Outlaw Junction News-Chop Another English Invasion Edition

110926 Outlaw Junction News-Chop
Another English Invasion Edition

A mere 241 years since the first pommy boots trod our soil, here comes another pair, two pair, and their battalion of aides, security, fashion advisors and paparazzi.

Yep! Her Royal Anachronism herself, Elizabeth Windsor, and Phil, et al, are doing the globe again and coming down-here-down-underneath the empire to cast more hexes and spells over the dumb-as, duped monarchist dickheads from the decrepit British Isles.

Well..., it's early and as usual, I'm in my Dark Mourning mood.

Funny how Buck Palace announced the trip to Oz but days after the US announced that Pres, Barack Obama, was coming down here?

Funnier, and typically suspect, it is that HRA 'Liz'beth is voyaging south before Obama gets here, expected to make the trip in October, a month before the Prez?


Why is any of it funny, and why are the Royals coming, all-of-a-sudden?

Guessing a hazard, methinks the Brits are getting here before the Yanks because the Yanks are thinking about putting in a plug for Astrayliar to become a Republic, and thus to free ourselves from the hexes and curses the Brits have laid over us for 223 years?

Probably wrong though?

Of course, one out of every two British “tourists” - “tourrorists” come here not purely for the scenery, beaches and the vast expanses, but to assess the real estate of their last, low-pop colony.

That's how it's always been for 223 years, in fact for 241, since Jimmy Cook arrived.

And “Nobody's going to tell us how to live!” as HRA broadcast forcefully a few years ago, when there was some undercover movements toward dethroning her, and her entourage of materialistic, over-consuming, unsustainable British excessors.

Perhaps not? But in this generation or one of the next few, the Great Mutha Eartha will not only tell the opulent whitefaces, She will make them live, only-a-lot more in accordance with, Environmental Law.

This will mean the excessively consuming royals and their upperupperupemselves elite classes of the British and Eurapean hemisphere will either have to scale-back their lifestyles, or expect to face an endless class war, between the empowered, but increasingly suffering “have-nots”, and their upclub henchmen policing and military forces.

Not that I suggest average or upclub Australians live closer to Sustainably. Oh NO! We're known across the galaxy for our disgustingly wasteful and abusive culture. The worst on Earth, next to Texas. But a culture, to-be-clear, which is driven by those we are conned to emulate, aka 'Eliz'beth Windsor and dynasty. Yes ma'am, the great Aussie delusion-er-dream is all about living in our own little Windsor castle! Or Bucking Palace. Or Balmoral! Better called “Malmoral!” Or just plain Immoral!

But, as from the previous paragraph, “.....an endless class war, between the empowered, but increasingly suffering “have-nots”, and their upclub henchmen policing and military forces.”

A very Armageddon scenario.

Howeveargh! I do sense that those at the top of the global tree, don't give a rat's arse about the slaves, and live-on in the belief, possibly correct, that they have so sewn-up things that no mighty force of Justice-minded Outlaws will break their fortresses down.

Not a hearty future, for most of us, then.

So.., I guess it's “let 'em drop-in, and have their witching way over us again.”

However, as with the visit to Astrayliar by the Rat of Rome in 2008, which cost Australian taxpayers, not all Catholic, as-it-happens, some millions of dollars, in these straightened times, especially way over there in the Brit-Eurapean quarter, where a massive collapse of national economies is imminent, and thus cannot not effect our balance sheets also, the question must be asked..... “Who's payin' for the royal tour?”

As the Dated Lady is one of the wealthiest women on Earth, no question in-part because of her real estates in Australia, I put it to all our governments here, and it might rightfully be extended to all other governments who have to pay for massive security services each time the stupidly rich pass through, that we, Australians, taxpayers, bludgers, scammers and fiddlers alike, Anglican, monarchist, Catholic, Atheist, Republicans Et Al, must refuse to allow our governments and authorities to contribute one cent to any further visits by upclubsters of the north, in terms of security and the like.

Then there's the totally unacceptable disruptions to the goings-on of anyone within 100 kilometres of their passing parades, and the hoopla, media time, and gimmickry sold to mugs along the cheering routes.

Then.., there are the throw-away streamers and fireworks and paper and plastic flags, and all the disposable rubbish the craning spectators leave on the streets and gutters and drains and OH the creeks, rivers and coastal waters!

Will HRA 'Liz'beth pay to clean that up?

Bet she don't!

Like did Pope Benedictus or the Vatican give Sinny one lira, cent or pfennig toward cleaning-up Sinny's streets after he passed-over?

