White Race Deep Cultural Insanity or Piss Off Britain!

111130 Outlaw Junction News-Chop White Race Deep Cultural Insanity Edition

After about 30-to-40 years of observation, of my own mental state and that of the culture in which I and the dominant white, western races exist, it is clear beyond doubt that the culture has been insane for a long time.

Trying to get to the source and origins of the mental disease western people suffer, and heinously, impose upon all other, generally far less unbalanced cultures and peoples, takes inquiry down many historical paths, and all reach a point where historical facts and evidence become hazy, and have to be regarded as questionable.

Most inquiries, to reach a conclusion, have to employ assumption, speculation and imagination, also the occult, to get anywhere near the origins of why the dominant culture is, psychologically, so off-the-rails, and why it is fast-tracking the whole of planet Earth to the long prophesied “apocalypse”.

Research can take decades, and requires a healthy appetite for reading the many tomes about these types of issues, from 20th century psycho-analysis - Freud, et al, through nations' and “races'” histories, archaeology, myth, religion, war, invention, etc., and-on. And-on. And! On! Not good for a healthy (?) social life.

Getting to any near-correct conclusions demands a dedication most white, western, crazymind people find impossible, and often, with fair reason. Because “life”, as seen from Sagacious minds, is about enjoying the present moment, so not bothering too much about any other thing. But western interpretations of “being in the Present moment” are generally way off the track of that “Eastern” Wisdom.

That, is what Meditation and Good Spiritual Practices are about, and Good Guidance in these Arts and lifestyles, should show us that by-far the larger part of everything we pursue, especially in this hyper-materialistic, insatiable western, Judeo-Christian culture, is but distraction from that which we as Wise beings, should be most focusing upon.

The “Now”. The “state” of mind where us, the Observer within it all, is not being dragged back or forward to re-circling thoughts or fanciful hope and imagination about what is coming.

But, one's ability or not to remember the primacy of such mental self-control, is, a cultural thing.

And, the dominant “competition-and-consumption” Judeo-Christian free market, materialistic culture is all about not having self-control.

In essence the dominant white, western, Judeo-Christian CRAPitalist, free-market culture depends wholly upon it's people being insane, so they are always hungry for more product, for more distractions from that earlier mentioned Yogic Practice of deferring back as often as one can, to the Still Mind, free, truly free, of all loose thought and desire.

Facts researched over 45 years, show irrefutably, that this term “Liberation” plagiarised, grafted and corrupted until either meaningless or meaning the opposite of it's original intention, (“Orwellian” “Ministry of Truth” stuff) by the western religions and political cultures, is in fact precisely about our finding the constant state of a Still Mind, where we have risen above all desires, whether for a drink (“that's a good idea! ...hick!), for food, but especially for any-material-thing which is known to be unhealthy for us or for the culture or environment around us.

And, of course, anything which is found to be unhealthy for the mind. The Psyche. The Soul. Thus for our ability to become Enlightened, and to rise above all troubles, all woe, all chaos, to Eternal Heaven.

Clearly, western culture is not about finding the constantly at peace, steady, Silent Mind.

This morning's news told of the British consulate, or embassy, in Iran, being ransacked by Iranian protestors.

Typically, Britain's foreign secretary, the oh-so-eloquent William Haig, hit the media quick-smart with condemnation of Iran, presupposing the west using Iranian rejection of the most warped cultural peoples on Earth - the British and western culture generally - to begin one of their wars against Iran, and it's “recalcitrant” neighbour Syria, we can assume, and against any peoples or cultures who see the evil and insanity of western Zionist culture and imperialism.

Oh-so typical of an insane people. Whenever anyone speaks out against their mental illness, they lash-back with every violent means they have at hand - or can invent. (Jusss loike a rrrrural Osssieee!)

Pride. Arrogance. Ignorance. All fundamental to this warlike, apocalyptic western, Judeo-Christian cult and culture.

I suppose we should pity the people who are mindlessly and inescapably posited within it.

Even if, when it is pointed out to them that they are deeply mentally ill, they lash-out and try to harm anyone who speaks honestly and accurately about their crazymindedness?

This is the character of an individual who has yet to see the “fallen” mental condition they dwell and suffer within.

