Where is the OCCUPY Movement Now?

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When Occupy Wall Street erupted onto the screens and into the hearts and minds of Hopeful Humans' watching news broadcasts, Inspiration factors rose significantly across the world, as attested to by the rapid spread of that “name” and Movement - OCCUPY - globally.

Major and central sites were Occupied in key cities, with Protests and Demonstrations showing quite a lot of support.

But since the last global financial crisis (GFC), at least since it has come out that the big first world nations are sinking into irreversible debt and thus recession/depressions, pending the second wave, again, deeper than ever, and most likely one the world will not climb out of, Eurape particularly has seen street riots regularly.

So Occupy Wall Street may be said to be an outgrowth of that suffering classes' discontent.

But it's a Credit to the New Yorkers and Americans who made the first move on Wall Street, for bringing what is a more accurate focusing than we've seen for decades (since the 1930s depression which saw many lower class out-of-Workers fire-bomb real estate agencies, etc), out onto the streets of New York, the centre of the free world, the centre of free-market-rip-off-ism, and for taking it to that centre of unconscionable speculation - the stock market, and to the Wall Street stock market, being the biggest on Earth.

Successes may be claimed by the Occupy Movers, in such as the resignation of London UK's St Paul's Cathedral's two top executives, who saw the contradiction of supposedly being managers of a Holy, Peoples' cult corporate HQ - St Pauls - yet being suaded to evict the gathered flockers because it was bad for their economic, tourrorist-centred bottomline, amongst other things, like perhaps, the Anglican church head, high priestess Elizabeth Windsor, putting pressure on them to kill-off this threat to her/their royal opulence.

In New York, the Occupyists are holding their ground, and from here it seems they're doing it through the avenues of the legal mechanisms available to them.

As I wrote in the last blogs on the subject, a few weeks ago now, THE POLICE HAVE NO AUTHORITY to remove or arrest or pressure the Occupy Protesters, anywhere, mainly because, as possibly the OWS lawyers can assert, the police can be proven to be upholding severely, dangerously and unsustainable laws, especially in regard to the issues which the Occupy Movement is bringing to the fore and is trying to have media and the voting masses think about and address.

Australian anti-capitalists and free-market-speculation-skeptics in our major cities have all been removed forcefully and arrested by our thuggish coppers, which surely exposes the cops as being criminals who completely disregard any actual Laws, and act purely to support the most corrupt economic, social and cultural structures ever seen.

Same-same in other nations. Occupy Oakland, across the bay from San Francisco has been stomped, as many others have.

As I alluded to previously, a sceptical mind will expect that these Occupy Movements, once the thrill is gone, will peter-out and the protagonists will return to their think-tanks, despondent, deflated, or perhaps inspired or enraged, and club together to think of any next-moves, next-steps, or new directions.

No doubt the money-belt subversives will be on their cases, plying them with whatever has them retire from the Fight, and take the 30-pieces-of-silver, all the wealth of the world, just to stay away.

But as always, there'll be new recruits to the Cause, of anti-capitalism, etc.

New generations will be both Wisened-up to the evils of the corporate market illegality, by Wise Elders, and by their own simple, Intelligent observation of life, and, in the not so distant future, will be forced to reject the lure and temptation of a wealth-oriented life, because wealth will no longer be so easily acquired in the worst, longest-lasting global economic slump seen.

One thing good of poverty, is that it brings people together, once they realise that they cannot stay fed and safe alone. This can turn into gangs who end fighting other gangs for the same essentials - food and security - exactly as it has evolved in Eurape over the last 3,000 years or so.

But we are supposed to be gregarious beings, so living together in Mobs apparently, is natural.

Nevertheless, back to the present Occupy Movement, local and global.......

Being prevented by cocksuckers from attending any Occupy Protests in Astrayliar, I've observed from a distance, and think now that what has come from them, is one, that across the planet, the Thinkers, the “Ethicals”, typically previously labelled “leftists” and “Communists”, etc, are finding their feet again.

That they and the mainstream news services are unafraid to call the Protests “anti-capitalist”, and that the anti-capitalists, not necessarily “Communists” or such, at least in the US, are loudly shouting and placarding that and similar terms, show we have really Progressed in the last few years.

Uptil about 2007, especially in the USA, left-wing Progressive thinking was seen almost as the epitome of evil, especially by the hypnotised and book-drunk right-wing fundamentalist Christian and Freemason cults.

While we should all be critically sceptical of President Barack Obama's election, as but an attempt by the world's hegemon's, principally the Illuminati, to both make right the horribly awry world political farce as developed over the last.... oh...., 3,000 years, 6,000 if you're a Jew, Obama's election was nevertheless one of the most Inspiring events most of us have seen.