Bet she didn't!

But.., perhaps I'm just a bit pissed because the policing and authorities of my own country do nothing to ensure I, a humble, honorable and Patriotic Uluruban er.., Australian, am protected from the invading scum who make it their fascination to haunt me and thus keep me in exile?


But, there is no doubt that these excessively consuming trippers, whether the Pope of Rome, QE2, or even, damn-it...President Obama, cost the av'rage bloke and blokette too much each time they venture further than the local Milk Bar for a pint.

If the world's economies do collapse, as expected, and as stated as imminent by most all of their own upclub CEOs, a la the heads of the IMF, the US treasury, the World Bank, etc, etc, etc, then what farce do the rest of us look forward to, if the political and cult classes on top of the pile just keep wasting the money on their own small-but-massively-opulent misadventures?

Reallay, darlinxxxx!?!?!?

Meanwhile, idiots champ-at-the-bit in right wing, upclub choreographed rent-a-protest events against our government introducing the Pro-Environment “Carbon Tax” etc?

It is an upside-down world, ain't it?

On another issue of abuse....

Has anyone noticed that the Catholic church has been in the news a bit lately?

Y'know, all that stuff about pedophile rings and child abuse and an endemic sickness in the cult of-curses-and-over-consumption?

Hmmmm..., Last week I scribed a statement and a bit more about the abuses I've been a victim of, by the very same cult of curses, the Catholics, and hand delivered it to the local Centrelink office.

As expected, the bloke I asked it to be handed to, by the female employee I passed-it to, hasn't called me, as we later agreed he would, once he read the two-pager.

Further dereliction of their duty.

I'll post it to this blog-site after this e-ssay.

But, while we hear of all the horrors the church has dumped on innocent children, over centuries, and on adults, of sexual abuse, physical abuse and lasting harm, we very rarely hear anything about the psychological damage the church does to people?

I, in my own fanatical way, my own excessing as a reaction to the excessive damage the church has done to me, all my life, regard most all of what the western religions preach is damaging to our Souls, and, were we to find a court which is not a Kangaroo court, not with church-indoctrinated lawyers and judges 'jumping all over the place' - like a herd of frightened Kangaroos - I would prove that this is so.

Further, your Honor, there is ample evidence to prove that the religious dogma and untruths taught by the western “faiths” damages far more than the minds and Souls of those forced to imbibe it, for there can be no doubt that the leaders in the race to the bottom of the planet's environmental carnage are those indoctrinated in church schools!

But, back to mememe...., With all the outing happening in most Catholicised nations, of errant priests and clergy, we have yet to get to the core, or to the fullest extent of damage done by the churches, to Humanity, and that depth of damage lies in the psychological harm they do.

And this, is centrally, in the deceptions and untrue myth they preach about, well, your Honor, about everything focusing on Jesus Christ!

There is a fundamental paucity of Honesty, which surely lies in the fundamental paucity of Intelligence within the clergy, lack of Intelligence enough to discern that expecting one Soul, one person, one Spirit if-you-like, to be the sole “son of god”, and thus to be the single person who will save the whole of the “faithful” world from going to Hell..., is infeasible?

There is a crime of humongous proportions enacted here, in the cult's abuse of it's wealth.

“Wealth”,which equates to it's power. So, an abuse of it's power to enforce a belief in whatever they find suits quite another agenda.

Another agenda that-is, to what they are supposed to be charged with, of guarding the flock from the horrors of the occult realms, and of teaching the flockers how to Attain to the High Road, to Heaven.

Whereas the facts of the matter are, your Honor, that as well as being guilty of failing to do their duty to Humanity, in Spiritual Guidance, they have used and abused us all in their game of chasing other agenda, of winning control of the most of the planet's resources, including it's real estate and workforces, and by using those absolute forces of corruption to instil a level of ignorance never-before seen, such that the most dangerous, most ignorant, most abusive mass ever, are led to believe a fabricated myth!

As the saying goes, “say something repeatedly, over and over again, and again, and people will end-up believing it!”

Especially, if those spreading the myths, have such control that they can prevent any other information, or knowledge, which counters the falsity, from being known!

Thus we have the current state of the planet's environment, the current state of the Human race, and thus we have the religious culprits, who have forced false dogma and bad belief down our throats, such that a majority of Humans in the “modern” world today are so stupid as to live like hypnotised zombies, rushing to destroy themselves, their progeny and the natural environment - the Jewish, Catholic, Christian and Freemason cults!

