110909 Omaxa bin News-Chop Figuring-out “The Horror” Edition

Struggling to cope with the massive storm of psychic garbage being thrown my way, for being untold that I'm supposed to be a hero, and, on figuring it out, refusing to be a false prophet, etc., I swam in a murky mindstorm of horrible thoughts this morning.

There's no question the planet is on path to a tragedy no Clark Kent could prevent, and especially no Catholic pope or coven/cabal of lying witches could orchestrate their and everyone else's way through.

On fiction TV shows like “Smallville” and the British, Zionist also, I suspect, “Doctor Who” we're given regular doses of impending dangers, whether some alien 'brainiac' or 'daleks', or some other frightening thingee, coming on down and taking the juvenile thrill out of our daze.

Hollywood, and the mainstream news services make their piles from frightening the crap and the escape-dollars out of us, feeding our gullible minds with all manner of scary options.

The alien invasion one, seems high on the preferred delusion to keep us shitting our pants, then there's the Lucifer option, but also are tragic events and calamities holding us all stunned and apparently unable to be pro-active against whatever will make life impossible in the future - sooner or later.

Religious nuts run around screaming “the end of days!” etc, and the Doctor is heard to murmur “the horror!”

But, take your pick, as to which horror?

Euro and US banking and government and treasury chiefs are heard on news, saying we are in the worst economic crisis, yet every time someone urges a remedy, some other over-paid 'Tea Party'-type dicksucker objects and blocks reforms.

Climate-change sceptics, like our extreme right wing political opposition leaders, deny we must do something, inferring therefore, that either they don't really care that their conservative insatiability for an excess of an excess of wealth has trashed everything for everyone in the future, so “who gives a fuck?”, or that whatever any-or-everyone does, “...it's too fucking late!”

For more than a few years I've watched all this, and the global environment, and come to the conclusion that the planet is sick and tired of the white man's ways.

Whether she thinks or not, her resources are being tipped over the edge of the balance she has managed for an apparently long time, and soon, very soon, the big ball is going to spin right off her unbelievably beautiful north-south axis, and away we all go flinging off into the upper atmosphere and into space, as the planet rotates awkwardly away from centre, probably even at an accelerated speed.

This, as I observed and predicted for a while, will be because we have ruined the climate.

Such that, along with the evil, and most often unintelligent, yet-oh-so-well-honed in appearing to be 'wise', Zionist Catholic witches intent on building a super-witch to be the global king, a king who, in reality their puppet, deployed psychic heat to the north pole from 2002, thus melting the polar icecap, purely, he thought, in protest at the modern world's disregard for the planet, for the Sacred Mother Eartha (yet in reality he acted thus because those witches behind his mind and back were intent on increasing his powers, but also were themselves quite, quite out of control, sick in mind and insatiable in their lust for power, especially over men.

And, as he was being 'built' to be THE Man of all men, they were psychotically obsessed with having power over him), therefore he melted the waters from such as the increasingly melting Greenland glacier, but also from the mass of ice dripping south from the north pole. Magic abused and gone seriously wrong, which will unbalance the delicate orb and after about a zillion years of spin-out, she will stabilise on a different axis.

This axial wobble of the most extreme nature, this 'spin-out', will cause all waters, seas, lakes, oceans etc, to surge up and over all coastal regions, flooding and wiping-out every habitat within several hundred kilometers of the present shore lines, of every land area, not above a certain minimum.

The horror!”


Who knows?

But, as people are able to see the future, via certain magical means, and have always been able to, it's not at all out of the question, that the Mayan's calender is on the money and time, predicting the end of the world in 2012, December 21st. 15 months from now.

A few years ago, an illegal German immigrant told me that the planet does this about every 26,000 years, and that the last time was about 26,000 years ago.

Begging the qvestion of course, as to whether we've been here before?

Has there been an over-developed, over-consumptive and over-populated semi-intelligent earthling species which has done the same thing we, excessing, essentially Jewish people are now doing?

Maaaaybe so!

Planet of the Apes”, say what Charlton?

I could believe it!


And whatever the date is when the planet turns on her current axis for the last cycle, rotation, is idle speculation from here on.

All we need to acknowledge, is that it is gonna happen, and not so far into the future as to not concern ourselves or our sprogs about it.


Kinda puts all the fluff and dribble about next Sunday's (tomorrow's) 9/11 revisited docu-drama and cash-cow for every media outlet west of Kabul into the trivia basket, don't it?

