My thoughts on Mike Moore's Letter to President Obama

160117  My thoughts on Mike Moore's Letter to President Obama
President Obama, PLEASE Come to Flint
Filmmaker Michael Moore wrote a letter to President Obama asking for his assistance in Flint, Michigan with the water crisis.

American's urged to sign this petition President Obama, PLEASE Come to Flint, plus call the President to institute "comprehensive psyche tests" for all office-holders!

So, Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan state, USA is a psycho.

Michael Moore, while a straight-shooter, is also (necessarily) too polite to say so.

So I'll write-it-say-it for him!

"Racist"? Could be!

Obviously, Michigan USA, but hey, all USA, has "leadership problems".

President Obama telling Jerry Seinfeld that most of the world's leaders have lost it, psychologically, says a lot about our planet and the state of our leaders' qualifications to "lead".

That-is, if "leadership" is either THE need, or the problem?

America is the classic case of over-concentration of power, authority, control, ownership of the means of production, and all-together, of corruption. And I'm damned sure, corruption flourishes, when we centralize LEADERSHIP too much.

Behind the likes of US State Governors, and the rest, down to city and town Mayors, is another more sinister perhaps centralization of power, etc., which is in secretive cults.

Religions, secret societies, industrial cartels, media consortia.

And even they group-up and form larger cabals, usually of the elite of their elite CEOs etc.

How many up that high, can possibly be "sane" while drowning in an excess of power, and power which is mainly brought to them by the most corrupt means, war, thuggery, bribery, collusion between themselves, and an amassing of all the most evil traits of our species.

All-up, elite insanity.

So it's no surprise that little Michigan has a governor who has "lost the plot", and does inhumane things to his own State's People.

But hello? Everyone knows that Washington DC is a crucible of boiling corruption, overflowing to the rest - of the world!

How hard must it be for any President or "inner circle" there, to keep sane, and see things as they are?

Obviously, US Democracy is a sad bad and dangerous FAIL!

And look at the next batch of puppet potentials, running for the White House?

Ooooh shit no!

America, from top to bottom, needs a REALPolitik Shake-down!

Time is short. But many there DO know Good Policy for Good Government.

'Murrica gotto stop the dead-in-the-water "more of the same" self-destruction of everything.

And listen to straight talking Strong Men like Jesse Ventura, who, IMO, is America's best Candidate for the White House!

I know Jesse would implement 100% GREEN Policies if He was elected. If, he chose to stand!

Meanwhile, Mr President Barack Obama?

PLEASE, begin a nationwide program of having all government officials, from Mayors to yourself actually, having deep and comprehensive "psyche tests".

If only so the People of flint Michigan, can access CLEAN WATER from Lake Huron!