That his popularity was brought into, was made so, in stark relief, to the, and by the horrendous political extremism and warlike undemocratic mis-and-mal-behaviour of the previous Bush-Cheney administration, can be seen as merely one way the hegemons drove the voters to think and vote more intelligently.

I'd say there's no doubt that if the USA still had a right-wing Republican government, the Occupy Movement would not, could not have evolved.

Instead, there would most likely have been more violent Protests, and wars would have been increasing everywhere, as well as across the USA.

But the Democrat administration in the big house of the world, as the world enters a major economic shit-pit or not, surely opened the hopes of the many that they could speak out about things that really are basic and fundamental truths in life, mainly, as said, that we are essentially a gregarious species, and that it is most economic, and thus most conducive to a peaceful existence, for us to CO-OPERATE, rather than to compete.

Because this is one way to see the feudal wars we call politics. “Co-operation versus competition”.

The latter, always can only end in destruction, along the insane lines of a “mutually assured destruction”, as is the policy of a fanatical and deeply awry, dangerously psychotic right-wing extremist Israel.

There is no doubt, that the extremes of the last few centuries, of what may be called “enlightened selfishness” which has developed into the wildly astray free market CRAPitalism, which puts the “individual” before everyone and everything else, has driven people to see it's flaws, and to see the Common Wisdom of a more Communal way of living.

But, before hope springs fraternal, the Occupy Movement, global, was made-up of but a minuscule proportion of the species. By far the most of us, essentially because we/they had no choice but to return day-after-day to the fray to keep that roof and kitchen table, did not attend, nor even take any interest in what was going on at the Occupy Protests.

So, the anti-capitalist cynics, within the Movement, who are pessimists yet nevertheless take to the streets anyway, because it's more Noble, more Honorable to go down fighting the obvious evil, know the Occupy Movements haven't brought down CRAPitalism, haven't shut down the stock markets, haven't prevented a global depression, haven't awakened the masses to vote out greedy corporate mis-governance, and haven't etc..., etc.

However..., from down-here-down the shithole of Astrayliar, I reckon what the Occupy Movement HAS succeeded in doing, is show the dickheads of right wing thugheaded selfishness, and those who know the Wisdom of Community-centred culture, that the extreme-right-wing U.S., McCarthy-ist era of scaring the life out of us against speaking or thinking and acting for a more Communist politic - is dead.

Clearly the Occupy Movement, in all it's centres, is an Intelligent, overt understanding and expression of the local and the global economic, political, and market realities.

And that, is to be Celebrated by everyone who went to those Protests, and by everyone who watched and saw the Wisdom and Courage of the initiators.

Of a certainty, it ain't over yet!

So no-one can pack-down their tent and retreat to their relatively opulent lounge-rooms, where they can more freely pack and smoke a bong or spliff or such.

Another “win” perhaps, for the Occupy Movers, again, from down-here-down the sewer-pipe, is that the issue of what is “legal” in terms of occupying a site.

It is more than possible, that these Protests will make it possible for the more honorable of the legal fraternities to put together hard and fearless, strong and indisputable cases against the long corrupt land laws, or the laws of land availability, such that all police charges against those who resisted the calls to move, be thrown out of court, because counter-charges by the Protesters legal teams can show that the police and those they most protect, are in fact upholding BAD LAWS. Illegal laws in effect.

Certainly, unethical laws.

And, as I've scribed before, “Ethics” and it's partner in life, “Morality”, are essentially what is underneath most all PROPER Laws.

Indeed, it follows, that if a law can be proven to be either immoral or unethical, it is a bad law, thus should not be obeyed, and should definitely not be enforced.

Pretty-much puts every copper on earth out of a job, dunnit?

So, “!!!Occupy!!!”, as well as the points I see it has brought into the popular mindset, has also shown that there are enough of us, Human Beings, and not-so-Human, albeit that they/we still want to be, in most every nation on earth, who are watching and listening and thinking about how they can do SOMETHING of value, against the errors and evils of the day, and that there ARE answers and options to the idiotic “trends” and (Buddha SAVE ME?!) “fashions” of western free market cult-centrist imperialism.

I sort-of “sense” that those who tried and were shut-down by the thugs in blue (“cunts with guns”), are not deflated totally.

If one can propose or postulate on any “next step” or steps, it surely has to be where every Occupyist who took the step to Protest and Encamp wherever they could, on the steps of St Pauls, in downtown New York, in Kazakhstan's capital, in Melbourne, Hong Kong, New Delhi, Et Al Et Al, but perhaps especially in the financial centres of third world countries, COMMUNICATE with each other.

Even while the frantic power-junky idiots of the global secret services of the corporate weapons-makers etc., will do everything to monitor and control any Progressive Moves, worldwide now, the legal world is opening up to - LAW - and an increasing number of lawyers are seeing that there is an inestimable value to helping this type of legitimate Movement.

