Australian Society Has Become Criminally Insane

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Australian Society Has Become Criminally Insane Edition

But, of course, whenever was this thing we call Australia, never not criminally insane?

Prior to 1788, January 26th I believe, when the British “First Fleet” landed on this continent's shore, “Australia” was not, criminally insane.

Indeed, prior to the arrival, the invasion by the British, the whole continent, and her islands, were untouched by insanity of any level or order we recognise today. So clean of mental dysfunction was it, that it deserves no less than, in Judaic and Christian terms, the title, “The Garden of Eden”.

Or, as I put it, “The Garden of Wisdom”.

But alas! We have strayed from the Golden Path.

Research finds, however, that while for the major content of British arrivals in 1788 and on through the two decades to 1808, struggle was the general situation, being as they were, convicts, so of firstly a low level of learning, probably then having no education as we know it, and being criminals, or from the poorer classes, so having to commit crime in Britain, just to eat, there has to be a question as to how moral they were.

Not to say being from the lower classes automatically makes one immoral, no. As often, and perhaps more-so, those who know the need to look after those around them, as the poor usually do, while together in one quarter or so of a society, engender a higher than usual standard of morality.

The term “Honor among thieves” goes to that.

As the lower classes are forced, by the fact that the policing forces as have grown over time, are paid, so essentially fed and housed by the upper classes, who need police-protection because they lead the way in corrupt thus immoral laws and behaviour, and have therefore to defend themselves from the disgruntled lower, deprived classes, the lower classes are always forced to act immorally and unethically, due precisely to the immoral and unethical culture developed in and by the upper, ruling class.

So, that I assert, from some 30 years observation, study and recording of our social trends, culture and 'norms', that Australia has become a 'criminally insane' nation, which has of course to say that the lower classes, as well as the upper classes fit that categorisation, does not insult the lower classes.

Rather, though I have little or no sympathy for their propensity to abuse any Respect or ethical codes as would be due, they cannot be blamed for being criminally insane.

However, the fact remains, that they are.

As usual, I'm inclined to be prolix in getting to the bottom of such cultural maladies, though always wish I could write otherwise.

Sociopathic, Psychopathic, also both describe our general mental condition today.

But don't try telling yer av'rage Osssieee! Lower OR upper class.

And try putting an intelligent analysis with that conclusion to our police force, and you'll be a psyche patient with an indelible record quick-as...!

So..., what does a sane person do?

And harder still, what does a sane, and stubbornly Ethical person do?

Because, when these points are made known to them, being ethical, they ask which way they should travel in Australia.

How should they live? Can they take employment in any of the businesses or industries, when the same inquiries that conclude as above, also determine that working in any of the mainstream fields of employment is totally unethical?

And, first-and-last, what kind of accommodation can they have, while all forms belong in the “unethical” basket?

A recent report, no doubt with a countering report extant somewhere in the ether and internet, told that Australia has the 3rd highest housing prices on Earth, after Shanghai and Tokyo.

Yet we have the lowest demographic, that-is number of people per hectare, on Earth?

So, somewhere up the top of the social/economic pile here, there are people who profit disgustingly from this anomaly of social structure, and do so by forcing governments, police forces, and the general attitude amongst the middle-to-upper classes to live unethically, and in-the-end, as criminals.

As said, this has been the case for at least 200 years. 203 years to be precise, since the laws being instituted here, duly administered by one Commendable Governor William Bligh, were broken and subverted to something near to what we have today, of outright insane criminality, with perhaps, at best 5% of the population, owning, purely for speculative purposes, over 50% at least of the land.

From 30 years-plus of inquiry into why we, and I, tend to act-out, become aggressive, and anti-social, I have absolutely no doubt that the vast majority of crime, and of personal dysfunction, are caused by bad land laws.

Prolongation of such bad land laws and thus errant behaviour will always lead to both personal and cultural insanity, such that no-one can “live” in any part of the society without being criminal.

And, there can be no doubt, that if the whole or larger part of a community, and at worst, of a nation, are criminal, then this is a serious case of a criminally insane culture.

As noted at the first paragraph, this began when the British first landed and settled, from 1788 onwards.

From my research, the original edicts and orders which came with Governor Arthur Phillip on the First Fleet, called for perhaps the best laws of taxation, where the land rent was collected to pay for government's costs.

This was being adhered-to by the first governors and the communities that were growing around the first settlements of Sydney. But, as said, this stopped abruptly when one rogue officer of the British military component, Sergeant John Macarthur, enacted a coup de ta and deposed Governor Bligh.

The colonies of New South Wales thereafter, fell endlessly to corruption and wayward behaviour, and within just years, aided by the already wayward character of the convicts, was replete with seriously dysfunctional personalities.

And as often, those with the most “outgoing” personalities, found themselves promoted and feigned by the now rotten ruling class and military establishment, such that, from 1808 onwards, the new colonies were administered and governed by an elite of outright scoundrels, to put the phraseology in context.

Government, policing, still essentially a military dictatorship, judiciary and clergy, were possessed of the most unqualified and errant officers ever seen.

And still today, while they have the media supporting them, they are little different. Particularly in New South Wales.

But dig a bit under the 'skin' of mediated parliament shopfrontery in any state or territory, or of course in the big house of Canberra, and you will see exactly the same.

So..., if an Ethical person finds themselves in need of a home, while at-once wanting to maintain their Ethical Principles, where do they look?



North Korea?

Hardly Shanghai, Tokyo, or Australia!

But, what would I know? I'm on an “Intellectual Disability” pension!

Fuck you, Astrayliar!

A nation, gone criminally insane.

Thanks, Britain. Rome. Old Israel.

And the coppers, the military, the USA and Eurape, protect them?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
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