The Most Evil Plot On Earth

160110 INQUIRY - Who might be the Zionist King

Who might be the “Zionist King”?
Part One.
This lengthy piece is more or less "as-written" of the last 2 days.  
So it has "gaps', and not fully-expanded-upon points.  
I'm in a less-than-perfect condition, regards "energy" etc, having not had a sound long night's sleep for - actually - for decades, so this is very laborious. 
So I'm posting it, perhaps not one-quarter done, for the idea and my findings, and thoughts about "The Most Evil Plot On Earth" being published, better now, than never.

Whole propaganda departments exist to counter these allegations, and they've probably got actual "Departments of Bribes" too, to pay-off the millions who know about this scam, and who the conspirators believe need silencing. 

It's more than likely this major plot was known to it's natural, ethical and legal opponents from day-one.

And it's highly possible that one Alistair Crowley, began his "Golden Dawn" secret society after he saw what his fellow secret society coven members (of another, previously formed secret society) had decided was necessary - a returned "king of the jews".

So, if this essay-cum-inquiry's notes, as below, even get online, and red, by anyone, I expect a severe dishing of trolling and insults, defamation and hacking to follow, from the idiot "royalists" close to and wannabe, of the British Royal family, and the Rothschild's banking cartels.  
Plus, of course, from the Israoili "hasbara" online PAID trolls who monitor and attack any such TRUTHS about their heinously delusional ideas of their "special" (as-in "specially-retarded") zionist world government New World Order.

Fuck 'em!

For Honesty in Worldly Government, Local and Global!

Max Nichols Cook
REALPolitik Outlaw Journalist
(Stratford, Victoria, Australia)

160110 INQUIRY - Who might be the Zionist King

Without looking too much, I guess there's no actual tangible evidence of who the rumoured-to-be-coming “king of the Jews” actually is, of whom, or about which Zionist's have written of in their allegedly fictional “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” tome.

So, can we investigate this, to see if they have someone in mind?

Why not!

Plenty of jewish, zionist mouthpieces have shouted from the synagogue pulpits, rooftops and in their meetings, etc, of the day when their precious “messiac” returns, and who will be merciless to all who denigrate the Jewish people.

Putting all these usually quite dangerously fanatical rabbis' assertions together, it's fair to take from them that they have some idea as to “who” this guy is, or will be, when he arrives?

Yet none of them gives us a “name”?

Nor a place.

Plenty have tried to hold the spotlight by announcing the time when their big global boss will drop back in.

But all have been exposed as little more than insane, deceitful, self-deluding rabbis trying to keep their scattered flocks together, for paying the temples' bills, etc.

So, who can it be, now?

Where to start?

As Zionism seems in the most part, to be an atheist cult, we can discount, perhaps, any descent from god, or from Yehovah, or, from “his Heaven”.

But alas! We also know well, that zionism has risen to have too much power, by being a cult, indeed, a crime syndicate, of quite shameless liars!

Anything in word or deed to get their avaricious seat at the top tables of power, wealth and corruption!

But, from an Atheists' point of belief, we must take the more “earthly” route, to investigate where cometh this super-charlatan, the Zionist's messiac.

Without convincing tangible evidence, I cannot include the chance that “he” is from another planet, thus is not an alien to either the planet or our species.

Some regard the world's most powerful people as “reptilian” etc. I guess, mostly for their absolute inhumanity on caring equitably for all humans, and for the planet in general.

And from my own observations of intelligence, and the world of witchcraft, it's not inconsiderable that reptiles and about all non-human beings, down to insects, do possess both intelligence, and, the occult powers to sense higher dimensions, and possibly the power to leave their physical bodies and play the “transference” game of and with their consciousnesses, and transfer themselves into humans.
However, as human witches can occupy the minds of other animals and insects, those non-humans which I detect are “awake” and do use their supernatural, “3rd eye”, or “evil eye” powers, are as likely already occupied by an human witch, who projects via the animals or insects.
But that's all very “shadowy” stuff, and easily mocked, denied and refuted – usually by those witches who play that very same occult game.
So, it, like the allegation of our monarchs et al being but “reptilian” or alien beings, is not something I'm bothering including in this inquiry as a valid consideration.

