, and it's followers, who ''feed' their occult energy, manifest in how they look to him through their own delusional beliefs, back to him.

So, in their eyes, they want to see him as all-powerful.

If they could see how bigoted they are?

Pity that he, the actual person, doesn't regard himself as that type of fella? He, knows this is all mental apparition stuff, and occurs in the mental realm.

He also knows 99% of these followers do so purely for the prestige and wealth they're paid for being on the side of the most powerful cult on earth, no matter that they're also utterly deluded.  

Or, if not, then they're the lowest of liars. If not utterly demonic?

He also knows 99% of these followers do so purely for the social, employment, cultural, and economic benefits the cult issues them for their black magical support.

The last thing on any of these flockers' minds is whether they're lacking, perhaps, just a little, perhaps totally, in any Genuine Courage, Genuine Ethical Discernment and restraint as to the Merit and Rectitude of what they do and whom they support.

They care not about what a True Noble, Honorable Human Being is, or, about actually being a True Human Being themselves, as long as they get the freedoms and gifts offered by zionist cults, nations and culture.

Spoiled brats, most of them, who will gladly send even the most Honorable of their own, to his, or her, destruction, as long as they get the booty and don't have to either do some genuinely hard work, or, Buddha forbid! THINK for themselves!

In essence, the followers of zionism are either totally duped, as-in hypnotized fools, or are utterly immoral turds. Usually, they are both.

Easy to understand as the jewish cult itself, suggests, indeed states uncategorically, that there is no reason to be ethical, nor intelligent in considering the well-being of others, etc.

How lost can a tribe be?


Most followers of cults generally are lacking in some aspect or element of their own intelligence, and thus, their own courage, enough to discern that “'tis far better to travel life alone than to be supplicant to, to surrender to, bullshit”, and for whatever reason, usually cultural, so nothing personal, they lack the goods to make a living themselves, or even to be happy in their own company, so they are ever-ready to be sycophantic to the cult 'elders' for favors, for work, jobs, house, spouse, MONEY and the delusional beliefs that they are worthy. Or summit? Often enough a friendly 'magic pat on the bum' by the priest, is enough to cheer their religious ego up for another week.

Sooo..., they'll believe anything for a daily feed and friends and a roof. This suits the larger cult down to the ground, because all the flock become is but 'psychic' fodder' off whom the cult's 'harvest' their energy and will and power [and money], to foster further deceptions about – the savior.

And, be clear, the christian 'savior' is all about central power. Exactly as monarchies.

So, the [false, puppet, totally duped] 'savior', cannot escape the hexes of the paid idiot flockers, and as well, the myth that he is the greatest, is spread far and wide.

This, increases his 'almightiness' and alleged power, mythical, remember, across the realm, to the degree that all the people who are not part of the flocks, by 2014 in every nook and cranny on earth, and who are neither of an Intelligent mindset, and/or are forced, again by cultural conditions, to resort to crime [referred to by the cults' seniors as 'evil'], for food and a roof, etc. come to think this messiah dude is fuckin' all-powerful thus is fuckin' scary!

It's all myth! He's pumped full of occult garbage by masses of idiot, unethical, subservient cult followers, so they can keep their cushy lifestyles. And, anyone who sees his aura, is convinced that he must be all powerful to 1, survive inside it, as it's also full of all manner of 'visually' scary human and non-human occult entities, but also 2, his aura carries the illusory manifestations from the cultists of enormous power. Or something?

So, flockers who believe his 'enemies' are afraid of him, being as hypnotized as they are to see what the cults want them to see, AND THAT IS ALL, fail to see that his strength and power is all myth. Therefore, that so are his 'alleged' enemies.

The 'enemies' the cults have themselves made over time, to scare, but also to impress the idiot flockers that only ONE dude, can destroy them. Their dude! That fella they've spent billions breeding, setting up and mythologizing to fool the flocks about his being and his coming.

Repeat a lie often enough, with enough bells-and-whistles, and enough dupes will believe it, making it, soon enough, to dupes, true!

The singular reason why Rome, and similar religious centers, are so full of ceremony. “Bells and whistles”. “Bells and whistles”.

And smoke and mirrors!

Trying to separate the specific jew-centred agenda in these clever protocols, from any noble jewish ideals, hopes and plans about what they've assumed and sought after, as being this 'chosen people' hyperbole, regarding their doing what they deemed necessary to save the whole human race, is difficult, from my first glances.

While it is written down in online media as a fraud, plagiarized from something another [French] person wrote in the earlier 19th century, about “Napoleon III”, the description in the chapters about how they will force the king to play their game, only gives me reason to conclude that either the original “protocols” were genuinely what and how the jews planned in the next few hundred years they will take over the planet.

Or..., then, they, in their typical jewish cunning, spread false rumors with backup support through the relevant media, asserting the protocols to be a fraud, when in fact, it is a very factual and exact treatise by the jews, as to how they plan to stomp all non-jews, and assume full command of the planet.

Myth”, is basically how they'll win over so many dupes, enough to give psychic and monetary and voter weight to their plans.

But beneath every aspect of their heinous plot, is witchcraft.

Employing magic on the minds of the flocks.

Christianity is but a branch office of the jews, as is freemasonry. As is every other western religion and cult, sect and offshoot from the larger ones.

And of course, being fanatical and grandiose as witchcraft not only makes people, but magic demands grandiosity from the players, as the wealthiest people of the 19th century were, in this foul manifestation, the perpetrator jews and elites of Britain and Eurape traveled the planet hypnotizing other elites to believe and act in the same ways, with the same goals.

So, every westerner of the last 100 years, who wanted to find something more substantial in “the East”, in India mainly, and who was 'converted' to eastern mythologies and spirituality – most of which I rate many many times above anything the jews or other westerners have evoked, produced or divined over the last 6,000 years - most all westerners who have gone that road, were from the western semi-elite anyway, so deep in the spells of the cults as to be pre-conditioned for what they'd find in “the East”.

More spells, basically. India is rightly regarded as a centre of 'spirituality', and the whole of Asia is replete with ancient Wisdom in various guises, no question.

However, there have been, since the late 19th century, almost as many fraudulent cults and 'wise men' as good and true ones.

A major part of this jewish quest to take over, was their emissaries going to India, not only to learn the 'tricks' but to issue a few of their own.

Think; “British East India Company”, invading the whole oriental region, massacring millions and millions until all the less evil, less ignorant east, succumbed to the might of gunpowder. And opium. And shitloads of good old British bullshit.

Broken British and Eurapean and jewish promises lie across the planet almost equaling the numbers of deaths they caused with their filthy divisive colonist agendas.

Then think: the western elites roping in perhaps millions, certainly over the interceding years, and starting their own cults, religious cults but on the outside, totally eastern, totally Indian or so, seeded.

And, as anyone knows, offer a starving Indian [sorry? Offer ANYONE] a feed and “all the wealth of the world”, and you have a cult.

Because they'll bring their manymany friends and extended family and local tribal chieftain, and his extended family, and away we go. Think; “Ananda Marga”, and how many other well-known globe-trotting “Indian” cults, who are but 'eastern' branch offices of zionism, it's impossible to know.

OR! If they're not aligned with zionism, they might still be playing the same international 'religious money-making trail', in the exact same way? “Religious tourism” for the 3rd world poor.

But very few will be actively and vocally against zionism, because they know that if they do make serious and overt comment against zionism, they'll be shunted out of their host [western, zionist] nations quick-smart.

I've explored a few, and found sincerity amongst some. But each one, I dropped after a while, after seeing the errors and limits in their 'spirituality'. And, here and there, they'd expose their ruthless, totally money-centered mindsets.

That they do do good work and other things across the world, is exactly like the dark western zionist NGOs and alleged charity organizations.

In that the good they do, doesn't come near to equaling the darker sides to their zionist agendas.

Once we peel the superficial skins off their greedy hides, we find they are no better than the worst of the west, in their speciousness and shallowness on matters spiritual. But they're very sharp business people!

The reality for most 'eastern cults' is that they are but globe-trotting land speculators, out to set up places for their own cults' members, to leave their own countries and the usual 3rd world despair.

But another way for the poor beggars, whom I do have a lot of sympathy for, to escape their own corrupt-rotten, impoverished and over-populated countries. Beats coming on a refugee boat, that's for sure!

However using 'religion' so fraudulently, is detestable.

Being given special visas as religious organizations, thus tax-exemptions across 1st world nations, their members from such as India, can come and go into western nations, stay for no rent at their special little ashrams and jakratis [big city urban houses they buy and use as 'spiritual centres' as well as residences and sleeping quarters for their traveling monks and nuns].

Most all of them, zionist. Most of them finding ways to make a few dollars, through 'opportunities' that 'magically appear' from – O! zionist whiteguys. When they're not using the occult to entrance their duped white western flockers out of their money and possessions, quickly sold off to buy the 'monks and nuns' their airfares to their next little 1st world nation ashram and ploy to scam the west.

The world is 'told' by western media about the threat to world peace from Islam. Another way to keep the attention off the zionist cults as they go about their dirty little games.

However...., the protocols of the elders of zion, appears to be quite accurate, in how a cult of psychotically vengeful people will connive and cover every loop hole and every gap in a scheme to really fuck the majority of humanity's day, year, century-to-come, and basically their whole future.

While we are all pretty-much aware of the gaps possible in reasoned argument and 'evidence' on the internet, and while millions are skeptical of the veracity and credibility of social media sites like Google Plus Conversations, and while I doubt by the hour whether my use of it is actually connecting to the real world out there, or whether I'm being fed set-up 'mirrored' media sites and social media posts and others purporting to be genuine, with my mind being the puppet-portal of the zionists, and now, of anyone who looks in – fuck it – I am satisfied, if not impressed about the various pages and posts that I see, which do go to the behind-the-scenes facts about how evil zionism is.

And, through these same sites, but from my own inquiries as well, I'm cautious that we must be ever wary of the recent attempts to distinguish 'zionism' from 'jews'. They are different groups, of course. But through zionism's brutality, jews survive and prosper, methinks.

Google being an American corporate entity, we have to accept that it is also populated by the typically politically-ignorant, usually well-off right wing christian American. And that has exposed itself plenty of times in my watching and trying to partake.

I guess I have to fell sorry for them and that they are so fucking stupid to believe the zionist, materialist shit they believe?

Funny? I don't.

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