Jews are world's largest & oldest CRIME SYNDICATE

This isn't complete, nor comprehensive, in the issues I go to, that need discussing and explaining.
But, I'm feeling "old", it's late, I'm tired, and the bottle of Shiraz is room temp, and but 1/4 drunk.

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160114 Jews are world's largest & oldest CRIME SYNDICATE

nation” (n.) c. 1300, from Old French nacion "birth, rank; descendants, relatives; country, homeland" (12c.) and directly from Latin nationem (nominative natio) "birth, origin; breed, stock, kind, species; race of people, tribe," literally "that which has been born," from natus, past participle of nasci "be born" (Old Latin gnasci; see genus). Political sense has gradually predominated, but earliest English examples inclined toward the racial meaning "large group of people with common ancestry."

from Wikpedia;
Nation (from Latin: natio, "people, tribe, kin, genus, class, flock") is a social concept with no uncontroversial definition,[1] but that is most commonly used to designate larger groups or collectives of people with common characteristics attributed to them—including language, traditions, customs (mores), habits (habitus), and ethnicity. A nation, by comparison, is more impersonal, abstract, and overtly political than an ethnic group. It is a cultural-political community that has become conscious of its autonomy, unity, and particular interests.[2]

According to Joseph Stalin: "a nation is not a racial or tribal, but a historically constituted community of people;" "a nation is not a casual or ephemeral conglomeration, but a stable community of people"; "a nation is formed only as a result of lengthy and systematic intercourse, as a result of people living together generation after generation"; and, in its entirety: "a nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture."[3]

So? Is the planet still made up of “nations” today?
Or has something, some other format, formula taken control?

Obviously, things are not calm and comfortable now, if they ever were.

Today, “nations” may still be, on the surface, “... a historically constituted community of people” as Joseph Stalin said, but few are controlled by that same collective.

Governments are run and put in and out by multinational corporations, which themselves are owned by even larger, usually little known cabals, global networks of silent operators, with their hands in many major highly influential industries and types of instrumentalities.

Is there one biggest group, cabal or even “race” which is in top of the global syndication of power and thus of controlling how all things operate?

Many will mock even the suggestion of this, and scream insults at those who say there is.

Usually, the more any do scream, the more their screaming suggests that the suspicions have merit.

Israel, and zionism, has huge departments called, I believe, “hasbara”, for online monitoring and counter-accusations to cover this.

These hasbara are assigned to counter and mock, to distract interest away from the basic truth, that the jewish “race”, or the jewish cult, are the one group which has worked almost tirelessly for more than a couple of thousand years to become that leading controller of the whole planet.

In short, the jews are altogether, the world's largest crime cartel.

It is the natural order of a semi-intelligent species, on a finite piece of real estate, to have this occur.

Whether in another situation, some “one group” could have become so all-powerful, without causing the carnage and chaos the jewish folks have, is hypothetical, and pointless asking.

The facts are, they have made it to the top of the pyramid, and will, by any means try to stay there.

It's obvious to most genuine, serious and intellectually balanced onlookers, and investigators, that more problems have resulted from the particular one group's ascent to top of the pile, than is now healthy for the whole of us.

Indeed, the unavoidable psychoses which the leading crime gang has across it's own, have gone ballistic, out of control, and seem all too close to going so far, with the, their own, prophesied “Armageddon” the finale.

For most of recorded history, monarchies have held the fort, so to say.

A collective review tends to show that all-up, there was a general overall balance across cultures and races, while monarchies sat on thrones and had the usual bureaucracies running the things outside the palace and castle estates, etc.

But of course, as often, minorities could not be tolerated nor catered for, and “democracy” was off the cards.

It is another rhetorical or hypothetical question as to whether the planet's population and natural non-human flora and fauna, but including the human members, would have eventually gone off the rails as much as we obviously now have, were any single crime syndicate NOT to have sought and gained the control of the most productive and destructive species as the jews now have.

As I wrote in a blog essay, “Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination” ( http://maxearth.blogspot.com.au/2012/12/amoeba-to-empire-to-self-extermination.html ) the same thing, eventually, is how life goes.

Self-extermination of any whole species and an whole planet's “life”, doesn't depend on any one group winning total power and in the same leg going totally insane, as I posit the jewish people, generally, especially those at the very top of their pile, clearly have done.

But, that, with or not, a single fanatical cabal, cult, subspecies overpowering the rest, without a strong upholding of Wisdom in leadership, seems to be the natural evolution and devolution of “life” in general?

So? “Nations”?

