“Declaring Myself An Enemy Of The State Of The USA”

120927 Truelaw Outlaw Junction “Declaring Myself An Enemy Of The State Of The USA” Edition

And a HOHOHO to the CIA! And to all those fucking psycho's in Washingmachinetown!!!


Reading this morning, as I perused the Go Ogle news, that the yankee doodle dandies, aka the fanatical, mentally retarded, Washington girls club of pedophiles and bastardisers anonymous, aka, the US administration, have declared WikiLeaks honcho, Australian Julian Assange, an “enemy of the state” of the Jew.S.A., it became pretty clear, pretty quick, that therefore, everyone on Earth, who understands the universal principles underpinning this ancient notion of “Democracy” a word from the ancient Greek, meaning “RULE BY THE PEOPLE”, but THE Way, THE Natural and True Way, known by the Wise Tribes of this Sacred Planet for thousands of years before anything as warped as the US military-industrial complex, or the British-made Central Intelligence Agency CIA were cungered by secret societies anonymous, is/are, also, from now forward, to regard themselves as “enemies of the state” of the fucking psychotic United States of America!

Therefore, it would seem proper, logical, Eminently Reasonable, and Wise, for as many of the remaining Human Beings on Earth to Stand Forward and Declare the same.

All Muso's, all Journalists, Reporters, Editors, and Private Citizens of every nation, have a Duty, to follow this request.

No less, in Sweden!

Britain, and of course, the Jew S A! Ooop! TYPO!!!

I meant, the UNTIED STATES OF AMERICA!!! Oooop ! TYPO!!!

An inneresting way to kick sand in the faces of the utterly kerazy US masturbation, yes-no? Ooop! TYPO!!! I meant the US Administration, I think.....?

Methinks methinks...., PROTESTS ARE IN ORDER!

And a RAH RAH RAH....!

Such a move, were it to gain traction, and “go viral”, would be an excellent “test” to see how wedded the world's politicians are to the notion of Democracy, or, as we know already, how fucking hypocritical they are, for saying they do, but running for cover when the issue is put to the test.

Betting shops everywhere could, indeed should, open books on the odds of their local and national politicians stepping up to the plate, and declaring their allegiance to Democracy, by openly stating that, due to this utterly demonic, and entirely warped decision against The Justice Warrior Assange, by the US Administration, they too are duty-bound to declare they are by pure reason, enemies of the US state.

But HEY! We live in extremely stupid and dangerously selfish, gutless times, so all one can expect is a good laugh.

Like, laughing at er..., Tiny Habit..., er..., Tiny Abbort.., er..., Tony Abbutt grandstanding in front of the USA embassy in Canberra, declaring his opposition to an unjust, unreasoned, bad-law world, then licking the boots of the ambassador.

Great sound bight though, Tiny!


All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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