Being cold blooded, reptiles are assumed to also be that, in emotional terms too.
But I don't accept that.
Life, for almost all of us, is pretty tough, and so in the hardest places, where reptiles mostly live, there's not a lot of time or space to allow emotions even be nurtured into being part of life, to influence thinking, thinking about the next meal, where to and how to lay the eggs, how close is the next predator, etc.

Although they do communicate, and can relay intelligent thoughts.

But, again, without my own seeing any tangible 3-dimensional aliens, reptilian, mammalian or other, I work here, off the basis of this zionist's messiac as actually being an human, and born of humans.

But, as zion is so achieved at, any “superior leader” they present with, will be so over-promoted, exactly as the christian's false “Jesus” was and is still, and by media and propaganda alone, will be given and risen to “godlike” status.

Whether “he” likes it or not.

Qualities: Obv.., “godlike” qualities!
Occult powers to frighten the weak into bowing down to him.
Occult powers to make the forces of nature “obey” his commands.
Wisdom? We should assume that is one of the highlights in any such being's talents, of course.
But, were it so, it would introduce many contradictions and contrary arguments to the vicious assertions and professed prophesies of those loud, warmongering Jewish rabbis who shout “he will slay you” etc.
Because Wisdom - clearly absent from the minds of the vicious rabbinate atop the soapboxes - does determine quite another way to regard and to treat those who attack the zionists of Israoil.
And, were this prophesied _jewish_ messiah to pop-in, assess the current turmoil on earth, and act, Wisdom would determine he “stomp-the-CHRIST” out of, about all jews, christians, masons and others who are vicious first, then professing of wisdom, 2nd.
Especially those who run, out of perhaps the most sinful “avarice” for stolen land, for “all the wealth of the world” and for security from the world's most heathen mercenaries, to the false god, false saviour “christianity” sham of cults.
So, we're obliged to question any assertions from these charlatan rabbis and priests about their beloved messiah, therefore their own credibility, therefore any veracity in their statements, and sanity in their minds.

However, back to the opening question;
Who might be the “Zionist King”?
All the evidence about zionism,
about their “protocols”,
about the route they've thus-far taken to gain the callous grip on the planet's economies,
funding both sides of wars,
via the complete corruption of
all governmental processes and administrations,
via the complete corruption of all Indigenous Spiritual Principles, Customs, Traditions, Ways and Values,
via stealing
all Honor
all Integrity
all Balance and
all Natural Good
from the species,
and thus forcing the vast majority caught within their false economic grip, to being utter assholes, and to become as the evil-most jews themselves, just for a roof and food, suggests.....,
the zionist's king would be an absolute liar.
And, indeed, necessarily, an absolute fabrication.
And for all that, an absolutely evil, unreasonable, callous tyrant.
If only because our now long fallen species, is known still, to possess the many “talents” of Respectable Treatments of other beings, human and non-human.
Whereas these zionists show no such talents.
So, WHO WOULD BE the “king” of these jews?

Not any Balanced, Intelligent, Sensible, Fair, Just, Wise and Spiritual, Ethical Human Being, for sure!

But as the whole “god” or “yehovah” concept is proven enough to be but a sham, a scam, an evil fabrication by those in the centres of economic control, any purported “king of the jews” of allegedly theistic jews, would also be possessed of the most chillingly-evil qualities, all of which suits the zionist agendas and beliefs and attitudes, perfectly.


Moving forward!

The whole movement and cult, or set of cults within the orb of this false everything, absolute liar zionism, has grown upon the chillingly evil back of war, of genocide, of extermination of all but their own species (and even the massacres of millions of their own), given that they hold themselves so highly that they have come to regard their own as an higher species again to the “gentiles” or the “goyim” the rest of us are.

But most of all, they've become so powerful by dent of their insatiable, “chosen tribe” agenda, of acquiring, _by any means_ as much of the economic wealth, thus power, of the planet as possible.

And that, is in the REAL ESTATE.

“Real estate”, from an impartial inquiries' point of view, includes whole nations. All the planet's land masses. And, it's fair to, include the marine territories too.

So zionism is the, dominant materialist overlord.

In their own religious tomes' terminology, this equates exactly with “Mammon”.

