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Merkel tries to rally support for Greece and euro ahead of crucial EFSF vote - read “ahead of inevitable global financial meltdown” Edition

Fear and fiddling drives the globe to the unavoidable “Karmic” payback for the white, western, Judeo-Christian invented collapse of Reason and Sound Economic policies.

Chancellor Merckel either mocks the world, thinking she and the Eurozone upclubsters will ride out the future chaos in their northern castles, protected by their military, or is under instructions from the secret religious clubs of the north, to delay the inevitable, hoping to lure out from hiding (where could he be???) the global leader, before everything actually falls apart.

Such is the mindset of the “lost tribes of Israel”, parked as they've been for some thousands of years, in the Eurapean continent, caught in an ever tangling web of self-delusion and confusion about aliens and about where to find satiation.

It's one thing to “conquer the planet” militarily, and thus, economically, but it's obviously quite another thing to conquer the propensity of the mind to follow false beliefs.

Perhaps this is why Greece, the home of western Philosophy, suffers harsh rules from the Judaic, Christian tribes of the rest of the continent, who live off “faith”, ie., blind and over confident beliefs, based on lies-lies-lies and more damned delusions, from the ancient Roman hierarchy, and because of the power of Rome's 4th century “Councils of Nicea”, deny and fear going into their own beliefs and mind to expunge the delusions of expecting someone else to live Humbly, Frugally, with Self-Discipline, in Environmentally Sustainable ways, whilst they seem to think they are so superior and “saved”, that they can live beyond their means, or, as we say, “on the never-never” of expecting the future generations to pay for their own criminal insanity of today.

Merckel, La Guarde, Cameron, Sarkozi, il Papa cannot correct the direction. Brit-Eurape is essentially psychologically inbred now, due to delusions of grandeur building for some thousands of years scrapping with each other and fighting blindly for the “Holy Grail”, all-the-while looking in the wrong direction.

Ask any Indian or Aboriginal Guru.

Brace yourselves. For the worst is coming, and it willn't be on a donkey.

Unsustainable is unsustainable.

Simple as that.

The worst advice would be to lash-out violently, against weaker nations, lands and tribes, as has been the errant want of western tribes throughout history, which is exactly why we are nearing the big sink, the big collapse of the, as it's really been, “appearance” of balanced culture and economies.

We have monarchs to thank, albeit that they are at the top of the “lost” pyramid of errant beliefs-systems.

Were any of them to actually be possessed of any Dignity, Integrity, Honor, and Merit, they would surrender their high-life styles immediately, and live amongst us, as equals.

The best thing which may come from the apocalyptic days ahead, is that the scales will be blown from the eyes of the spell-bound religious faithful, and those terrible cults will collapse, once, and for the Good of all.

With it, if we can be hopeful, will also fall the bullshit political spin machinery, and the upclubsters will, if they survive the shake-down of their egomania, find the simple and pure pleasure of getting vegie-garden dirt under their nails.

Whatever happens, plenty of stuck-in-the-mud-of-errant-beliefs fools, will resort to violence in insane outbursts to “prove” their ways are better. No doubt, the vast majority of them will be carnivores.

YOU choose, Eurape and Britain! The wildest ride the planet has seen since the Dinosaurs, or employment of the Collective Wisdom of Communist Democracy.

In the end, “Economies-of-Scale” Globally-locally, ie., Communication of the Laws of the Land and of the Environment across the globe into every local Community, is the Hope through the crises.

The attempts by Merckel and Coy to band-aid the debt crises, by adding more debt to the boiler, can only escalate the problem, and make worse the implosion down the track.

Fast-tacking a standard, accepted global currency, and Global Land Law Reforms could change the course with minimum carnage and confusion.

Who cares what the shares traders think. Other than knowing they love economic chaos, and war.

Banks must be pulled into line. Otherwise their CEOs will be the first to swing from the street lampposts, when the levy breaks.

Them, their church priests, and their lawyers.

Perhaps it's best the system goes down violently and that they should all hang?
Oh what a purging!

What with land prices where they are, at the peak of unsustainability, it will not be before time.

And, a curse on the British Lords, if they can not revoke the 1475 “Land Enclosure Act”!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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