And as for the leading news item on ABC Breakfast this morning, which made drama of an inquiry report that found the British army had killed an Afghani suspect while in custody, it makes one rather sick in the stomach, and in the Soul, to know that our supposedly responsible and credible media - in Australia, the ABC - refuses to go anywhere NEAR somewhat more important issues.

And, it kinda makes all the other shit on tele, in magazines, on the internet and in every other pocket of distraction JUST A BIT insignificant, say who?

Little wonder more people are hitting the mute button when a politician comes on!

That illegal German, I think, also said that, as I've heard elsewhere, that rumour has it, that the blokes living 26,000 years ago, the wiser of them, saw the spin-out coming, and found the appropriately facing caves, up mountains, and stocked-up on tucker, etc, and climbed in them in the days before the big-spin began, and so, survived to tell the tale.


So, what ya gunna doo, bitch? When the supermarket is thrown into space, along with most foods, fuels and fashionable department stores?


Izz ziss vhy zee Jews haff been making us concrete buildingkssss, and other fingeez?

Maybe zay was doingk zee same tingks 27,000 years ago?

But what's gonna come of all the stored military weapons, ballistic and nuclear?

Not to mention of all the JUNK we have idly built and left lying around, and the motor vehicles not chained-down?

Fancy a slab, cobber!?”

A slab of concrete!

All the ponsing Catholic and Freemason bitches won't be so uppity and proud ducking the flying shit, THEN, aye?

At least you could tie your bike to a tree!

I guess me and my ute are rooted!?

Thanks mum!

OH! What's that?

OH! You conceived ME, to save everyone else?


See ya!

I wrote this nasty little piece a few days ago, knowing then I wouldn't post it to the blog.

That, because I am resistant to giving further advice to the self-interested mongrels who lust for my power and who take delight in fucking with my Soul with their sick occult. As I see it, they do not deserve any advice or guidance from here forward.

Most all of them have been right in there in abusing every resource on Earth they could get near, and only through several of my own sacrifices and free give-aways in terms of advice, have they been 'wised-up' to seeing that their ways were wrong-wrong-very-fucking sick.

So, as they persist, in secretly hexing my Soul, apparently because I have some alien stuck firmly to my aura, which fires nasties at the idiots when they come near, or when I go near them, I persist in telling them to fuck off.

Nevertheless..., from the above scenarios of the future, it's too late for most all of us. Having spent years deconstructing the myths of my own existence, and the myths of the Hebrew and Christian bibles, having, as best as I can, added them all up, I am left to conclude that something very near the prophesied 'Armageddon', or the apocalypse, cannot now be avoided, and that there very likely will be only a relative few left after whatever the calamity turns out to be, is over.

Again, having done my best to refute or disprove the forecasts of the western religious book, it's not impossible to see, or assume, that there will only be some 144,000 humans left, after something as powerful as the axial spin-out I describe above occurs.

Always, there has been, in back of mind, the observation that, the tellers of those stories, those predictions of future events, are, in telling them, also setting the scenes for them to happen.

Or, the foretellers are making it happen, as best as they psychotically, blindly, hypnotically can, purely because they are slaves to the book, or to the witches who wrote the fucking thing on the first places. 'Places', because, as we know, they were written and forecast, prophesied over several millennia.

This prompts the question, therefore, is there any way Humanity can stop the forecasts from coming true?

Can we so change the story, or events, or the megalomaniac mindset, which is blindly driving us to what really should be an unnecessary doom?

Going back to my thoughts on how corrupted the species has become, precisely through the madness of those who so fanatically do as the bible demands, there is still credible and Righteous reason to not save us.

For, if we save those who do not deserve extinction, how can we ensure that those who do deserve being exterminated do not come through, and start the shit all over again?

Qvestions? Qvestions? Qvestions?

Is this game of good v evil, just the way of life in this or all universes?

Does it go on forever like this, in constant battle between supposedly light, and supposedly dark forces?

One is prone to side with the answer - “YES!”

Does this make anything worth pursuing, therefore?


HA! Then, of course, not knowing the facts on this, but then there is the qvestion of Humans having constantly from here forward, to duel with alien invasions?

But 'aliens'? Or 'demons'? Mind-warping beings and energy concentrations from where? From the higher dimensions and lower?

Hollywood has sought to make us fear all of them.

But, are they, as a most striking Meditation showed me years ago, all coming in fact, from the inner-most depths of one's own mind?