And we know what those professed wise-asses thought of “Mammon”!

Therefore, we can make of this, that zionism is a cult which worships the great Satan, the great adversary of all that is, or might be “good” or..., “godlike”!

Therefore well we balanced, rather less fanatical and ACTUAL “Humans” should be fearful, of any such creeds and cult's “king”!

But, let's put that aside, for now?

Given, to my inquiries, that any such king of the jews, is not “born of Heaven” etc., but is but a product of conspiring, corrupting and completely corrupted assholes, I mean, Humans, I can be certain that they would fabricate this false monarch, for entirely specious purposes, and that would be to lay even further (false) claim over ALL of the planet's real estate.
Not just of the Middle Eastern “Levantine” as the colonialist, invading, Askhanazi false jews have done and continue to try reconquer now.
And not just of the larger parts of the 1st world, from Britain's false, indeed illegal “Commonwealth of nations”, through the United States of America, Europe, and many if not most other “nations”. Catholic, protestant, judaic.
All of which the filthy jewish, zionist, Rothschild bankers in reality, have by utterly pernicious means, come to own.
ALL, of the planet's “real estate”.
Hence, their “the chosen tribe” self-designation.

So? How would fanatical, excessively powerful, insanely wealthy, narcissistic, cult-crazy leaders think, devise and go about fooling the whole of humanity that their special little “big boss bombardier” had finally arrived?

It seems to me they'd work initially at least, on “the putty” they already have in hand.
The putty being the convinced, sold, bought-off, most heavily-indoctrinated, cheapest, least ethical, unintelligent, hypnotized members, of all the cults they own, from Islam to the weirdest most extreme “hippie' christian cults.
All the so-called “Abrahamic” cults and creeds.

This entails offering them all the best, from “eternal life in Heaven”, to “all the wealth of the world”, and in one nice neat shiny package if possible!

Just like every new car you drool over buying, parking to “show-off” out front of your urban palace, and even driving.

In short, the most convincing car sales campaign.


And, offering also, that most convincing option, via the other world's biggest A&M market – real estate.

So, it follows that the charlatan mad-ass conspirators for this mad jewish king of everything would look for whomever owns the most real estate, and see if they can select a suitable incubator, or egg-generator, to seed this super-charlatan monarch, from the same gene line.
Bloodlines are important to these world's monarchic elite.
I say, for unfounded, fanatical, or for “fascinated” reasons.

And, why, how easy could it be for the Rothschilds, who already own the British monarchy, therefore all the territories of the British Commonwealth, but to “have a quiet talk” to HRH, the token, ceremonial owner of the most real estate on the planet.
Queen Elizabeth the 2nd!

For, if SHE was able to “give” an egg to their little laboratory of king-makers, to use to build this super 1st world king of everyone's bank account, and backyard, at least one-sixth of their work would be already done, seeing as HRH allegedly already “owns” one-sixth of the planet's real estate!


BUT??? Who, to choose as “daddy”???

More “Hmmmm's”!

Well, as the jews are the leading real estate agents and owners, given that the Rothschild's banking cartel actually “owns” everything “British” from the Commonwealth's national territories, to Buckingham Palace, AND it's “tenants”, and as they suffer from the world's largest mental disorder of “superiority complex”, what with them being from the “chosen tribes” of old old morally and apparently intellectually-decrepit Israoil, it stands to corruption, I mean “to reason”, to “choose” but one of THEM!


But which one???


We might wonder humorously of the possible in-house arguments as to which potential Rothschild male was that most suitable daddy to the big king?

However, keeping an open and educated, intelligent mind on this rather important matter, we must realize that this whole idea, may well have NOT been conjured up by any of those I've thus far, mentioned?

Media and the common cynic tend all too often to want to pick on an actual culprit, a fall-guy, to shoot their barbed arrows at, when they see a wrong, a crime, specially of large, nation, international and/or global dimensions.

HRH Mrs Windsor gets it in the neck all too often, merely because she fronts the largest, and most corrupt bureaucracy ever, on Earth.

And all prime ministers, presidents and dictators too, are rightly or not, “where the buck stops”, when corruption is exposed.
And too many relatively innocent leaders, have gone to the guillotine for purely bad press, from unqualified and devious, themselves corrupt, lobbyists, advocates for a revolution, etc.

