110905 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Asylum-Seeker Edition

110905 Outlaw Junction News-Chop

Asylum-Seeker Edition

So! The federal government is dismayed by the High Court of Kangarooberra's decision that we cannot send 'boaties' to Malaysia?


First, who is advising the government on such issues? Surely it wouldn't have been hard to see the end result, worse-case-scenario, as has played-out?

Those up there in Kangarooberra would have known well that Malaysia was not a 'signatory' to the UN human rights convention on 'boaties', or whatever went against the choice, and that someone would've jacked-up against the idea, which would have created one hell of a storm, with or without Tiny Habit's getting in on the publicity?

So, who threw the 'Malaysia' spell over Chris Bowen's mind?

For Buddha's sake, don't say “...it was Bowen”!

So..., do they, Bowen or other-unwise, get the sack?


All things considered, howevaaargh...., any qualified conspiracy theorist might well draw a conclusion something around the possibility, that,

...'offshore detention' is not a humane option.

...something underneath all media and political debate keeps us looking over the saltwater for a way to STOP THE LEAKING BOATS.

…... aside from the colonialist, land-grabbing white-superiorist Rhodes-ian regal-frigging-Freemason's of Britain fearing a swarm of non-whites paddling here, were we to go the onshore detention option, thus a challenge to their future plans of escaping their own culture-and-enviro-carnage due soon in the northern hemisphere, to Astrayliar, to set-up their own little exclusively whitefaced Shangri la, and with the microscopic mentalities of the likes of Tiny Habit and his micro-cockheads wetting themselves on the prospect of having to actually look at a brown face, of an ex-Afghani Warrior who might have succeeded winning a free-asylum ticket to ABORIGINE Land, one day as they stroll down their own upclub urban high street, there is clearly a cult-based bigotry going-on across our whitefaced media and political-classes, whether the extreme right wing Anglo-Masonic Packer-Murdoch-types, or the Catholic-Masons within, underneath and ontop of the Pope-ish ABC. Behind them too, it seems.

As usual, none of them regard our Original Peoples, Our True Fella Aborigine, as having anything Wise, or politically-advantageous to say, so the Bleck Population don't get a voice.

WRONG! In that they don't get a voice.

Yesserday, as I wuz scanning the ABC website, I noticed a picture of an Afghani Indigenie, with his baby-child in his arms, and, first, I thought “What a Handsome, Noble-looking Fella he is!”

Quickly the mind followed with, “Is he Aborigine?”

Well.., yes, he is an Aborigine, of course! Whether from here or Afghanistan, he's one-a'-them!

Almost impossible to distinguish between theirs and Ours”, methoughts!

Oooorrr?” Me thoughts some more? Is THIS why the whitefaced scum of the north don't like so many Blackfaces escaping the warzones the whitefaces are making in central Asia, and coming by leaky boat down-here-down-under?

It's alright if a whiteface from Eurape or Britain flies down-here-down-the-shithole, then loses their passport and tourist visa and disappears into the Catholic or Prodie whiteface latte-community! “They're one of US!” And we can 'identify' with them! All 97% of illegals!

But OH NO!? Don't make us and our whitefaced relo's from Brit/YOU-RAPE have to look the people we've shit on for 5 centuries in the eyes!?!?!#$%^&?

The white-superiorist church-schools didn't equip our hypnotised minds with the Intellect, nor the Integrity, nor any ETHICAL Honor to deal rightmindedly with having to face THAT!

NAH! So we'll just keep our chummy-little-private-schooled media and political, Double-Pay-and-Toorak mouth-pieces shouting down all the poor non-white sods desperate for some Human Rights, and keep the focus off our white relo's as they swarm in through the upclub airports and ocean-liners to our deserved high class way of living!

Let the fight continue! Lets keep the war against non-whites alive, while we wash away our sins with gin and vodka and latte and creeeeam!

Of course, were there ANY Wisdom, Reason, Honor, or Ethics alive in either our media, our political class, or the debate, we'd have solved the NON-issue already-already!

However, as the above slanderous, or is that libellous, commentary states, we are a bigoted and crude nation, full of mutant misfits, none of whom have any mind to look honestly at the issues, and at the needs of Human Beings.