But most importantly, more and more of them are thinking and changing their tack to the issue, and that is that Law is fundamental to life, and that it is more within their ability to enforce Law, good and Proper Laws, in the courts and thus across the wider society and culture.

Most everyone, if we think about it, knows that the reason the world is in such a shitfight of a situation, economically, socially, culturally, that-is religiously, and in personal and national cases, is because the fundamental Laws, the Fundamental Law, has been subverted, corrupted, broken and ignored. And, that the “authorities” are so willing to uphold the corrupted laws.

So, for Occupy to go the next step, and to both survive AND grow, they have to dispel the polices' charges against them, by proving that they are wrong to stomp such Wise, Intelligent and Honorable Protests.

There are mountains of facts, presentable as irrefutable evidence in the highest courts, which condemn and prove the illegitimacy of most all police actions against the Occupy Protests, and against Dissent against the blatant evils of the current structures of the so-called “free market”.

These have to be defined, refined and brought down to their most simple and pure. The Laws which underpin all life.

Perennial, Universal Laws.

That the Protesters of these Occupy Movements can now march openly on the streets of the major centres, shouting and placarding anti-capitalist chants and slogans, shows us that the world has “moved forward” from the idiocy of yesserday's blind, gutless, hopeless selfishness.

Astrayliar, perhaps, the most fucked-up exception?

All Strength to OCCUPY!

So I repeat, THE POLICE HAVE NO AUTHORITY to stop Protesters standing their ground, provable in a court of law.

As said, Astrayliar the exception, as we have no courts of Law here......!

To put some emphasis on what I assert, in regard to the police, I refer to recent protests by police, here in Sinny (Sydney) Astrayliar, and over in the midst of the Arab Spring, in Cairo, Egypt.

Police were protesting for more pay, because they reckon their jobs are harder in these heady days of protests and anti-establishment violence.

It is so-o piggish, that there was not any mention by the coppers of the fact that the reason they are under more pressure from cultural dissenters, is precisely because the coppers, the gutless scum, are upholding the most corrupt laws!

There is never any voicing by the police forces, that they are concerned about making the laws Proper!

There seems to be absolutely NO recognition by the coppers, that were they to protest for and enforce GOOD, JUST, LAWS, their jobs would be enormously less dangerous, stressful, etc?


Obviously, the vast majority of coppers don't care at all about JUST LAWS, and are in it purely for the thrill of being on the side with the weapons, even to use against their own people, and the false, low-brained prestige of flinging around in the latest, fastest vehicles, wearing and playing with all the latest high tech equipment, and of being able to brutalise and push others around.

Really makes me wonder......?

Oh! Another Good Point I heard made on the BBC the other day, was by one of the more Honorable and Intelligent Economists, whose name I forget, for now, but he's an Aussie.

The interviewer went to the Occupy Protests issue, to whit the Economist, who was advocating there be a “Jubilee” (refer Leviticus 25, and a dictionary for the meaning of that word) replied that such Protests and Occupy Movements should really begin to Encamp in and Occupy the Economics departments of the Universities, because that is where the false, money-as-debt (my term) economic policies are formulated, “invented”, refined into pseudo-elegant hyperbola, and then are both directed out to governments, and to the banking and financial sectors and where the most immoral, illegitimate economics theories, which are bringing on the pending global financial crash, are taught to the upper class university students. Students who march off uni campuses with degrees and diplomas in “economics” (NOT!) into large multinational accounting and auditing and real estate and legal and other BULLSHIT corporations (or their own greedy little small accounting, or taxation specialist business) so merely sustaining the unsustainable, with degrees in talking uneconomic, numbers-bending shit.

When I heard him say that, I swore at my own stupidity for not realising that idea. But good, more proof I'm no genius.

But, a point well worth consideration by Occupyists everywhere. Just lasso a team of INTELLIGENT legal students to Occupy the Economics departments, and economics' professors' rooms with you!

This brings out again, that the Movement for a better Planet has to confront the evils on several fronts.

As the adage goes, “Man is his own worst enemy” and others like, “Beware, for the enemy is within!” or such.

Now, in the 21st century, the enemy, the devil, is not the other skin color, the other, not-understood culture, but is mostly very near us, even inside us.

Beliefs. False beliefs.

But today, what with the freedom to believe anything, hurdles keep falling in front of progressive movements.

But at a near-concomitant rate, progress is being made in such as our and the authorities readiness to recognise good laws, and to hear good evidence to support their introduction.

Even the idiots of such as the Murdoch News International, who acted most illegally and therefore totally unethically in 2009/2010 to undermine and expel Australia's legitimate prime minister Kevin Rudd because he (and the ALP) were on track to introducing the most Honest Economic Law, of Land Rent for Government Revenue, or, the Land Tax, have been brought down a peg or five, through the “phone-hacking inquiry” and scandal exposure in Britain.

