COMMENT on Israeli PM's play school teacher role at UN

Frighteningly juvenile, if I were easily frightened.  Aimed at US voters &c., of the lowest levels of political knowledge & general intelligence, the likes of whom voted for GW Bush in 2000 & 2004.
Dangerous scare tactics without doubt, aimed also at raising anti-Islamic sentiment across the blind, stupid Christian west.
Netanyahu & covens, incl "left" & "right" wing pseudo-political players in the 1st world, are seeing their Zionist plans, over 120 years in the making, are known as heinously deceitful of humanity,& thus are at the end of their game, ready to go the "M.A.D." route, aka nuclear war.
As the west is too comfortable & will not grow beyond capitalism, Zionists will happily decimate the global population.
Mark my words.

Only half hearted these days to follow and comment on such as this ridiculous act by the clearly senile Israeli PM,  yesserday I did, nevertheless.

Israel, that-is the Zionist sector, sectors of it, and their financiers abroad across the global diaspora, is/are fighting for their existence, whatwith a larger than ever sector of the secular world waking up to the fraudulence of Israel, but more, the fraudulence of it's branch offices, in-the-main, Christianity.  But as well, it's secretive, antithesis, Freemasonry and allied secret societies like the cloaked Illuminati, etc.

Underneath all of this, which negatively effects the far, far more sincere, reverent and, indeed, Holy Islam, is the growing level of personal human ability to discern religious facts, truths from the outright fictions that have been draped over our sleeping heads for most of our history.  For most of the peoples of the western hemisphere, that-is.

Israel, being at the centre of the three major "religions", Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has been exposed, not only for the horrors that the two most expansionist, least Honorable, most warlike creeds, Judaism, and Christianity, have unleashed over their millennia, but also for the most irreligious attempt by them of the last 120 years, to further deceive the mass of humanity into believing that the Jew, Jesus ben Joseph, who let himself be sacrificed so-as to not be false, and falsely put on a pedestal by the crumbling and frantic Hebrews of 1st century, decayed Israel, is returned.

So, the "Arab Spring" so-called, across north Africa and the Middle-East, as well as the Syrian regime's attempts at oppressing it's own revolution, combined with the failing economies of the rest of the more modern world, combine to expose both Israel's false authority, as well as the whole of the western, "Christian" world's lack of Wise judgement and leadership.

There is as much pressure on Israel, from the utterly deluded, utterly corrupt Zionist "Christian" diaspora of Israel, to hold Jerusalem for the Zionist west, as there is from the Zionist Jewish fanatics, which is also why the US administration, aka the fucking psychos of it's Zionist Freemason cults, have pretty much total control over what US President Barack Obama and Foreign Secretary Hillary Clinton say, to the media at least.

As always, of the last few centuries, the elites have used war as the diversion and indeed, heavily mediated-over the facts, the cure, to their entirely corrupted and outright evil economic structures.

That the days' econo-political turmoil coincides with the massive overpopulation issues the planet faces, whatwith the pending ecological collapse, only gives the elite, all of whom are, even in their apparently superior positions of extreme power, quite, quite insane, that-is, not in any Wise and Balanced control of their own careers, minds, futures and cultures, the - to them - "perfect excuse" to set the world on fire with the likes of Netanyahu's deliberate media food, incendiary diagram and commentary  yesserday to the United Nations.

That those of the UN who attended his speech say nothing and do nothing to dethrone the Jewish idiot, puppet though he also is, exposes the UN to be absolutely toothless, even in the face of global nuclear war, or, if that's an over-estimation, of global economic, cultural, and ecological chaos, pending the inevitable collapse.

It is not hard to deduce that such a meeting of tragedies can only send the planet down the apocalyptic cul-de-sac.


Personally, going by the utterly juvenile, quite childlike behavior of those whitefaced zombies here in Astrayliar, who use witchcraft to get close to my pitiful self, and thereafter lay curses on everything I have, and everywhere I go, as well as the totally irresponsible and cowardly carry-on we see in our world politicians and cult leaderships, on top of the aforesaid tragedies, present and pending,  I am much more in favour of the planetary cleansing of an Armageddon, than any further bullshit out of the mouths of children.

UPPP!  Got to go!

About to be terrorised by a band of dirt bike riders!  And 4x4 weekend wankers!

Therefore...., now might be the time for a mass of disgruntled Human Beings, if there are any left not completely inhabited by alien spirits, to join together across this most beautiful, if not tragic Sacred Orb we call planet Eartha, and start a new REALPolitik Party, named in "back-at-ya" in-your-face style, "The Armageddon Party"!

"TAP" to it's Members.

Time, it might be said, to "TAP" on the front doors of the false churches, synagogues and Temples of religion, with the peaceful, sincere and MOST Honorable Call to embrace the Intellect we all have nestling quietly inside our silly fucking heads full of dumb-me-down "faith".

That the west cannot bow down to it's own higher level of mind, the 1st principle Chakra of Intelligence, aka "Buddhi" in Sanskrit, over their dumb-maker "faith" chakra, one of the "sixes" of the mark of the devil, "faith" being the Romanic language's softener word for "witchcraft", should expose all western "faiths" as false and, extremely stupid in their pride.

So, that they have planned to fabricate a furthering of their 1,600 year old deceit, by trying to build a messiah and fool the world with it, him, and that he, their own creation, resists, means that the really stupid, indeed, the lost tribes of Israel, whence most all of the western people's come, have created their own Satan.

This, complex though the idiots have such a penchant for making things, is but a part of the psychology of fools, who refuse to see their own psychoses, and instead, go a hunting for someone else to shoot down, and blame.

As has been murmured, no doubt for thousands of years, "You can't tell mentally ill people they are mentally ill, because they are mentally ill!"

Or, the mental illness, complete with hubris, brutality, bullying, ignorance and pride, is so ingrained in the individuals' and the cultural psyche, that it is able to prevent the person from letting go of their egomania, of dropping all they cling so violently and assertively to, such that they can 1st, admit they have a mental "issue", and then that they are wrong to be as adamant and assertive over those who see their blind faith, blind witchcraft, as the problem, and that there is an whole 'nother, higher, pure, more pristine element to their own being, which they are, due to the cultural influences, incapable of seeing and deferring to, that-is, bowing-down to, no less than how the Muslims' bow down five times a day to, but are also, due to the idiocy of the age-old lost tribes culture, afraid of.

Little wonder they go to extraordinary lengths to shit on Atheists and people who will not be tempted to use witchcraft, preferring the Intellect to ignorance?

And the days' ignorance, is very, very ugly......

Get some Honor, whitey!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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