Do all the things, feelings, beings, including YOU, etc, we believe we experience in this life, in this body-mind-Soul combination, actually originate from the one, as said, inner-most, Light of our own, or just of MY own Soul?

Firstly, to accept such as the second hypothesis - of “or just of MY own Soul?” - at this stage, an hypothesis - reeks of narcissism, of the most extreme egocentrism, and also of perhaps the most dangerous delusion, of being god oneself, which has it follow that therefore all of YOU are but manifestations, indeed, creations, of my own Light, of my own mind, etc.

For all the training I've had, in dispelling delusion from the mind, and from beliefs (all the birds and animals as well!), these ideas are both dangerous, and it does seem, cannot add-up.

But the notion that I, as well as you, and all beings, are in essence god, or that Original Light of the Soul, remains both logical, reasonable, and also, wonderfully Democratic.

But not, if I see only myself as that, and that all I view, including YOU, comes from within my own Soul alone.

This notion, that we are all players in the mind of one almighty fecking BIG godmind, a conscious, active and reactive mind, or not, and it, is merely the Root Energy of all things, beings and thoughts etc, tends toward a massive complication of the theory however, mainly because if we are all creating our own perceptions, then we are creating all of the rest of us?

The only way this can be rational, is if we are in fact all intimately linked back to that One Original Spirit, that one Original Light, or Seer, and that It, is seeing everything outside our tiny little human perceptions at once, and, like the most phenomenal, multi-universal computer, is capable of programming and computing every possible action and reaction instantly in all times, in all places!

Like, argh! WOHWWWWW! W?

However, as most all of my life has been uncovered as one massive deception, of which I am but the central character, closer indeed to being the central puppet, where all events seem more every day to have been orchestrated by, as said earlier, a massive coven of Catholic, Zionist witches, and as each day passes, several more fuckheads get-in-on-the-act, and thereafter do their best to cast their, their witches spells over my Soul, I'm left evermore bereft of knowing the facts on any and all of the aforesaid matters?? Therefore, I cannot discount the possibilities, whichever they are? Perhaps they are ALL True?

But, in the end, I do tend to accept that everything is but an illusion, nothing is fixed, and that we seem able to create whichever existence we most desire. Whether they end with a peaceful return to the core essence or end in disaster, must, I guess, depend upon our being connected or not, to the source of some mystical, perennial Wisdom-machine.

My Meditations (dare I call them MINE!) and classes in Philosophy, tend toward that Mystery being the source of Wisdom, and that that is the Original Light. The School accepted and constantly alluded back to that Light being God. But my own path of late has me conclude that there is no entity as the word is left to infer, in the west at least. Therefore I fall back on the unknowable Light concept, such as might be described by Buddhist Adepts, and I'm quite happy with Taoism's definitions.


Many have said to me over more recent times, that we can believe whatever we like.

For decades, I've been honed to believe that 'Democracy' is the most Noble way, that we are all the same, that no-one has any superiority over others.

Therefore, if I were to stay with that belief, I would have to ignore those concepts that it is all emanating from within my own consciousness.

This suits me, if only because any inducements to be that god, that supreme ego, that superior being, have been dispelled from within my mind, both by my attempts to employ the best possible Intelligence, Reason, and by my injuries and insults sustained by other people deliberately accosting me, then denying they are the maggots they clearly are.

Fuck you! I am I, and he, that 'me', prefers to stay small, as-it-were, because if I am large so-to-speak, the first thing the shite of the world would try is to belittle me, to their imbecilic minuscule dimension.

Secondly, were I to rise to being that huge one, the rest of the idiots would come crawling to my feet, seeking my 'royal touch' or blessing or some offering or another.

Therefore, who of them could I possibly have respect for, if they are all minor to my grandiose-ness?

What a miserably lonely existence it would be, for little or large me?

Not, of course, much worse than the shithole life your fuckheadedness makes me survive in now.

But, really, even with a Goddess or two, or forty, at my every-beck-and-call, would I be any, really any happier?

Always, such positions of superiority, of supreme power, come like the poisoned chalice, with hexes, and dangers.

Curses, all.

And, in the end, whether one finds 'eternal life' or remains mortal, what will we find it all to have been, but, one enormous, and quite delusional egotrip.

And, as I've thus far deduced, someone elses' egotrip!

Therefore...... FUCK YOU!

Referring back, as I find necessary, yet disdainful, to the old black book, there are basic truths which apply, and one is that we must do what we must to save ourselves.

No-one else can do what our own soul must.

Jesus refuted the 'messiah' tag, and went to the cross purely because of this.