That scandal cannot help but spread globally against the Murdochs, if there is any justice, because while other media organs are undoubtedly to be implicated - such has been the nature of the fourth estate of journalism and media for centuries, if not millennia - Murdoch and coven have been influencing and corrupting the world's governments so badly that they can very well be implicated for aiding-and-abetting the corruption which brought on the economic and cultural disasters we now face, and have coming, and their illegitimate influence in and behind the extreme right wing, Christian-fundamentalist Bush-Cheney US administration of the last decade, thus the evil propaganda to win massive support for the USA and the west to invade and plunder Iraq.

The aftermath and ongoing consequences of those really fucked-up decisions in the first half of the first 21st century decade, by the idiots of those major cults, will be felt and bring horrible times to the millions in the Middle East and Asia for ages.

Not to mention the yet to be experienced horrors coming to everyone on earth once the Eurapean financial houses of cards collapse.

From a pseudo-scientific perspective, one could dream a little, and imagine how the Occupy Movement grew, like something in a Petri dish might grow in a laboratory.

Certain things happen around the world over centuries, millennia, and influence other regions.

Over time the combinations grow, brew and fester and coalesce, and something new, more powerful, less carcinogenic, on the top of the mash appears.

Most of what has evolved in the Human sphere could be seen to have been born, created this way.

New Yorkers' knowledge of the current and predicted global economic turmoil brought about a coalescence of Activists who saw the opportunity to do what they did.

Then, from that Noble Act, others elsewhere saw the Legitimacy, and followed suit, and BOOM came the Global Occupy Movement.

More than a fad, methinks. The future holds tenuous prospects for most of the species, so it will be nigh-on impossible to ignore the hardship, and thus, such Movements will gain momentum.

But again, they have to ORGANISE on the global scale, and co-ordinate actions.

But mostly, they have to bring to the fore, the LAW behind their push, because while the brutality of the big government era is still with us, there is also a rise in the strength of those Advocating Good Law.

Once the most brutal and powerful thugs ran the brutal and heathenistic governments, and kept the masses oppressed and as slaves.

But today, with much stubborn resistance to Wise Government, there is a major increase in military and in criminal, previously gang-centred groups, in awareness of these simple issues, and of the legitimacy of fighting for Justice, for once.

So the old “True Believers” of the Simple, more Noble, more Communal lifestyle, who were forced to retreat from the warlike mongrels of the right wing idiocy, have been released, and know now they can walk and talk in the streets about Good Intelligent government economic policies.

All these factors give rise to the growth of the Occupy Movement, and give rise to the ability to challenge bad laws, and upholders of bad laws, in courts.

Wars should decrease, away from military battlefields, and into the courts, where the most powerful weapons, Scientific, Economic FACTS, will trounce the bullshit artistes and spin-doctors.

Should..., depends on YOU, whiteface!

The alternative...?

There is more than a rumour, that there exists on earth now, a witch who is so powerful that they could make the planet explode - BOOM!

No more silly delusional beliefs.

No more fun times each weekend.

No more sadism.

No more false economic theories and mememe psychotically inflated ego and big house bullshit.

Nothing. Forever.

Back to the Unity!” is how they put it.

The explosion of earth will upset the balance of our solar system, and things will be all waywoowoh-shit from there forward.

Life further afield will go on as usual, but several non-Earth species might be disappointed because the booty they were expecting to steal from this little planet will be atomised, along with their own invading armies, some said to be posited on the dark side of our moon.

But probably many more non-Earthlings will breathe sighs of relief, that this deeply errant, wildly psychotic species will be exterminated, thus, as we Humans near the ability to travel to other planets and “life-zones” in outer, outer space, before we have learned to control and kill our own delusions of superiority, and take/send with our astronauts our utterly ridiculous and deadly weapons, mostly in our fundamentally corrupt and evil beliefs, we will no longer be the threat to life elsewhere that we are at present.

As well, viewed from distance enough to be Impartial, Humanity, as it is, really can be said and proven to be, a failed and dangerous species.....
Is it coincidence, that British and Eurapean culture is on the brink of bringing the whole world down, to economic chaos, war and possible destruction, while they, and similar miscreant cultures such as the USA and Australia, also lead in technological advance?

So.., “the big BOOM, or Justice”, says that witch.

Justice, in it's True sense, is very Democratic.

But so is that big BOOM.......

It's surely well passed the time the coppers sought to institute and uphold Just Laws.

Occupy...! Think “Law suits against upholders and enforcers of illegal laws!”

Class Actions” for legislating and enforcing illegitimate laws against coppers, councils, mayors and local or state governments are also ve-ry Good!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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