Besides, even with Mrs Windsor and the family, they are kept busy in other mostly ceremonial affairs, and might not be at all involved in the manipulations and shenanigans of the halls and corridors of power, and in those most secretive “behind closed doors” places, of maintaining the front to cover the massive levels of corruption, extent in all departments of government, in every nation and state on earth.

The Windsors, at least as much as the Rothschilds, have enough to do, to “keep it in the family”, and I suggest, may not even like the idea I'm inquiring about here?

Obviously, they would know about this plot.
But I regard the Windsors, only from my distant points of observing them, as intelligent folks, and, although this is probably more “hopeful speculation” that they are rather more “Socialist” in their political outlooks, than what monarchists seem to be and to prefer their fav' monarch's be?

And in my opinion, “Socialism”, Democratic Socialism, is the antithesis of monarchy in government of nations.

But how easily the Windsors would come at surrendering their blessed castles, palaces, estates and nations “to the People”, might be another matter?

Nevertheless, as I'm personally satisfied these suggestions, indeed allegations as I posit, are credible and true, I do also maintain that before I, or any, jump to conclusions and tries assert or slate blame onto the figureheads, or in fact, upon any of the closely and personally-involved, I implore that everyone holds high in mind the probability that a cabal of eager-to-maintain-their-own-elevated-seats-in these massive houses and estates of global power and authority, have, from themselves being nurtured lifelong into the beliefs that monarchy and central overtly-religious control of the species is “our, and the natural order of things temporal”, etc., have been the ones most saluting and advocating, lobbying and manipulating, for this farcical global king ideal.

Given that this has been mused over for centuries and longer, in all the risen – and fallen - centres of political, economic, military, religious and land estates' power, it would seem now, impossible to unwind?

And, I do admit, that this concept does have “some” merit.
But....! Only in that it is how men and women think.
Men and women who are rarely actually IN any seat of influence or high levels of power and control.

I posit, from my “low chair”, that too often, too quickly, those who do rise, for whatever reasons and by whatever means, are heartbroken and made into callous even bitterly twisted souls, for seeing this heinous ambition rampant amongst utterly intellectually-inept but classically achieved-liars, in pandemic proportions, across all corridors, parliaments, and palaces of major influence and power.

I maintain that the most of all wild ideas for, in the end, centralization of control and power over the Demos, have their origins in cheap, slimy, sycophantic power-mad career politicians and or their staff.

The Intellectual Wisdom and “pause”, to both contain one's dreamy ambitions and ideas, so much, to please their seniors, is almost always absent in the corridors outside the masters' offices, etc.

And as too many, especially in the more powerful centres, too easily become “romantic” and full of emotional idealism thus madly-dreamy about being either that monarch themselves, or, and here's where most ALL corruption gets a leg up, they dream of getting ever closer to that fabled, imagined, dreamed about monarch, as their “special” top advisor, or high priest, or senior counsel, etc.

So, I challenge this “king of the world” “king of the jews” concept and idea, as one of the most dangerously delusional deceptions and corruptions we as a species could possibly seek to fabricate!

However, there are a significant number of ambitious pyramid-climbers who will not be convinced this is in FACT a dangerous idea?

How many of the Windsors and Rothschild's themselves are able to find that “Sweet-Spot” of Humane Impartiality, and agree, is the big question, really?

I suspect “some”!

Carrying on, in this inquiry into “Who?” “What?” “When” and ”How? ...the crazies of too much power would plan this plot......

Time frames?

When? Is there something “cosmic” in the seance group's tea-and-laudanum “visions”, telling them when?

Does a godlike 5th dimensional ghost appear in the dim candle lit room to inform them of “when”?

Or do they simply throw some dates on gold-leaf paper bits, into a hat?

Because their marketing departments, - say Tammany Hall, or Chatham House, or THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY..., and without doubt, HOLLYWOOD - all have their addicted and vested interests and thus, such a firm grip on every advertising and marketing agent executive in christendoom, they'd not have to concern to much about “when”, methinks.

However, even some human, earthly, especially “cosmic” events and evolving epochs are beyond their controls.

