Culture. Which one is the TERRORIST?

140827 Culture. Which one is the TERRORIST?

Daily the western world is plagued with news items about 'terrorism'.

Politicians abuse the word maximally, for a boost in popularity thus votes from the most ignorant punters, and to 'justify' an increase in weapons of war, for their illusory, cloaking 'war on terror'.

What their hidden agendas are behind this facade, remains open to speculation. And open to a zillion online and mainstream media outlets, the corporate media adding to the 'spin'. For the mass of smaller, alleged counter-cultural media houses, adding to their troves of conspiracy theories.

Wars abound between the most powerful western relio-corporate military-industrial alliances, namely 'zionism', and a variety of labeled 'enemies', from the most publicized, Islam, but also from others, usually anti-capitalist powers, perceived as 'communist', and even just socialist.

As the western world's judaic-christian, 'zionist' hegemony has won control of most of the planet's media, they assume the authority to use the mainstream western media to spread their own culture as the natural best, and unquestionably correct culture for the whole planet.

That media is given over also, as a propaganda medium to also denigrate all other cultures.

Unfortunately, the truths regarding the rectitude and veracity, the-good-versus-bad aspects of each and any culture, but of course those good and bad traits of the dominant zionist culture, are manipulated, and as control grows, the truths are reduced to the minimums.

As well, the remaining 'truths' become less and less factual.

Welcome to 'News-speak'!

So, now, in 2014, the world is being manipulated to the worst degree, by the mainstream AND alternative media, pushing their own carts, asserting untruths left, right and centre. The result is the general degradation of everyone's quality, of the news they receive, and thus, of their lives.

Few people, online at least, are able to take a serious, impartial position on this. Because when they do, the dominant paradigm, zionism, swoops upon them and does whatever it deems necessary, to eliminate their position, viewpoint and voice.

So, taking a position of impartiality, to try assess and broadcast a truly impartial and obviously alternative viewpoint, I posit that it is now more than ever, the time for the whole of the species, to reassess 'culture', completely, in the single effort to find the truth or truths about good versus bad culture.

Where to start?


What constitutes a good, if not a perceived 'best' culture?

Immediately it's obvious this is an enormous and complex task.

Who contributes? What subcultural aspects have to be considered, and which don't rate as necessary?

Hmmm? It's immediately looks like growing to being an unmanageable task.

Does such an inquiry take the position of being any or all cultures' critic?

Or does one start by trying to define the best 'qualities' of the whole species, on a single patch of real estate, which offer and ensure the longest most sustainable, least aggressive ways, for the greatest possible number of it's populace?

Does it consider this from some 'ideal' number, as-in some ideal size of the population, given the resources, ie., Land?

Or is it more realistic to start from where the species and it's habitat, the whole planet, are at present?

First answer from this think tank, is to this last question.

Start from what we have now, from what is at hand!


The disparities are endless, and range in the greatest extremes, it seems?

From the “Jain” religious sect in India, who shun even clothing, and washing the body, out of Respect for the smallest living microbes that live on and in their own skins, to the maximum-consumption mobs of the western, 1st world's richest, who consume per head more than many towns.

Deducing which of these an inquiry should listen to, and which of all the 7 billion 'individual cultures' in between, adds more reason to just throw the hands up and become a junkie! Or stoner. Or drunk. Again.

The 1st thing I do see as correct, is to stay well above religion. At least all we know of today. Because nowadays there are few which do not have at least sub-cults working under the same larger name, which are fanatical and implore that all the others are off the path of righteousness, and that theirs is the only one true religion. Sheeesh!?

And, from experience, modern, western atheism is as often, and also, little more than lucky egomaniacs who are born into a wealthy enough culture, as to not need to beg or sleaze up to a religious cult for their 'daily bread', plus house and an auto and a local coffee shop to talk their incessant shit to similarly fortuned, spoiled brats.

So the people an inquiry can seek discussion and impartial answers from is fast getting pretty small.

Also, because this 'strange time' we all appear to be living in is so off the Path of Righteousness and Balanced Thinking, finding contributors who are so independent of thought to be able to put-in truly Impartial ideas, is nigh-on impossible.

The one who initiates this hypothetical inquiry, is really left to his own resources for any satisfactory answers. At. This. Stage.

Because trying to ask the world for impartial points of view about this quite large question – “Which is the Best Culture?” – requires that the contributors can be Impartial.