But, amidst all the media and uproar about paedophile priests, and other travesties, such as the utterly “dark” in the least, situation just revealed by an ABC news foreign correspondent about the social and religious structures within the most dangerous and fanatical nation on Earth - Israel, we don't hear anything about the heinous destruction of Souls by those institutions we pay in their not paying tax, to keep us safe from the occult terrors of life?

NAH! There is no way any of the “Christian faiths” can Truly Justify their existence now, your Honor.

As, as it happens, Her Royal Anachronism, Queen Elizabeth, is the head of the Christian Anglican church, here we have another reason why one, she must pay her way when she visits Australia in October, and two, she should be politely asked TO NOT COME!

But.., back to mememe....

As the two-pager posted below alludes to, I have been a victim of a gross deceit and of completely unjust deprivation by the Catholic church for the whole of my life.

If there is ANY Rectitude and Intelligence in any of the western churches, and/or in the most powerful governments and corporations of the west, then surely some one of them has the Merit and Courage to admit publicly, that we are all, of the same Spirit as the unknown god, that Jesus' returning to save the world is a deadly deception, that I have been slated with that evil deceit, as being the saving prophet, and thus, as I reject any such suggestions, and will support my counter-allegations with evidence, as well, I claim my right, as stated as mine to claim in the Australian Constitution of 1901, to practice any “religion” I choose, as we are, so they say, allowed freedom of religion here, that I am therefore due compensation, in clean, monetary terms, enough to enable me to live-out my remaining years in something more comfortable and private than they have disgustingly forced me to endure to now?

If there is any Rectitude and Intelligence in any of them?

Sadly, I do not believe there is.....!

Perhaps.., lil' aging me will not enjoy a better, more respectable life, while the situation stays the same in Israel?

Clearly, the orthodox Jews of Jerusalem, dedicated though they may be, also hold too much power over the rest of the world, and their “tax-free”, indeed, “work-free” status, is what is behind the rest of the western Judeo-Roman cults getting-away with mass-murder, and existing “tax-free”, usually on Land they directly stole from the Aborigines!

The descriptions given by the author of that ABC online article, about what is going-on in Jerusalem, would make anyone deeply concerned, knowing how much fear the Orthodox Haredi Jews use, through their witchcraft, to keep the Jewish diaspora and the rest of the western, Judeo-Christian nations supporting them and financing the existence and defences of the illegal state of Israel.

It's well-known now, that the ancient Hebrew, who “heard” YHVH tell him that the Jews are the “chosen tribe” to save mankind, was given this mission because aliens are coming, and they are not very nice.

I find it amusing, that apparently, aliens, most all of them, are terrified of the super-hero, whether depicted as Clark Kent (another perhaps better-informed name for Superman's public face, which may be behind the name CK he has in mythological Hollywood, is “Dark Cunt”!? For, as Leonardo Da Vinci painted the “Adam touching the Father” in cunning mockery of the erroneous Catholic dogma and belief about god, it's not impossible to believe that the paid creators of “Superman” saw the lies behind the Jewish promotion of a Super-duper hero who'd save stuck pussycats and the world, and thus named him with Clark Kent, which is not that far away from Dark Cunt!? Perhaps? Perhaps I just have a fertile imagination?)......

Nevertheless.... I find it amusing, that apparently, aliens, most all of them, are terrified of the super-hero, whether depicted as Clark Kent, Jesus, Luke Skywalker, or any of the millions of characters thrown out by Hollywood by the hour, but this new day hero, who is said to descend from both Jesus and, AND Merlin, of Ancient Britain, apparently, or not, scares the planets out of them.

Amusing because he, the saviour, is a myth. So if the aliens threatening to mash us all, are frightened of an unreality, how real are they?

Again, I defer to the Goons...

It's all in the mind, you know!”

As I myself am a fabrication, and most-all I've been told is bullshit, as all our political and religious and economic games are outright lies, then I refuse to believe any of them, nor, especially, that both aliens are an actual threat, that they actually exist, nor that I or any individual can stop them coming here and wiping out the idiots who believe it.

As one Hollywood (Fox) studio production “Supernatural” super hero “Sam Winchester” said one show, about the power of a thought becoming a real physical form, “thought-forms”.

Exactly as with the Bible story, or with the myths created since the Bible (New Testament) was first scribed, if something is said enough, enough people will be foolish enough to believe it.

Therefore, if demons, aliens, monsters, etc., and I guess, even Angels and god, are depicted in the nubile and fluid and subtle rooms of enough peoples' minds enough, and they are occult rooms of mind, the power of a mass of minds thinking the same, thing or way, will make it manifest.