Perhaps that is because we, white Astrayliarns, have long-ago LOST our own Humanity, and so can only regard others, especially of the Human Species, such as our Aborigine, and such as the Afghanis, or Sri-Lankans, or any others from Asia or Africa, Et Al, by 'face-value', and by what they can bring us in specialist skills of the corporate business kind, etc, etc??


Were we to see things with Equal Eyes, we'd check-out what the Bleck Fella reckon.

Being one of us with some of their blood in mah veins, I assume some cred and right to put it that.....,

A few years ago, the Aborigine Peoples of Ahnam, Arnam, Arhnam Country up there on the southern shores of the Gulf of Carpentaria, were found to have been sheltering a boatload of Asian 'Boaties', who'd paddled down from Indonesia.

Naturally, the white customs dicks told 'em off, and put the Boaties in detention, somewhere else.

The Bleck Fella reasoned, quite rightly, that as the boaties were victims of the white wars going on everywhere, the Aborigines could only sympathise, as they were on the same side as the Boaties, so let's look after 'em!

But OH SHIT! Then, under the white superiorist Howard regime, that wuz a def'nite NO-NO!

So, especially since then, the Bleck Fella has NO SAY, on this skin-based issue.

On the other hand, however, if they DID get an ear, like in the mainstream media, what WOULD our Most Noble, Wise and Honest Bleck Fellas have to offer to the debate?

Well, first, they'd tell us all to get-off the whisky, cause they ain't innerested in talking the debate-type shit we whiteys all talk!

But, after about 500 years, once we whiteys have learned how to keep our silly heads quiet, and our mouth-pieces shut, they might say something like....,

Let 'em come! But rather than let 'em loose to be absorbed by the insanity in the cities or even in the larger rural towns, so only adding to the problems we all face, tell 'em that they have to live with US, in specially set-up remote communities, for the first five years.

We can arrange a five year course on how to live with complete Honor and Respect. How to live in accordance with the oldest, most Sound and Wisest Culture, to understand the full meaning of Country, of the Spirits of this Land and of the Earth-generally.

We can teach them our Australian Traditions, Our True Australian Traditions, which accept all People, and all the Beauties of Nature.

And all the Gods!

We can teach them how to live Sustainably with the Country, no matter which part they eventually settle on, and how to be Peaceful, Happy and Productive People, all contributing beyond any one person's abilities, to building a Good, Healthy, Wise Nation.

But most of the last bits, they'd know already!

If they are really looking for a better life, and not just hungry for all the hi-tech toys and egoist's thrill of a deadly dangerous white, western culture, one with NO future, let 'em come here, and be put out in the desert with us, for the first five years!

We wouldn't punish them! And they'd enjoy our sense of humour, our Traditions, our Culture, and prob'ly never want to leave for the BI-IG shitty.

We got a big country here, enough for plenty of True Fellas, 'cause the Country welcome True Fellas, and lets 'em Live How they should.

With Respect!

However....., does anyone think Philip Ruddock, or Johnette Howard, or Tiny Habit, or Jockey Ho would be able to assimilate these Truths?


Neither could the vast numbers of bigoted, racist, white-supremacist Astrayliarns, methinks. And how many of them own their own piece of stolen Aborigine Land, have had private school, church educations, and speculate on the real estate market?

So, the war continues!

How long before Tiny Habit returns to the idea of bombing the Boaties?

Yep! You're a piece of shit, whitefaced Astrayliar!

The sole reason why Canberra insists on the offshore detention centres, is to discourage potentials from boating their way here.

I assert, that many Asylum-seekers, genuine and option-seekers, are attracted here because of our spoiled, opulent, materialistic and excessively wealthy lifestyle/culture. A lifestyle/culture which is so, purely because it is thoroughly corrupt. Therefore, those who would use any excuse or false story to get here, are not honorable, and accept corruption. So, I guess we, the more Righteous of us, don't want them.

But those who are genuine, who do come from very hard times and places, would also see the down-side of our bad culture, and would be genuinely prepared to go through such as I or our Aborigine might suggest, like the five year life in an Aborigine Community.

