Politics is our fast-track to the Apocalypse

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Trying hard to resist the temptation of commenting on news, awaiting other thingees, I guess I may as well....?

First sticking to my synapses, are the items about Bob Katter's new political party, “The Australia Party” I think he's called it.

As if designed to catch the eye of Outlaws, an ABC news item last night (or this morning?) had him announcing a defection from the Queensland Liberal/National party to his party, amidst, and sitting on a few Harley Davidson motorbikes. Both Katter and the new fella, were not wearing Katter's signature big hat, but “bandanna's” akin to what Outlaw bikers wear under their helmets.

The message was clear. Katter is, and has pretty-much always been a “maverick” as the Americans call one who stands outside the mainstream, and his new party is overt in it's appeal to those in rural Queensland at least, who are as rough - as they are, with serious tendencies toward no-nonsense politics, and who reject the two mainstream parties as being tarred with the same OFFSHORE brush. Two-sides-of-the-same-coin, as it were.

The fella, haven't committed to memory his name yet, made a reason for his defection being because he joined the National's, and the LNP has become effectively the Liberal party. “It's a Liberal party take-over”, were his words.


No major reason for me to get excited, other than knowing that the Nationals, once called the Country Party, still have the temerity to call themselves “Agrarian Socialists”?

Perhaps most people do not know the underlying philosophy of Agrarian Socialism, even though the name is self-explanatory, because there's not been a Hell of a lot of Socialism, nor Agrarianism, in any state of Australia for perhaps 60 years, give-or-take.

And given the tag-along disappointment SE Queensland Nationals Barnaby Joyce has been since his election to Canberra in (?) 2004, the modern-day, so-called “Agrarian Socialist” party of Australia cannot be considered serious, in any of it's sophistry.

But both “Agrarianism” and “Socialism” have undeniable credit, when we take a Scientific approach to this basket of bullshit we call the political arena, no matter which nation we observe.

That Astrayliar is the least populated patch of ARABLE real estate on Earth, the issue of Agrarianism should stand as primary to our lives. But, this is not the case, and not, by a long long margin.

I forget the percentage of Astrayliarn whitefaces who live in cities, but it is criminally disproportionate to the available (Ah HUH! THAT is the question - “available”!) land we are bullshitted to by the political class that is ours, and which makes-up Australia.

Let's park in the balls, and guess at some 75%, conservatively, methinks? I'm inclined toward even 90% actually, but hain't got no stats in front of me.

But more relevant, is the horror statistic which shows that our farmers who grow and feed to cattle and sheep the foods we eat, and export, and let rot because the multinational supermarkets push prices so low it's not worth the farmers effort to truck it off.

Apparently, only around 3% of Australians are farmers.

Sure, a guess of at least another 5% are employed more or less directly in the hands-on agricultural industries, if we don't include employees of big agri-machinery etc, who mostly live and work in the outer suburbs of major cities anyway.

But, these figures display a serious, indeed a criminal imbalance in how Australians work and live in their own nation.

Years ago it became evident to myself, that it is insane to leave our food production in such a small percentage and number of the population.

Of course, the underlying crime which dictates this anomaly is how we use and occupy the land!

Millions of acres, hectares, are given off to tenant fucking moo-cows, and sheep, while the Humans are herded into the smallest possible patches of real estate, around the centres of the most heinous corporate business ventures ever seen on earth!

Security in numbers, is one reason for this, as well as having a large population to act as a “buffer zone” against any land invasion. But a dated defence (like - about 500 years dated!) in these aeronautic and higher altitude weapons-daze.

Another discrepancy is the totally discordant use of the massive land area to grow wheat. Yet modern dietary science proves and states in every dietary list and advice sheet, that wheat is one of the foods we should eat the least of!

Time to get offff the bread!

So, where are we down-here-down-the-sewer-pipe in Astrayliar, when these figures, backed-up by the Sciences from several fields of expertise, tell us unambiguously that most of the uses we have for our OUR country, are disastrous, for everything, from the children's diet and growth, to the perpetuation of a healthy natural environment??

Screwed, maytes! Screwed!

So, getting back to the shithole we call politics.....,

...if Katter's new baby, with tinges of Agrarian Socialist defectors, can go to and maintain a focus and emphasis on these types of issues, if mainly because they concern his potential rural electorates, as well of course, other ISSUES such as -

- the dissolution of the current states structures

- personally, I am for their total dissolution, down to a two-tier structure, of resized Local Councils, under a federal umbrella, revenued by LAND RENT
- while knowing that Bob wants north Queensland to separate and secede to become it's own galaxy

- a SERIOUS decentralisation of the populace away from the shitholes we call cities, like - Sinny, like - Cantberrya, like - Hellbourne and Nobrane, Derth, Sadelaide etc,

all in such a new day, running on the fundamental of NATIONAL LAND REFORM

- and not forgetting Bob's apparent sympathy toward our Most Noble Aborigines, who need the most intense political focus to restore their Rightful Stature...,

I might even be persuaded to re-register to vote, for, Bob's Outlaw Party?

Might, note!

There y' go, Bob!

Clearly, both major parties and the system they conspire to uphold - in Queensland - WHO'S LAND??? - across Australia, and across the planet - are rooted, and need a serious revamp.

But as I've said before, and before that, and..., every time a new political mob gets the wind under their advertising sails, they float high for a time, but the sun soon melts their wax, and down they fall again, to the same pit the rest of the political stooges have become comfortably embedded in, and again, it's just a bitchy, bigoted, bullshit, billycart race to the bottom.

At the end of the day, the no-longer so shiny politicians get their superannuation and pension payouts, and the rest are left to pin their faith onto ANOTHER rising meteorite.

But all the best, Bob!

Here's hoping you win enough Solid Support to bring-on a national, and even a global REVOLUTION.

If there's a globe left after Armageddon.....?

As I've been transmitting out to the “!!!OCCUPY!!!” PROTESTERS, around the big ball, Humanity, if we are to save ourselves, have fast to get beyond the “leaders-leadership” models of Zion, and learn that the things we need MOST, are True Land Laws.

If Bighat and Bandanna Bob and his Band of Outlaw Politicians can embrace this concept, without the baptismal's spells making their brains short-circuit, and thus work toward putting Proper Laws at the top of all priorities, then I wager my pension, that the Australia Party has a good chance.

But it all depends, possibly, upon how the OFFSHORE media pundits and subversives treat Bob and Coy?

I have a few suspicions on how Allan Joyce, Oirish CEO of Quaintarse, and the TWU, antipodean branch of the global International Labor Organisation ILO, are conspiring to reduce the number of global airlines, by sending Qantas to the wall, but they're just theories......?

To the wall, so Qantas can be bought for a song by Xtrata, or another foreign global buy-up specialist. Wouldn't even be surprised if Qantas is owned by China Airways in a year or 2!

But my reckoning is that the world has to reduce it's airtime, for economic and for environmental reasons, and so the demise of at least one major airline is how the IMF scum on top of the pool would administer it......

As we are but a colony of the north, at their mercy, and as they don't want us to become independent, economically, which translates to politically, the fall of Qantas would be merely another axe to our self-esteem, exactly like Gallipoli was in the first world war.

How exciting it would be to hear Bob Katter announce, or even just use the words “a REVOLUTION”?  (Maybe there's a more modern word for it....?)

But, as I'm not at all sure any of this is real........,

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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