This does not make it anymore real.

Indeed, what IS real?

That, I seem to recall learning, which does not fade, die, is eternal.

The same as Truth.

Therefore, as all things fade and die eventually, the planet included, other planets, the sun, the galaxy, the universe etc etc, included, then the only thing which can be True, is the Singular Light of the Spirit.

Exactly as the Wisdom Traditions have Known and Taught, and exactly why Our never-not Enlightened Aborigine, call this and their past worlds, “The Dreaming”.

Now, I do not even believe the planet Earth actually exists, outside of the whole universe being but one massive dream.

But, it doesn't mean I am not due compensation from the church.

The big game is over.

So Mote It Be! Jerusalem!


Don't worry..., I realise full-well the anomaly and contradiction in writing that I reject notions that I'm any saviour, while writing these kind of - well, from here, “insightful” words.

Nothing many other Wiser minds than mine, do not know.

Indeed, where might I have learned to write like this?

From sitting at the feet of Wiser Men.

I remain, but a puppet, but a pissed-off, Dissenting, Outlaw Puppet.

As well.., I did nothing toward creating the magnificent technology with which I write and broadcast these thoughts.

Neither did I “lock” my mind open, to be monitored remotely by all witches this side of forever. But a puppet, dudes.

Stay home Mrs Windsor, please.

Better to spend your pounds shillings and newpence on a phone call to the Vatican - use Skype! It's REAL cheap! to arrange terms of settlement of my claim against your false religions for monetary and Global Land Law Reform compensation.

And while you're chatting, do everyone a favour and discuss the disassembly of your Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and Freemason false religious cults.

The Great Mutha Eartha will be very pleased if all of these requests are Honoured.

Oh! Mr President Obama Sir!

As far as I am concerned “You're always Welcome in my Peoples' Country!”

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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Here's the statement referred to in the above piece, with names etc removed.

made on Thursday 22nd September 2011.

These notes are copied from my own hand-written diary notes made at approximately 14:45, 2:45pm today.

At approximately 14:00 hours (2:00pm) Thursday 22/09/11, I was overtaken by a vehicle
(make, model and reg removed)
as I was travelling south on Bruce Highway, north Zzzzit, Queensland.
Same vehicle drove down a forest track I have used to stay overnight in my ute (1998 Holden Rodeo LX 4x4), on 13/08/2011 at or around 13:40 (1.40pm), then abused me verbally, calling me a “fuckhead”, as the vehicle deliberately and with intent to intimidate, spun it's wheels all the way from the point where it passed my ute upto the top of the track, approximately 150 metres.
(The vehicle had two (2) occupants, one under 30 y/o male driver, one under 30 y/o female passenger.)
On that day, in the minutes the vehicle was near, I called 000 to speak to the local police, on my mobile phone (phone log shows the call was made at 13:41, 13/08/11, and lasted 6:17 minutes), and was put through to the Zzzitt police station.
This I did merely to report the event.
The female police officer who received the call and spoke to me, advised me, in other than these words, that my terminology was too strong, as I said that I was being 'terrorised' by the occupants of the vehicle, and, basically
1, made as if she knew what occurred, and
2, inferred I was wrong.
I accepted, but disagreed with her view, and left it at that.

Today (Thursday 22/09/11) the same vehicle passed mine as we drove south on Bruce Highway in north Zzzitt.
It was towing a trailer.
I was only made aware of their passing me because the same young female as had abused me verbally on 13/08/11, obviously had seen me driving slow along the bitumen verge of the highway (to allow other faster-moving vehicles to overtake mine), and was, this time, hanging, head, right shoulder, right arm out the front passenger door's window, looking back at me, with her right hand cupped around her mouth to “trumpet” her words my way.
Words I did not hear well enough to understand.
Clearly, another attempt to insult and doubtless intimidate me.
I didn't react, and resumed, back on the highway, driving south after the other bank of vehicles had passed.
When I approached the first intersection in Zzzit, one side street before the first set of traffic control lights, I observed the said vehicle stopped at the kerb some 100 metres along the side street.

That is the end of my hand-written diary notes.

I continued south along the Bruce Highway, to my destination at South Zzzitt, without further incidents of any similar kind, and at my shed began and wrote this testimony to my laptop computer.

As I am totally tired of the extraordinary “life” I have been forced to lead, I am not inclined to extend any detailed 'theories' or opinions as to why those two young people have harassed me, and why the police are completely in denial that I have a case.