And from experience, the cultures predominant today, from the east and west, north and south, all have their own concerns, agendas and needs for survival. And thus, quite naturally, they all, to varying extents, find cause to have some antipathy against most and sometimes all others.

So very few people are able to make their way through life without having to condescend by some degree to a large cult.

And this they ave to spread as far as they can, to gain supporters. Hence, bias, preferences, bigotry, religion, etc.

Thank Heavens for SCIENCE!

Of course, the irony is, that the culture - I put ahead of any conclusion - which is the worst culture for the prolonged sustainable existence of the whole species, is the one which has defined the parameters for a Proper Scientific Inquiry?

But in that, is another irony.

Because many of the other cultures which are now in contention if not outright war against the 'worst' most threatening culture, were not so dysfunctional as to require the modern scientific methods be conceived, or defined, to the point of sterile laboratories, to figure out this final, largest of all conundrums?


Therefore, from that little insight as to the very need for this inquiry, it's deduced that those cultures which did not need to as much, 'invent' the modern parameters of the scientific method, must therefore have been on, or closer to the Righteous Path, than the one which had to invent science to figure out where it has gone off the path!

So? The best aspects of the worst culture?

Damn! Because immediately, one sees the need to separate the benefits of the worst culture, from the negatives of those same best aspects. Negatives which do damage, and harm the species' chances of the longest possible most sustainable culture/s.

For example; Technology! Great stuff. THIS computer! All the wonderful and GLOBAL connectivity, comes from the advances in modern warfare technology.

Plus, we must consider the harm done to the natural environment by the search and mining for the modern comm's hi-tech componentry, it's minerals, etc?

Do we include the damage to everything which modern warfare has done with it's advanced weapons-of-mass-destruction?

Well, that, should be a primary consideration, considering they have now reached the point where a war using the latest most dangerous weapons, nuclear warheads, could in the worst-case-scenario wipe all life off Mum Eartha!

And, being impartial, how much must an inquiry tolerate, forgive and include religions, which have made possible either via once secretive inquiries by their own clergy, or from the cults' opponents cause to take off on their own secretive scientific inquiries?

Many questions.

For but one answer?


So to get back to why this came up, we see the world is in something of a downward spiral, in many fronts. Culture. Food supplies, population, distribution, religion. Happiness.

WHAAAH? Did some one mention HAPPINESS???

OK? Getting back to what prompted this diatribe.

Terrorism”? Who classifies one attack on any culture as 'terrorism'?

The people who support the dominant culture which has control of the media. Globally, western culture.

Why do Freedom Fighters target the culture which labels them 'terrorists'?

Because it threatens their culture.

This could go on ad-infinitum, and not reach any useful conclusion.

So perhaps the need is to refer to statistics?

It is known that the planet is our only one, and that it is under enormous stress, on a number of fronts.

1. Population, of the most consumptive species – Humans.

2. Human Pollution – effecting the natural ecological balance, to the point of creating dangerous changes to the atmospheric, terrestrial and marine regenerative systems. Systems the natural world supplies life with it's basics of oxygen, and other airborne chemicals, water, minerals enough to sustain the reproductive growth cycles of foods, animal and vegetable.

3. Over-consumption of the natural products of these ecological systems, to the point of disrupting the natural cycles necessary to sustain a system of supply of the mentioned products. An example being depletion of fish stocks, on scales never before seen, for human consumption, [mostly out of sense-or-culture-centred cravings], such that that assault reduces one or a number of marine species which are vital to the overall aqua-cultural, thus global ecological balance.

4. Over-concentration of industry, be-it producing hardware, or food stocks. Cattle, the prime food stock in question, which is fine, to a limited size, where cattle originated and evolved in harmony with the local environment.

But outside of those locales, cattle and the clearing of forests for them to graze, are disastrous for the ecosystems they've been introduced to.

5. Another system of food stock which is doing massive, perhaps terminal damage to the critical climate and ecological balance, is broad-acre monocrop 'farming' of such as wheat, corn, barley, and any broad-acre monocrop like cotton, which has to remove the combined natural biosphere's beings, insects, small and large animals and fauna that give and take crucial elements for the natural balance to be preserved.

6. Over-production. A product of completely irrational, unrestrained [being 'ungoverned'!], unthought-out cRapitalist profit-driven enterprise, leading to perhaps the least Ethical aspect of profit-based cultural standards, excess waste, excess consumption, excess consumption of land space, and the eventually-generic or mass-psychoses that these create.