Besides, one thing almost all immigrants lack here, is Respect, of both the Original Peoples, and of the Land.

So the first thing, if we are genuine ourselves about having and teaching only the best attitudes, skills and ways to harmonise with Country and all of it's Peoples, is to introduce immigrants, including the wealthy white ones, to the Best of us, the Bleck Fellass, and their ageless ways, Customs and Traditions.

I have no doubt, most all of Labor's federal MPs would recognise the merit of this. So it is clearly going to be a case of the bigoted on the right in our parliaments, who would speak against such a Noble, Honorable Idea.

Pushing for an 'offshore solution' has no credibility, no merit, no sound reason, no sense, no feeling, no hope, if we want to slow the influx of immigrants.

Forget Nauru! Forget Malaysia! Forget Timor L'este! Papua!, New Zealand or Norfolk!

Jus' send 'em straight to Antarctica! (An' pick me up on the way!)

Less self-mocking..., if any Australians are serious about the issue, which is not really a serious issue, nor is it a serious problem, of 'Boaties', then they will consider, and agree, to such as I suggest above. (Above, Antarctica, dickhead!)

And, think about this....?

If we go this way to cure whatever we perceive as a problem of 'illegal asylum-seekers', we may very well, in one method, process, policy, resolve the apparently intractable 'issues' white Australians have surrounding making right, the lot of our Aborigines?

But, they, especially, know, that it is not a problem nor an issue of our Bleck Fellass.

Rather, the facts are undeniable! All the woes Aborigine face, are OURS, whitefellass!

So, I might correctly extend this fact (in Abbott's eyes, an hypothesis), to include that all the perceived troubles we are having with illegal asylum-seeking Afghanis and others from non-whiteyville, are also OUR OWN TROUBLES, of our own sick, sick minds.


(New word! - “Christjews”!)

However, to adopt something as Righteous as I suggest, there would have to be enormous reappraisals of how our courts see, recognise and regard, or Respect, Aboriginal Law.

Not before time, without question!

It is a hard issue, of enabling two systems of law to coexist. We have already had something similar in Australia since federation, with the states and federal laws.

That they both operate on a flawed legal basis, does complicate all of it immensely. And resolutions when the two conflict, as often serve to make the laws more complex. Great juice for the lawyers!

But were there any Completely Scientific, Just and Honorable legal structures extant here, first, we would be rid of the states, and second, Aboriginal Law would be recognised in the courts, with few conflicts.

In reality, the only reason why English and Aboriginal Laws conflict, is because the English laws are corrupt. But try putting that one across the table in Westminster, or the old Bailey!

But if..., we were to attempt the two-system approach, where there was a 'conflict' I wager that a Proper Court would land on the Aboriginal side of the debate. Which more than likely kills any chance of opening the immigration issue to the Aborigines initiating asylum-seekers into the nation?

Nevertheless, all of these issues, asylum-seekers, 'boaties' or otherways, immigration policies, our 3-tier system of government, recognising Aboriginal Law, Conciliation with the Aborigine, and making Right our legal structures, are all relevant matters for the day's parliament.

Also, it may be that all these rate as of greater priority than several other issues which take parliament's time, and OUR tax-money!

'Same-sex marriage', for one!

So, to whom do we leave the letter, when we seek to lift our politicians out of their malaiseseses, and address the, THE Issues?

HRH 'Liz'beth? HDH Julia? (Her Democratic Highness!)

If 'Democracy' DOES exist here, then it is up to the People!


Apologies to all Australian Aborigines, for assuming your voice and lingo, and presuming to speak on your behalf, and for expressing my, perhaps some of your, feelings about whitey.

I think I learned somewhere in my meeting and talking with you Fellass, that negativity and bad-mouthing others, ain't your way?

So forgive me for 'my bads' in those departments?

(NOTE: the word 'Kangarooberra' is my insinuation that Canberra is but one big 'Kangaroo court'! Apologies to Kangaroos!)

All Praise the Immortals!

All Praise the Warriors who have fallen

Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of


Omaxa bin Eartha

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