The evil of Catholicism, and of Christianity, hypnotises us with absolute UNREASON, by seducing the lost Souls, lost in the 3rd dimension entrapment thrown over us by ancient catholic and Christian witchcraft, to believe that “Jesus died for us”.

He died because he was himself trapped by the Hebrew witches of the day, his mother but one of them, and because he saw too late what had happened to him.

Yet he refused, Honorably, to his death, to be a patsy to a cult, as he said often, that was as corrupt, lost and hypnotised (“...for they know not what they do...”, etc), and generally evil as Judaism, and the invader cult of Rome were.

Even with all the stories and myths and uncovered tragedies which make-up my own life, I too, refute, RESIST, all the white, Christian, Zionist mainstream idiot calls.

There are plenty-enough Sound, Wise, Truthful Reasons for this, and one, perhaps primary, is that to acquiesce, would be to cause but a destined failure of a repetition, of the same abomination we know as Zionism,with all it's background 'monarchist' cults of Judaism, Catholicism, Christianity, Freemasonry, and the western world's fast-tracking to global death they, all combined, are bringing on.

All Reason, all Philosophical and Altruistic Inquiry into this, these vital matters, subjects, issues, divines that we must act much much much more responsibly for ourselves.

This, as we might be fortunate to find in the near future, what with the collapse of the western capitalist -ER CRAPitalist economic fraudulence, fortunate indeed if we do not descend into chaotic wars globally, by having those more sensible minds at the top of the political farce we call our parliaments, reichstags, dumas, knessets, et al, implementing Communist Economies, or, Communist Economic Management, across the planet. This translates, Scientifically, as we know by now, as Fundamental Land and Taxation Reforms.

Australia, surprisingly, most recently did her Honorable Best to lead the way, by trying to introduce the National Land Tax.

Pity media and idiots incorporated in the federal corporate opposition orchestrated to block that Most Honest Taxation Reform.

Were any Justice extant here, Tony Abbott would be imprisoned for treason by now, for his leading the charge to depose our elected Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.

Perhaps the Forces of Justice do have sway globally, because the other culprits worthy of imprisonment for the terms of their natural lives, for interfering with the legitimate and due processes of government in Australia, in collusion with the right wing Liberal National parties, Rupert and James Murdoch, are currently under scrutiny in England, for other crimes against Humanity?

May Grey's Inn, Et Al, find the Righteousness of Good, enough to ensure they, the Murdochs, are found guilty, and sentenced to longtime punishment!

Such an act, would also do the British legal structures, Westminster included, a much needed 'favour', and would show the world, for Murdochs tyranny and his cult escapades are global, and include the Zionist “apocalyptic” debauchery of our times, that there is yet Merit and Rectitude in the long-suffering, and failing British Justice system.

Achieving such a hard ask, should therefore, extend it's Righteous Hand to excusing every “Hoodie” of the recent English Riots, of their charges.

What a Happy Revolution we might then see?

Idiots alone will rail against this, and most of them will be deadheaded Christians, even though their cult boss, Jeshua ben Joseph, the Bastard of Nazareth, just to drive the spike in to their dumb-as beliefs, told the wealthy bloke who dared ask, “How can I enter the Kingdom?” or something, “Give away all your possessions, take up your cross, and follow me.” (I'm running on memory here, so the words may be slightly out?)

For the mainstream white, mutant idiots of the western cults ie., Christians, Jeshua was saying in the language of King James, that “....we must become Communist, if we want to enter the Kingdom of Heaven...”

So, if you want to save your own smelly pampered arses, whiteface, then EVERYONE, from Uzbekistan to Utah, from Glasgow to Geelong, from London to Launceston, has a Paramount Responsibility, to march down the CRAPitalists and their mouth-pieces in the parliaments, and force elections of Communist Democratic Governments.

Granted, as the sceptics and climate change deniers assert, we are fucked anyway, because the earth's climate is about to implode.

But better we are equipped with the most intelligent, most sustainable system of economic management than to remain forced, by utter cunts uptop, to fight for a feed by the hour, from here until eternity!

This is how we might, might, avoid any Armageddon.

I hold no hope, because I see that the most wealthy, like the vast majority of white, Christian-hypnotised Australians - Astrayliarns - cannot free themselves from their own self-hypnosis-delusions of greed, selfishness, lying and lazy-arsed “let some other bloke sacrifice themselves! I'm too self-interested to do that!”

But that's Zionist Catholicism for ya'!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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