Western psychiatry generally fails to cure them. It most often just changes their approach to another belief, with a course of usually mentally and physically unhealthy medication, which tries to have them incorporate the problem, in ways such as having them able to say out loud that they are sufferers. But it never really expunges the toxins, it never “Purifies the mind”, just modifies the thinking processes.

But when the advice comes from people who themselves are quite deeply insane, we can't expect any better.

So, when an whole nation, society, culture such as what is generally called the “western culture” of Jewish, Christian and Freemason beliefs and habits, has/have clawed their way, not via Wisdom or Respectful ways, but through developing the biggest most deadly weapons, with no consideration of the longer-term effects, to the top of the world's sphere-of-influence, power and control over how others think, speak and act, we can be certain we are in for a major shitfight.

One, because they are mindlessly, crazymindedly, leading all of us over the cliff into the violent and stormy Armageddon Ocean, and two, when anyone, or a counter-culture or opposing nation manages to be heard complaining or objecting to the insane ways, the dominant paradigm elites react mindlessly, autonomicly, and the Dissenters are violently stomped.

A la, Britain's Willy Haig. And his military.

So? How do we dispel these aggressive and arrogant hexes from the minds of the ruling elites of this tiny little planet?

It might be reasonable to consider “waking the people up”, so they essentially, with Intelligence and Wisdom, get Organised and Unite globally and as peacefully as possible revolt against those who cannot clear their silly heads of their pernicious, selfish arrogant beliefs?

Is it possible?

From 40 years of observation of the Human condition, of how the deeply crazy dominant western culture, and it's utterly stupid and gutless policing forces leave western people no option but to retreat into a parochial and minuscule world of self-indulgence, ignorance and destruction, I don't think so.

As well, the evidence keeps mounting, on what at least 500 years of deeply errant Judeo-Christian and Freemason expansionist, colonialist, imperialist mis-and-maltreatment of the environment has begun.

But....? 500 years???

Evidence also exists to show that the destruction of the planet's natural beauty and balance has been going-on blindly - for at least 3,000 years, but probably for a lot longer, since the “lost” errant insatiable Judeo-Eurapean beast settled down and depleted all regional natural resources, especially the environmental essentials of flora and fauna, then proceeded to invade and take everyone elses.

But Mesopotamia always was a rapacious hotspot, even before the Hebrews wandered through.

But HEY? We are just this tiny little planet, beautiful but tiny, on the edge of one of some trillions of galaxies, floating through space with no real understanding of what life exists to achieve, or is all about.

Our planet itself, is but “one tiny grain of sand” on just one of trillions of metaphorical “infinite beaches”.

So how much smaller and thus, insignificant, is each one of us?

Firstly, seeing us from this angle, makes all the hubris, arrogance and readiness to war against others really really trite, expressive exactly of the cultural mental illness I assert the western people are drowning in.

Two, the crazymind of the west, once we understand the Purity of the Silent Mind, and it's Guarantee of opening the Path to the Eternal Heaven of Constant Bliss, is such an insult to everyone and to every living creature it threatens with it's load of bullshit beliefs and weapons-of-mass-destruction, that everyone should do every possible thing they can, to destroy the west.

Down here down the British colonial shithole in Astrayliar, the first thing we should be doing, is by Popular Dissent, Protesting outside all British Consulates and Embassies, for the expulsion from OUR soils, of all British diplomats.

Some years ago, our High Court determined that Britain is a foreign power, which more than infers Britain is hostile to our own national and Peoples' interests.

But, as we are by far one deeply mentally-ill nation, made-up mainly of - British and their cousins-in-crazymind, the Eurapeans - there's little likelihood that Australians will do any Noble thing and eject the British and Eurapean diplomats from our Territories.

So..., while we return day-after-day to crazymind employment and leisure, the apocalypse accelerates in the hothouse, the laboratory of all crazyminds - Eurape, and for some 500 years has been reaching across the Atlantic to the USA, etc.

And for as long as we down here down the shithole in Astrayliar can afford and buy take-away food and alcohol, we'll delude ourselves that we're alright Jack, fuck you, and fuck doing anything Noble, Wise, Intelligent for the future, for our own children, for the Nation or for life on Earth.