They know as well as I, that the background to my own existence is so far-fetched and clearly outrageous, and that from here, in my seriously “hexed” situation, position, I cannot defend myself against their and other peoples' cowardly deceptions and accusations that I am deluded, mentally ill, criminal or such.

I am not suffering from any psychological disorder, other than being cursed by a large collection of Catholics and other cult members for and against the myths which have been built around my own person.

Myths, which I only began to unravel in my 50th year, in about 2005, and to very recent times.

Myths which, to this day, and I expect will always, leave me stunned in disbelief.

Myths which do not stand as true, factual or otherwise, and which, in these far-advanced days, from the centuries of darkness which kept mainstream Catholic, Jewish and Christian Australian society ignorant of the “subtle realms” of the occult, and consequently susceptible to the powers and unkind influences therein, can only be regarded, by Intelligent, Ethical and Philosophical People, as dangerous to all of us, near and far.
As it appears there is no way nor means through which I can be freed from this “hex”, in-the-main imposed upon my Soul by my own seriously deceitful and poisonously deluded mother, Adrienne Helen Cook, nee-Willis, herself a victim of “child-theft” by the St Joseph's Catholic convent once of the Melbourne suburb of Collingwood, sometime in the early 1930s, I, being a person of sound mind, and of no want for more than is respectable, ask, indeed, demand that all Australian police and governmental services and authorities, protect me from all further intimidations and harassments and insults from all Australians or persons of any other nationality.

The first thing I ask, is that I be found suitable, secure and private accommodation.

The unexplained situation I'm in is more than pernicious, considering that the other members of my “half-family”, namely Mother, Adrienne Helen Cook, Father (my Step Father) Allan Nichols Cook, half-sister, Wendy Diane Cook and half-brother Donald Walter Cook, are all well accommodated in their own properties in Victoria, and suffer little or no deprivation, all-the-while denying to myself that I have been criminally-deceived.

Mother, and Father, Allan, have through dad's wise accounting and frugality skills, accumulated substantial wealth, and I have no doubt they could afford me at least the humblest of (rural) properties to live on.

Therefore there is an entirely untoward reason for my being ignored and exiled and mocked by the most of them, Step Father Allan Cook the exception. The honorable exception.

However, as I observe that even this request appears impossible for any of said officers and authorities to fulfil, I have every right, and indeed responsibility to protect myself.

If, at worst, this demands that I DO react to further intrusions, lies, insults and attempts to intimidate me, I claim the right to use force to so do.

If any person or article of property, public or private, is killed, injured or damaged because of this, it will be solely the responsibility of the said authorities, because they have all been guilty of criminal dereliction of their duties, to protect me.

If police resort to violence, via “Tazar” or other means, to restrain me, I will not be responsible for any reactions that might occur, and all “damage” will be upon their own heads.

Whatever the circumstances which have driven the errant and deeply self-deceived Catholic, Jewish and Zionist cults to fabricate the life I am left with, while myself holding to no conclusions as to stories I've been told, by apparently sincere and well-informed individuals, and for the fact that I have never been told of the alleged “purpose” I was illegitimately conceived, on 16th July 1954, to perform, while I am forced to remain “on-the-outer” as-it-were, homeless, misinformed and totally without associations, friends, family and thus am vulnerable to any idiot with occult powers, who is possibly instructed to intimidate me and “hex” me, I am left with no option but to remain in defiance against all such clearly dark calls and assaults upon my life and my psyche.

This is a shame, because I would otherwise want to be a part of Australian society, albeit, as best as I can deduce, utterly corrupt and ethically beggared.

In the end, anyone who investigates the nature and content of Australian society, peoples (other than the Aborigines), and mentalities, will find that one is far better to have nothing at all to do with them/us.

As my life is so “controlled” by said cults, and because this nation is separated by sea from the rest of the world, I can not leave it, as I would prefer, and find some release from the devilry that is “white Australia”, it's western “Judeo-Roman” religion, and it's seriously abusive culture, elsewhere in a non-western country.

So? I send this letter and statement of harassment to a variety of officials, in the hope that they can do something toward assisting myself, out of this cursed existence.

As I expect that they cannot help, I regard myself as “doomed” to suffer an unwarranted and totally unjust exile, and hope to die peacefully well away from other people, and their immature harassment, in the not too distant future.


Max Nichols Cook (Meredith-O'Brien)
aka Omaxa bin Eartha

Outlaw, for Global Land Law Reform
& other Law Reform Issues

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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