So they'd definitely have some “wise” (HAHAHA!) witches and wizards around to read the tea leaves and call-up the spirit guides, and flip a few Tarot cards, and, of course, go outside on a clear night – full moon, naturally – and ask the stars their opinions (Please! STOP LAUGHING! THIS IS Sirius!!) to “advise them” about “when”.

I do apologise for this appearing to have descended into mockery and farce.
The basis of this inquiry remains completely sound, factual, SERIOUS, and credible, I promise!

Were there a Court of TRUE Law on this corrupted planet, not so corrupted BY ROTHSCHILDS, as to be unable to hear this as a legal case, I would be happy to have these allegations and charges put to the highest court of judges on Earth.

But alas! The Rothschilds, British monarchy's real estate legal fraternities and the Vatican's legal word-gamers, ensure this is impossible, singularly because THEY OWN THE COURTS OF LAW TOO!

However, given that it's beyond my reach, to establish exactly what most influenced the conspirators of this known scam, to choose a time, and a place, to effect this filthy plot with which to con the whole planet's Human Beings out of owning their own Homelands, and of their economic, ethical, intellectual and even freedom of speech rights, and duties, I go mainly on “intuition”, experience, some 30 years of quite widely renown and successful investigating (saying so myself) the world's most powerful, most corrupt and all-up most insane spoiled brats, the Rothschild's bankers and the British monarchy but two, and put them all together, to conclude that -

one member of the Rothschild family, a male,
and one member of the world's largest land owner, narrowing it down to actually being Mrs Elizabeth Windsor herself, of Buckingham Palace, London UK, also known as Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, have been “employed to breed” the planet's first global monarch.

It's on the record that Mrs Windsor had four children.
Prince Charles, born, 1948.
Princess Margaret, born 1950.
Prince _______ born 1960, and Prince _______ born 1964.

Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, is heir to the throne when Mrs Windsor passes it on.

But that's the throne of the Commonwealth, albeit mostly now, “ceremonial” as the Royals and the territories of the British Commonwealth, under the title of “the Crown” - actually now, a corporation of some sort - are owned by the Rothschild banking family and cartel.

The purported coming “king of the jews” is prophesied by zionist jews to come to lay claim to the whole of the planet's real estate.

So that “realm” in these lunatic monarchist's minds, demands another, higher monarch, over and above the monarch of the Commonwealth.

The monarch of the British Commonwealth would then, be subservient to this super king. Kong.

The next question here, might be “Where?”

Where would these conspirators actually seed and raise this monarch?

And, can such a conspiracy be known to the public?

Is secrecy important?

Considering they, the conspirators, have chosen to set out and deceive the whole planet's human race that a superior godlike monarch has “returned” from some judaic-christian Heaven to rule “with an iron fist” over ALL, mankind, it's natural to expect there'd be “some opposition”.

Lots, of opposition! Not just simple, humble, Wise, down-home retired wizards, or atheists, or theists even.

But the most powerful and wealthiest folkses on earth, might see a scam instantly, on coming across this little plot. And they'd be on their horses quick-smart if it was know to threaten their land investments!

Would they though, be too stoned-rich to worry, to see the ramifications against their own wealth, land holdings, economic and governmental power and the general well-being of their own “subjects” or Citizens?

Lots of “leaders”, for millennia, have been but fools, puppets, spoiled brats posited in the high chair to satisfy some various “protocols” or demands by the lame Public's, Citizenry's or subjects' seeming “need” for someone to admire, to revere, to look up to, and to dream of usurping, etc.

To fantasise about being, as they play king or queen, or both (!) in their “private” bedroom, in their nuclear family house PSYCHOLOGICAL DISASTER.

Some leaders have actually attained the big chair of their nation, for their own, or for the combined Wisdom and Tenacity of a UNITED Troupe of Warriors, who see the dangers extant, and Righteously Act to claim the power, and to establish “some” order in their lands.

I write “some” order, because for millennia too, no one place, or palace, has been able to assume that “order” will remain for more than a few decades, at most.

Always, across the borders, others have regarded something of the realm, as worth taking.

Others, within the realm, too, want, or do see, that this or that current leadership, is not correct, and join others to make it right.