All of the above are why I think our time is up, and that we, white, western human beings, are both bringing on the mass destruction, and should be destroyed.

Any progeny of a totally insane people cannot be any healthier, mentally, and can only make things worse.

I guess our only hope is that the impending global economic collapse, depression, disaster, forecast to last a long long time, will do something to dissolve and/or clean-up the delusions which hold-up the western insanity, and afterwards, there'll be a rebirth of more sane, Wiser, more Intelligent and, MORE RESPECTFUL People, Peoples, societies, cultures.

That, we can be sure, will take a long long time, and willn't show until the arrogantistas of the north throw every destructive thing they have in their arsenals at the dissenters, in knee-jerk reactions and defence of their precious excessive, stupid, unintelligent, utterly unsustainable, crazymind ways of living.

But cancer never cures itself. It just spreads on an increasing scale until it consumes and kills the host organism, the planet in our case.

So, the future is war.

One grain of sand on an infinite beach”.

One way of looking at that, is to say that nothing matters, and that it is therefore quite OK to believe utter bullshit, to lie-lie-lie like a right wing Australian politician, if it makes you happy, and thus to not care at all about the consequences to the Purer worlds, more Intelligent life-forms, Wiser and thus inherently Happier minds.

This is typically how the right-wing, corporatised or oligarchic political classes and followers, especially of Britain, Eurape, the US and Astrayliar, think, and act.

But their diseased beliefs are everywhere now.

This is what the Global “!!!OCCUPY!!!” Movement has sought to have the Masses address.

However, as I assert, and have no doubt is indisputable fact, they, the right-wing, corporatised or oligarchic political classes and followers, especially of Britain, Eurape, the US and Astrayliar, are the most insane peoples ever to walk the Earth, or drive, or fly. So we can be certain they are wrong.

That they have economic power over us, by being able to buy police protection, and can have dissenters and objectors (“Conscientious” objectors) imprisoned or slated as mentally ill, makes them the greatest insult to the very essence of all beings - Life.

Can anyone therefore leave them to continue to destroy?

Piss off Britain!

You and your partners in crazymind, the Judeo-Christian Roman-Eurapeans and upclub Amercians, are well out of order, so have no right to either offer an opinion on what Iran or even Syrian governments do, nor Libya's, North Korea, or Myanmar, nor me.

You are so long insane that you have typically adapted (mal-adapted!) to that crazy mental condition so-as to see it as normal and even right.


The impending global financial disaster YOU have brought down on the world, is testimony to your insanity, and will have to be allowed to take full effect just so you arrogantistas, you upyourselves imbeciles, are brought to your knees to the point of having to confess that YOU are dangerously mentally ill, and that another path has to be accepted as necessary if Humanity is worth anything, and if Humanity is to save itself from a totally chaotic future, or extermination.

But the ponsy Willy Haig cannot possibly genuflect to such admissions, say what, you silly, arrogant chum?

Clearly, the likes of Haig, will react badly to such blunt observations, whether or not these observations are correct.

In fact, the closer to the truth such observations might be, more more violent a reaction we can expect.

Colonialist genocides of the last few thousand years, originating typically from Rome, or Eurape, or Britain (think: Britain's racist, based on an insatiable, crazymind land-grab, genocide of the Enlightened Races of Aborigines of Australia from 1788 to now, and the ongoing oppression of the Indigenous Palestinians by Zionist Israelis) are all testimony to the reality that this is how they react, and to how incurably insane they of “the north” are.

BOOOOOMMM!” say de witch.

But, as Australians so love “It's fun to lie to a Wise man, ayeeee?”

Lastly for today's Outlaw Junction Out Post, thanks go out from myself and from the Brush-tailed Possum who visits my 4x4 tent when I'm in a particular part of the reforest, to the Spirits who heard my call for a mate for Possum.

2 nights ago I spied a pretty-little-thaing female possum loitering nearby, while Poss was visiting me. I came back to the ute and told Poss, and haven't seen him since.

I heard him outside late last night, calling me out, but I'd just collapsed drunk on the bunk. Reckon he wanted to introduce us?

Hope she's not Catholic, Poss!”

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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