This dumbfuck illusion of Rothschilds' zion

160130 MY Post on this dumbfuck illusion of Rothschilds zion


So, I lease a workshop on a highway, after 20 years homeless, exiled by family and "mates", because Rothschilds and zionism has tried built a "Maitreya", to fool the dumber and hypnotized of us that Jesus has come back.

I know a scam when I see one, and this is THE scam.

A house directly across the highway is now occupied by a changing 24/7 shift of coppers, plus a variety of spooks no doubt of many "colors". They just buy anyone in these places, and give them jobs etc., to rope them in to the scam, keep them onside, and silent, to me only, it seems.

Neighbor A gets a new truck, neighbor B get landscaping, a BIG new factory sign, Neighbor C gets huge new contracts and has even to move town to a bigger site. PLUS what I don't see like 300 acres of cattle faaaaarm, etc.

(Philip Adams, ABC Radio doyen in Aus, got a nice piece of stolen real estate up the Hunter Valley, NSW soon after I started writing letters to his radio show. Only TEN THOUSAND ACRES!)

Spies coming out my toilet pipe! Same same for the last FORTY YEARS! PLUS!

Over the train line out back, an old guy in his own nice little weather-board home is bought off and likely given a bunch of happies, and a new location, replaced by a familiar "type" couple. Spooks.

Every one in town and beyond suddenly has a new vehicle. Better job. Bonus upon bonus. Overseas holidays galore!

And I try change email servers at last, from Yapoo, and I can't access my contacts to export them.

Hey daddio? Evelyn Rothschild, from what I gather, release me will you? (polite)

The game, has been up from the start.

Money wont buy everything.

You, your (and my, genetically, it does appear) mad family are simply out of control, mad as cans of rabies and are fucking the world, because longtime mad judaism has opened the Pandora's Box and unleashed the evil eyes of blind fools whiteguys, christians and their kids, who haven't the goods to not become as evil as your brother Jacob.

This is the baddest of bad dreams, scumbag.

It IS an illusion, a dream, I accept, while as some do, it seems so fucking real.

Very "The Matrix", of you, and all the mad-ass witches of the Illuminumnuts, and every other power mad cult - of - whiteguys.

Demons is all that results while YOU, and your little fondlings, the ass-licker cops and spies and churchies, cannot educe the courage and rectitude to TALK TRUE.

As hollywood actor Patrick Stewart says to me, aka Mel Gibson in "Conspiracy Theory", as I-aka-Gibson is strapped to a torture chair, about to be injected with "gravy", before Gibbo bites the cunt's NOSE off (Laugh? O yeah!),

"only the truth will set you free".

I now know the "truth" now, at least about my own shitful MK-Ultra puppet of a life (fuck what a farce!!!), but the truth, has to come from others to "set me free".

I accept - because of this bullshit zionist conspiracy from the dark ages witches covens of 19th century England opening "doors" across the dimensions for the natural and unavoidable opposition to this fraudulent plot, an opposition apparently very frightening to most "mortals" - most long corrupted, so piss-weak, mortals, that talking straight to me now, who am "occupied" yeah, by I guess all manner of scary fuckers, to long stupid minds, is a deadly affair.

However, most of those evil frighteners of occult visions (I don't see, but all with their evil or 3rd eye open do) are YOURS! your mad egomaniac SPIES, coppers, and any paid off zionist who is guilty of adding to fuck my life, as your retarded conspiracy's sacrificial lamb, or it's equally retarded concept of a savior.

Fuck you're stupid!

YOU visualize the unaddressed "evils" aka desires, in YOUR MINDS. They play out apparently from me, because that's what YOUR dumbfuck uneducated wisdom-free, evil minds PROJECT onto, into my person.

Everyone, one of your asshole nutjob spies, cops, churchies has looked in the eyes of, or even spoken to on a phone, is now snapped, hypnotized, conditioned, programmed to "see" and sense the same shit YOU initiated when your predecessors started trying play gods with the occult and bags-full of sex, etc. Laudanum is VERY relaxing, what?

Illuminumnuts extreme!

Anyone for pizza?

For all this idiot witchery shit, I'm chockers with ghosts and energies cast at me by fuckwits and egomaniacs and shoppers wanting to "see", not to mention your fucking THUGS WITHOUT A CLUE hypnotized HELLS ANGELS as-per the undead NSW H.A., mad cunt Wayne Snieder, allegedly taken out and killed in Thailand a month or two back. Most likely he was actually just bought off by Rothschilds and covens-zion, given a nose job, a few mill for doing the dirty work for the elders of zion, and helpfully disappeared, on the promise he LEAVES ME THE FUCK ALONE, after Buddha knows how long haunting me and everyone I went near.

Your thugs, the spies and cops, are very low quality zombies with magic, like most white guys.

Magic and egos DO NOT WORK!

But, no point telling the richest idiots on earth. "HI MUM!"

Me, buried, dead man walking. Thanks.

UNLESS...., someone, high up, TALKS TRUE!

And, if I die, go to Hell - like *"already there"* aren't I..., bleached WHITE Pope Frank?


Be careful. Or, as the _"roooral"_ cop said last week, after a quick demolition of Buck Palace, "take it easy!"

You and zion are WRONG!

Very very wrong.

Get off the grass, give me the TRUTH, which IS NOT THAT I'M GOD, OR YOUR KING, but simply stop the lies, about me, to me, so I can be free still in this existence. (even though I fully accept the possibility I'm in fact tied to an MK-Ultra Psy-Op chair in a dark site, with electrodes pumping me full of this shitful illusion, AND NO CANNABIS! fuck!).

Then, with a BIT of HONEST Respect, first time in my 60 years, maybe I can do it, my way, of NOT WAR, and not madness as the masses are falling to fast.

I'm no Jesus, nor quite the idiot you pay your "goyim" sheeple to tell me I am.

Just a dude who'd love to have his own motorbike shop for a few years before I find that big fast truck. The problem is YOU have made me an irreparable MISANTHROPIST, so fuck selling to the assholes.

Yahoo? Or spies-gutless and retarded (SNAFU) over the highway, at Sale station..., or Canberra, et al., let me export my Yapoo contacts, to change away from that ad-special dying sewer service provider.

REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist

It's NOT zionisms nor YOUR country.

It was, is and always WILL BE, Aborigine Country.

Whether you mad asses have the humility, balance of mind, rectitude AND COURAGE to face YOUR OWN PSYCHOSES, and stop fucking everything, or not.