When successful, they too, sit in wait, for the next “Revolutionary” and Brigade of Fighters to attack the palace.

So it goes on and on.

So it is, the way of life now.
And so any pretence to assert – ESPECIALLY _TOTAL_ authority over an whole planet, cannot be done in public, or upon a whim or fancy, of any numbers of retarded monarchist egomaniacs, who may well, in a drunk, let loose the secrets.

Secrecy is a must. For the “good”, or for defense of a completely perverse, corrupted and destructive empire.

So, how much of a secret must be kept, when one cabal wants, plans and tries take control of the whole planet?

As to “Where?” Secrecy is the key reason any place is chosen, I'd estimate.

As far from prying eyes as possible.
Somewhere completely under the control, by whatever means, of the cabal.
Somewhere with as low and comfortable, and easily corrupted, as-in easily bought-off, populace on earth.

“Coincidence”? That Australia happens to be the farthest nation on earth, from the centres of power – aka, Britain, Europe, the USA?
Coincidence, that Australia is the largest island, smallest continent, with the lowest population per acre on earth?
Coincidence that Australia is completely broken, ethically, intellectually, and in integrity?
Perhaps? Perhaps not!

But alas! Such a phenomenon, such a wild idea, demands “an incubator”!
And to satisfy the apparent demands of a failing empire, a failing planet, an increasingly faithless, increasingly awakened people, and to satisfy these ancient plans of “the chosen tribe”, plus their co-fabricators, co-conspirators, of zionism as hatched in ENGLAND, beginning in the late 1800s, of announcing to the remaining, retreating, flagging flockers that their king Jesus HAD returned at last, to save THEM, all stops had to be pulled out to get this thing, this most heinous of most heinous plots, off the ground!

Obv.., Mrs Windsor could not actually bear the child through nine months of a pregnancy, if it was to be a secret or worse, a “miraculous” god-sent “arrival”!

And, before checking out the age of “surrogacy” in humans, where a fertilised human egg is transferred, injected into a surrogate female to carry the foetus full term, to birth, I'd say that the sneaky assholes in western medicine and related pregnancy and birthing affairs, have played with the “surrogacy” thing, for quite a while.

What the public is made aware of, come to various medical and other experimentations, is usually very advanced from the drawing-board stages by the time it's made public.
And now, I'd guess that using other women as surrogate mothers is centuries if not longer, old.

So! The perfect plot, to build a false first global king!

Use the richest spoiled brat's healthy sperm, to fertilise the richest landowning female's (spoiled brattess) egg/eggs (?) and whack them/it in some anonymous, healthy, highly achieved LIAR, somewhere FAR FAR AWAY FROM THE PALACE!

Vwalah! Ooovee!

Once that little can of worms has been bled, fertilised, hatched..., incubated, born and …. what then?

Well..., as we're trying to bring back Jesus, we should probably make him reappear when he's about..... “34”?

Nope! FAIL!


Nope! FAIL!


Seems others know of this little PLOT and are subverting our god-given right to lie to the world about our god and king!


Close! But, this little lamb, YOU chose to be raised, has been raised, in part, by a Noble Warrior! One of the Best!

One, who found out too late of this heinous scam, in which He Himself had been raised and duped to be part of!

PLUS, He had some of the Finest War Veterans as His Moral and Intelligence Support Team.

So as this was even larger than any hot war they'd fought in, indeed, they knew that the “hot wars” they and others had fought and fallen in, were BECAUSE OF this heinous little “COLD WAR” plot, by the “Crown” of England, by the evil Rothschild's banking cartels, etc., these Warriors were NOT going to lie down or not Resist, easily!

Next questions;
Would the conspirators let the puppet king know what they were doing to him.

If not, how independent of thought could he be?

How would they control him, indoctrinate him, delude him into believing he was god Jesus Lucifer Satan The Merovingian AND A FRAUD, all-in-one?

And..., WHAT IF...? He got wind of this plot to fit him up, before any moment he was due to or was planned to “appear” to assume total control of the planet?

WHAT IF...? He had in his heavily guided years, found that “monarchy” is the worst possible form of government for Humanity???

How would he react?

And how would the conspirators' react?

… to be continued...