Once, collectives of agreeable yet differing peoples, knowing basic rules by which to peaceably share enough of the local resources to not cause grief in any, so not cause such ideological, political, economic or beliefs' divisions, or disparities of wealth distribution, to cause civil war.

No more!

“Before”, monarchies allowed difference, but only so far as would not cause grief and discomfort in any other or in any more influential group within the borders.

But, even that's more idealistic a view of the history of nations under monarchic control, surely?

Everywhere, minorities have been oppressed and exterminated by ruling powers.

Minorities have survived on the margins everywhere forever.

Just like the jews, perhaps?

How the jews eventually gained the footholds across the whole planet, from Britain to south east Asia, and elsewhere, suggests an amazing – not necessarily respectable – level of organization.

But it is known they have been “travellers” and Nomads for millennia, many living on a basic system of not settling, or of not owning local property. For whatever reason, there was a preference for respecting the local laws, and land laws in particular.

But how much of this very long “tradition” of living among many nations, yet never trying to claim ownership of land, has in fact been to further their “chosen tribe” ideology, of one day, taking control of the whole planet?

Cunning people, the jews. Everyone knows they're leaders in commerce, and thus are sharp as tacks in knowing how to get the best deals.

So why not in politics, and that final, ultimate claim?

Along with their making it their quiet business to learn how all nations, monarchies and economies functioned, they made it their business to learn best, how to subvert those arenas, local, regional, national institutions and traditional ways of management, so that, one day, perhaps many generations ahead, they could undermine and take over, the government, the economies, thus the people, of every nation where they were quietly allowed to trade, etc.

To whose advantage were they doing all this?

Ha! More rhetorical questions!

“The chosen tribe”.

“Nations” have, to a skeptic, almost always been one form of crime syndicate or another, on top.

Called “government”, “monarchy”, “dictator”, or such, they or their ancestors, family leaders or allied political predecessors all, have gained dominance by brutality, by war, by violence and oppression of “minorities”, and opposing ideologists and crime syndicates, etc.

But never before to having control of the whole planet.

We can be sure, all largely successful leaderships, have mused and weighed that global dominance thing.

How many have been but part of this jewish plan, would be discernible from written records.

And most would also have known that it would only ever be attainable by war. Vicious, genocidal war.
But few would have seen the evolution of weaponry used along that route to global dominance as being so deadly as what we now have.

Albeit that many may have assessed that massive loss of life, of cultures, of the environment too, would be likely, if not necessary.

But how many could have calculated that such a “desire', such a long march, to such a complete goal, would draw an whole planet so close to it's own total annihilation?

Why should it have to have gone to that extent?

Surely, Wise Masters of passed empires would've expected that Wisdom, or even common sense, would've kept people and leaders balanced enough to know that they must cease and desist, no matter if a battle or war was won or lost?

For the sake of “life” itself?


Almost every non-western pre-modern, pre-colonial culture and clash of cultures, have at times come to a point in their feuds where they saw “enough is enough” and stopped a slaughter.

Sure, as many if not more have exterminated enemies, for a fanaticism unexplained, or for good reason.

Plenty across time, have seen leaders and whole bureaucracies and governments become “possessed” by some devil of fanaticism or seriously unreasonable dark beliefs, such that the wiser within or from across a border, knew the only option was total extermination.

That happens! “Demonic possession” is hard to expunge, once power takes over.

In “Jews” no less.

However, as said, most all “governments” are, in one shape or another, but the dominant crime cartel of any one time.

So, fighting them for whatever reason, endangers their contenders becoming as possessed, ending with all “sides” but fallen to darkness of mind, absence of reason, and madness ruling, winners or not.

Not, a healthy situation to find an whole planet in.

“Amoeba to Empire to Self-Extermination”.

Extinction by madness.

Get off the grass..., Jacob Rothschild, and family!

Hand all your precious “Reserve Banks” over to Governments.

Return ALL schooling education curricula to the Public domain of agenda and control, so that, all “Reserve banks”, including the USA Federal Treasury, and “the Bank of England” have boards of Democratically-elected public politicians. Politicians elected by an intelligent electorate.

Money AND RELIGION out of politics!

Humanity cannot endure any further wars, any further divisions of our species, for any one crime syndicate's selfish power trip and gain.

“Nations”, must be restructured, away from special interest groups, such as dynastic cartels and super-families, corporations and subspecies overlording the majority, and turned into INFORMED-Democracies, in which ALL The (voting) People KNOW which Laws, TRUE LAWS, are fundamental to healthy cultures, healthy economies, healthy customs and healthy personal psychology.

But, while we need it, to healthy equitable leadership primarily.