Earth moves slowly toward Laws Impartial

160116 Earth moves slowly toward Laws Impartial

out of Iran, about the Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstrom's call for a probe into Israel's “extra-judicial executions” of Palestinians, and her assessment about the world moving away from support of Israel's general hubris, if correct, if accurate, may be signing that we as a species, are moving “law” from the previous “partiality” to the preferred and only true, “Impartiality”?


“Law”, that is “TRUE Law”, is always impartial.

If “laws” are partial, then in truth, they are not “Laws”, but are corruptions.

However, while innumerable legal experts over thousands of years, have known this, and fought tirelessly for that hallowed “impartiality” in laws, they've known too, that this is more the Ideal, than any achievable reality. Then.

“Laws” have (almost) always been constructed by “the winners”, as history has almost always been written by “the victors”, etc.

Monarchs and dictators, tyrants or not, have know that they do have some responsibility toward their own positions, so laws made on their watch are necessarily in their favour, to broadly or not, “acceptable” degrees.

This has been how the species, locally and globally, has developed and evolved, in terms of the expression of “Principles” which are made into “laws”.

In this fast 21C age, connected globally like never in history, all these established and often wise “laws” are up for review, whether the monarchs or dictators or overlords like it or not.

Never before, have we all had to view “life” and our own local, national cultures, and lifestyles from that broadest “global” perspective.

And when we do look, we find, uncomfortably for the spoiledbratwest, and spoiled upper classes of all nations, that many of our happy “traditions” and “traditional” laws, are simply untenable, when tested on the global scales of justice.

Transgressions of Impartial, Perennial _planetary_ Environmental Laws, the biggest toughie most 1st worlder's struggle to come to terms and comply with.

So too, do these age-old “givens” of local or national laws being found to not be at all acceptable for a greater, more interactive human population.

Israel's crazy and totally unacceptable “laws” and assumed rights wrought from them, about the mass-murder of Palestinians, did once pass scrutiny.

Mainly because “law” was from time immemorial in the hands of most often biased, “partial” lawmaking monarchs and dictating descendants of previous warlords.

Warlords who gained their high chairs from the very same massacring of innocents on land they deemed as good for them to claim, in times when news was rarely spread, facts of atrocities were either censored to dust, or rewritten to – suit the victors.

Each neighboring kingdom or such, was happy to ignore the carnage, as long as the murderers left them alone, or partied with them.

But, like never before, techno-communications have opened up the can of worms, the Pandora's Box perhaps, for all to see, review, ponder and hurt over, when news of an atrocity against innocents breaks.

Righteous commentators and experts weigh the rectitude, legitimacy and implications of a murderous transgression of common Ethical standards (as much as “Ethical standards” ARE “common” today?), and are free and correct to comment and put their points, against the criminals.

It is seen by the more Honorable News Media and publicised, which is online for millions, hundreds of millions, to read, and weight for themselves.

Thence Movements for Righteous Actions begin.

Thence, awry, fanatical regimes like, perhaps, Israoil's, are put under the spotlights and under the microscope of “impartial” legal standards, and aspirations.

So, times DO change!

And now, with all the horror stories and dim prospects for any less warlike future, from the Common Folkses who read these types of articles online, and maybe in mainstream paper dailies, up to nation's politicians, as in Sweden's Foreign Minister, but the myriad others who (he wrote, in unusual optimism) retain those higher hopes and commitments to GOOD Law, as-in IMPARTIAL Law, the ideal of Impartiality in Law, draws ever-closer.

And surely, if ever there is a need for that to become THE Law, it is into the fanatical zionist regimes that it must penetrate?

That, is what Government, is actually about.

Impartiality. A fair deal, for everyone!


Now, about Mr Julian Assange, Foreign Minister Wallstrom.....?

Need we say more...?


New Scotland Yard?

“Impartial Law”?

And couldn't I keep going on this lovable topic!

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