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Ho hum?

Eurape is warned by the IMF that the economic situation there show signs of getting even worse, and that the heads of government must get off their fatcells. Surprise-surprise!

US President, Barack Obama, at last, is strutting his stuff and getting tough with the super-duper wealthy of America, saying they should pay their fair share of tax!

Halle loo-yeah!

Meanwhile some big global offshore, IMF-related economic corruption body salutes Astrayliar's federal treasurer, Wayne Swan, with the years award for keeping the money flowing up the pipe, up the tree, up the pyramid to the upper upper classes, the offshore banks in super-profit zones, foreign miners reaping the rewards from raping Astrayliar's Mutha Eartha while avoiding paying the Rent, etc.

Oh! And also because our unemployment figures - figures note - not the reality - are still, by comparison to over-consume everyone else's arse-off Eurape, looking real low! (Y'know, the IMF tells governments that if a person wins a job of as little as one hour a week, they are NOT classed as 'unemployed'! OK! So we sell drugs for one hour a week, and make a $1,000! Simple maths, really?)

Italy is hit by a downgrading of their credit-rating by S & P or one other corruption-ratings specialist, and Greece's people not raking-in the returns from property investments in Astrayliar's real estate, are being forced to endure more austerity measures as imposed by the more wealthy National Socialists of Germany and the IMF.

Wayne Swan appears on ABC1 Breakfast to appear humble as Virginia and Mike laud and lather him in accolades.

Does 'Swannie' deserve the tag?

Not if we do a REALEconomic evaluation of the tag, and the fact that we down here down the shithole, those of us in the upper 30% income bracket, are so high on the global economic boom-v-gloom register, is purely because global finances and nations' economics are, and for more than a few centuries, have been all about 'flight capital', or something, where one hubristic militarised nation invades another, weaker one, plunders the shit out of their resources, people and of course real estate, draining the invaded nations' of their wealth, and slaves, back over to the colonists' home territories.

This puts the conquerors' upper classes (ie, treasurers and the landlordal, real estate, political and banking class) in the black for a period, increasing their wealth and their capital. That, 'capital', that-is, their ability to create more wealth, said to be through less labour.

That is, after all, supposed to be what 'capitalism' is about!

But the reality is that the labour has been shifted offshore, to the 3rd world nation they just beat the shit and resources out of.

Meanwhile the rest of the world continues to struggle to keep account of the upgraded military arsenals of the colonist nations, and tries desperately to stay ahead of the next corruption/over-consumption-driven or, golden-calf-tribe invasion.

As with Greece now, whose money was pouring-in from safe-haven Astrayliar, and their 3-generations-ago emigrants here, who, in the 1950-&-'60s, not-silly, saw the bonanza here in cheap land, ie., cheap real estate, worked their conacreting fingers to the suburban cementa foundations enough to buy buy buy, then sent the returns back to Greece, to tha relatives-a.

So for some 40 years Greece's large emigration population down here has supported the familia who stayed home, with rent and speculative land market returns from dickheaded Osssiees.

An added bonus to the sunny Greek Islanders - more corruption via down-under's real estate boom-boom-boom!

But now, 3 generations down the migration-route, the Ossseee Greeks are - Ossssieees.... MAYTE!

The older gen back home are dying-off, as oldies do, and the family ties to Greece have withered. The Ossseee Greeks are keeping the real estate profits in Ossseeland, MAYTE!

But a mayte! These cleva Ossee Greeks mayte, are now investing their Osseee dollars and unemployment benefits back over in Greece's real estate mayte!

So lots a da Greek real estate profits mayte, are coming down a here a, and a being poured into the Macmansion suburbs of shitholes lika Sinny's and Hellbourne's new unchecked, and filthy-unsustainable sprawling outta suburbs a, MAYTE!

Outta suburbs probably invented out of the outta-suburban fringe farmlands the daddio Griks an' Italyns bought off their conacreeting, in the nionteeen siventies, mayte! And de fish-an-a-d-fish-shhhhoppps, or pizassss, mayte!


So, back a homa in Greessa, corruption having been the order of the day for oh, some decades, rorts aplenty from Ossseee pensions paid to Greeks who fly back and forth like taking a plane to worka, are reducing, so Greeks are having to support themselves, MAYTE!

No wonder Greece has a sovereign debt problema!

Of course, it's not all that simple.

Lots o' Ossee dollars went into Greece's splurge on back yard swimming poools, mayte!

But similar thingsa 'ava beena happeninga in Italia, a too a MAYTE!

All a de real estate profitsa from Osseeelanda MAYTE, haffa bin keeping a da familia of da Itii emigrants to Ossee back a in da boot, rich-rich-richa mayte!

But a nowa de latest Italian-Australians are - OSSSEEEES MAYTE! So dey don' a wanna send their incomes backa to grandamarda in Roma, or Napoli or Milano, and have a big family down under down here to feed and house in tha conacreta mansiona in Bulleen, Templestowe, Eppink, an' a da wessern suburbssss, MAYTE?

Of course, it's not all that simple.

But does we a getta da drift? A?

Flight of the lira, of de dracma, and of more recent decades, of the franc, the pound, the deutchmark etc, from the upper classes of Eurape and Britain down under to buying the cheaper Osssseee real estate mayte, for their retirement years.

It is to be noted that the main body of Greek and Italian immigrants, post WW2, were from those nation's lower classes. Grunty and fucking hard Workers and gamblers most of them. A southern Eurapean version of Britain's convict transportation regime of the 19th century to Astryaliar, both to get rid of their dross, and to give us cheap labour, and any unsightly results be damned!

Jus' so long as they wuz welded to the Roman Jewish church, mayte! Argh ! The baptismal!(????)

But after slaving here, speculating on our cheap as chips real estate, even the poorest southern Eurapeans got rich! Having hypnotic mafioso-type ties to the mother of all corruption and wealth-creation corporations - the Catholic church - went or came enormous ways to ensure their money would be well-invested, also.

So, now the lower-class, ten pound immigrant Euro-slaves have built the infrastructure down-here-down-the-sewer-pipe, and up the Snowy, etc., the Euro-rich are now spending their converted euro-dollars on Ossseee real estate, ensuring they can still escape the coming European economic, social, cultural and welfare meltdown, expected to last forever!

And wad-a-we Ossseees get for it?

All this Euro-evacuation of Euro-dollars and snobby rich euro-talkers, give our Ossseeees disgustingly inflated land prices, exorbitant rents and stuff, now the 3rd highest on Earth, but giving the Ossseee governments, the mothers of corrupt land laws, windfalls in stupid and really unconscionable real estate-related taxes.

So little wonder our federal treasurer Swannee, swanning it with the upper class realtor moguls from the IMF, wins the tag “treasurer of the year”!


Disgustink! Filth! An abomination!


Little wonder earthquakes are shaking us around!

NOTE: The above laugh, is clearly inaccurate. Some elements have currency, as-they-say, but the most of it is merely a mind tired of the usual garbage coming from our political class, and their media blah-machinery.

That any of the media repeats the farce called stock market results day-in-day-out, spend time on supertrivia items about financial crap, and non-issues of 2% illegal immigration concerns, etcetera, makes the above loose-lingo laugh a line Fabulously PROFOUND, darlingkxxxxx!

Nevertheless....., all of the above go further to support the cold reality of media and politics, and.... did I mention RELIGION?, as written of by one George Orwell, sometime in the 1930s........:

is DESIGNED...., to make
LIES sound TRUTHful
to give the APPEARance of
pure wind"

-George Orwell-

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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