And out of all these, I posit, have grown the excessive fundamentalist creeds, cultures, religions, and fundamentalist counter-creeds, counter-cultures and counter religions, which only seem to make the whole debacle more of a debacle.

What! A! Fuck-up!

'Terrorism'? Which, of all cultures most terrorizes the most people?

The impartial inquiry determines, without any more than mere logic and a few known facts, as put above, that the culture, creed, way of living that most 'terrorizes' the most Human Beings, is the dominant culture of western, judiac-christian, 'free-market' consumer-capitalism. Profit-centred enforced consumption upon the masses of powerless battlers.


Yet this is the culture first to demonize any group who sees this plain fact, and who determines, very often quite correctly, that they must act in some way to stop this plague of mindless, materialist, profit-centred, enforced-consumption, anti-nature, pyramid-market colonialism.

Therefore, those who stand up for zionism, and increase antipathy for all cultures which oppose this most-destructive culture of western, judiac-christian, 'pyramid-market' capitalism, are the terrorists.

They then, ate who the species needs must silence, bring to court on charges of committing or seeking to induce others to commit the worst possible crimes against humanity.

Everyone, everywhere, can name their own zionist politicians, their own zionist media, their own zionist corporate executives, their own zionist religions' clerics, as culpable.

As these, all have almost maximum influence upon everyone, everywhere, does this not mean that all of us, everywhere, are also made culpable, merely because those groups of politics, media, corporations and religion, have so much power over us, forcing us to partake of the most criminal culture/s, and as well, make our own personal or collective Dissent, a crime?

No matter that Science, Right-mindedness, a summation of all the best aspects of religion, culture, sustainable living practices, and industry etc., makes this case clear, proven and absolutely irrefutable?

So? How best to begin correcting the forces of culture?

First thing is to start calling out the media and politicians, corporations and religions which condemn people and cultures as 'terrorist' because they go to war against the most evil, most terrorizing culture and peoples on earth.

How do we most effectively 'label' these culprits?

That they are themselves advocates of terrorism, logically they should be labeled 'terrorists'.

But, because they seem at this stage to have the 'copyright' on the use, albeit the complete 'abuse' of the term 'terrorism', it might be necessary to find and use a different word to target the perpetrators of the most evil form of terrorism?

A moot point, perhaps?

Words are powerful weapons, especially, as we see, in the way the corrupted terrorist zionist mainstream media and politicians so effectively sway public opinion with mere words.

Are they actually swaying public opinion?

Or are we all more, mere victims of their controlled media?

If the zionist media-cum-political-class does have so much power, are they not as likely to be broadcasting complete fallacies, not just to sway public opinion, but by broadcasting false figures on what, public opinion actually is?

Knowing the levels these spoiled-rotten, ridiculously wealthy moguls are ready to descend to without-a-second-thought, merely to keep their preferred ideology on top of the global pyramid, that last scenario is the most likely.

One classic example is when a government spokesperson trumpets that;

We were elected by the people of -no-name-nation- to implement these policies, rahrahrah!”

When rarely do all the people elect governments in these alleged 'democracies.'

Mostly, in Australia's case, governments, are elected in or out by the strangely-consistent average 52/48 percent of the electorate. By a slim majority.

So unless 100% of the electorate vote for the government, but less fussy, let's say by 80%, the government should not say “We were elected by the people!” Some of the people, yes, but never has a government in a western democracy been elected into power by 100% of the voters.

Another term they abuse, is “The people have given us a mandate to bring in our policies”, etc. For that to happen, again 100% of the people would need to vote for them. Which never happens.

Yesterday on Google Conversations, I saw on the OCCUPY pages a post giving a list of their preferred “TOP 20 Alternative Media” websites.

I hit it and bookmarked about six I thought suited my 'media culture' most.

OCCUPY put it that this is what we all must do, in sourcing our news, because more are aware that the MSM, mainstream media, can no longer be trusted to report facts, on the bigger affairs. Indeed, how long since they COULD be trusted?

OCCUPY had it that most westerners still use the television news as their news source. But as TV is so heavily and narrowly controlled, it is the least trustworthy, in the electronic medium.

With the growth of the smartphone, and more portable devices to connect to the internet, more people of course, are using them to get news.

So the alternative media, as OCCUPY recommends, is more accessible, and with the spread of dissatisfaction with the quality and truthfulness-or-NOT of the MSM, more will use the internet as their source of news.

As well, as the world spins further out of balance, as much, it must be emphasized, by the force of the NWO zionist false news we get, more people are finding they cannot ignore the wars elsewhere and the various troubles happening, so are finding they too, do look to the news more.

So it's logical that they'll possibly start by looking at the easiest sources, and that's the blobbox in perhaps a majority of loungerooms.

TELEVISION – the drug of a nation!
Breeding ignorance, and feeding radiation!”

Or something.....

But clearly as the modern world is all about interaction, between social networks face-to-face, online and via phones, it's probable that more people turning to news networks will find contrary info and stories from one source to the next. And eventually, we might expect, if they are as smart as their phones, they'll correct their searching and seek out the best thus most honest – or the most honest thus the best - reporting services.

That usually includes realizing why media is so slanted, and that corporate sponsoring warps news away from truth.

So, Alternative Media, they have to dig around for, which is not dependent upon self-interested and entirely corrupt sponsors.

Having watched OCCUPY start and grow, into being a reasonably large network, and watching their G+ pages regularly, I think I can say they remain Credible.

So the recommended Alternative NEWS Media sites they offer, are the kind where news-seekers should start, or transfer to, or include in their news-diet.

As I looked down the list, and in the comments was another list of another 13, it struck me that, therefore, OCCUPY can itself begin it's own media empire [ha!], with particular subsets of specific topics, from these they regard as Credible, which 'users' can download their apps for, to get regular feeds from the subset, or from OCCUPY, giving the user the briefs and links to items as they come online.

The point stressed by the post to the G+ OCCUPY pages, was that with more youth looking for credible news, at-once with more youth – who ARE the future – carrying some portable online device, both the market and the need for some sort of Guaranteed-Credible online News medium, increases to becoming crucial. For the future for the youth.

And, as today's youth, under-30s say, are the biggest generation to ever Dissent from the orthodox mainstream culture/s, perhaps because it takes no high class education to learn that we ARE in the fastest-changing times [but obviously, for at least the last thousand years, the young-adult generation were also in 'the fastest-changing-times', nevertheless], then it's likely that they are also the generation who can effect the best, most positive corrections to the planets destructive cultures?

Another apparently quite effective way to slow and perhaps halt the zionist rampage, is to be aware of the offending nations, and be up-to-date as to which 'BARCODES' they are allocated, and which are on their retail products. Then, when shopping, for anything that has a barcode, check it's number, and if it's one of the Israeli numbers [“729” is one, and they now use two others because the ban is hitting their incomes, so they had to change] DON'T BUY IT. Find a product to replace it from another country. [I can see that is full of complexities though, because so much produce is made by zionist-allied nations, and sooo many corporations are part-owned by Israeli moguls and shareholders.]

Having no idea of how interested your average youth, including all nations' youths, are, in the state of the planet and of the species overall, I also have no partiality to any one culture or group or nation.

This for good or for my own ill, leaves me impartial, so rather than being forced to focus on one destructive culture, I can ponder ethereal, timeless options, such as this diatribe tries address.

Which culture is the most dangerous?

The current dominant culture of western free-market imperialism.

And which is the best one for the species?

Clearly NOT the culture which is doing the most harm to everything on Mum Eartha.

The culture of western free-market imperialism.

So...., to give an answer to the opening question, it is easy to prove the dominant western capitalist, judaic-christian culture is the most serious threat to life on earth.

Therefore those who defend it most, by insulting the others who stand against it, are the real terrorists.

So it becomes our, that-is EVERYONE'S Duty to call them out, and even to begin to make public allegations as to their terrorism, thus that they must be arrested, or as near as we can get to bringing them off their self-righteous pedestals, merely to silence them, to stop them agitating for impossible-to-justify wars, and inequality.

It is everyone's Duty to work to have the cultural terrorists - most of our mainstream pro-zion politicians,and those behind them who sponsor or threaten them - replaced with minds, and voices who recognize the general dilemma, but who also have clear and unambiguous answers to replace these terrorists' criminal propaganda and policies with.

Fabianists and self-secure pro-western-culture elite and even lesser, middle-and-upper class folks may protest, for self-evident reasons.

But do they put forward any better, more impartial and correct views on what humanity must do, as soon as possible, to stop this evil condemning of far far less evil cultures and peoples than the defenders of the most dangerous culture – and peoples - on earth?

Rarely, because they are in-deep with the personal benefits that most evil culture gives them. If they are not the most evil of all themselves!

Time the police arrested the elite.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor