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Blimey? It seems I made the best decision to refuse to enter politics.

Having been “built” to play a leadership role in the ALP, I found out late, but had always been against that idea.

Not for the reasons this article, and the ongoing drama of who's gunna lead the ALP, repeatedly put-out.

But the crap Australians are hearing from Canberra and obviously from Sydney's branch, if anything, are bringing out the dangers and major flaws inherent in national government and leadership generally.

My main reason for refusing stepping in to any such role, is Philosophical, and anti-Christian.

Basically, we have all been hoodwinked by the most powerful religious cults on earth, into believing that leadership is key to a healthy nation, and, these days, to a healthy planet.

This is, when it's deciphered and deconstructed to the fullest, utter nonsense, and seriously dangerous nonsense.

As I've been writing for a few years, what the species needs, is to Recognise and Respect totally THE LAW. Leaders cannot provide that perennial stability.

Our very own Aborigine knew this, and have always known it to be so.

So, what we are enduring via our essentially agenda-ridden media, all of whom are dyed-in-the-wool Zionists, which translates as being the big cult whose aim is to put one single super-duper-hero messiah at the very top of the world, is a deadly scam designed by the world's right-wing, western elites to win and keep all the world's resources and power and wealth etc etc etc, in their own control.

They have been planning this since the wealthiest idiot in the world in the 19th century, Cecil Rhodes, and his cohort of upclub super-confidence tricksters from Britain and Eurape, dreamed-up the most evil and most hair-brained scheme.

But no doubt much of this comes from millennia of monarchs doing everything they and their sycophants can to increase their power and wealth.

That was a major part of what colonialism was all about. A race against their similarly rich, megalomaniac foes, in other “kingdoms” of Eurape, to get the newly discovered territories before the other side did.

It's just the way it worked-out that Britain was the most successful. It's no coincidence that Britain employed the most evil, ruthless tactics to succeed and keep the world's booty.

Anyone who knows about the underhanded character of the world's “spy agencies” knows that the British mobs MI5 and for foreign affairs, MI6, were and still are the most evil bastards on earth.

And that is precisely why ex-British prime minister Tony Blair said in the 1990s, that “Britain can no longer (not that they had ever) maintain an ethical approach to foreign affairs” (paraphrased).

However, moving forward to the 21st century, and to this dangerous mock-feud between Rudd, Gillard, pissed-off Sydney ALP branchers, power-crazy Tony Abbott, and a disenfranchised electorate, all struggling to keep face, and to keep the and their balls rolling in extreme and delicate and deadly times, I return to my above comments against the whole notion of “leadership”.

From my Outlaw Dysfunction position, like so many games played on us, and on me, it's quite likely that everything we are hearing on this tussle for the PM's chair, and accoutrements, is a bizarre try by someone very high-up, but perhaps tooo cowardly..., or too Wise...., to show their hand, to bring about a revolution in how voters and parties and others, govern?

I mean, all this just makes everyone sick of the whole bullshit game of “one-leader-is-better-than-another-leader”!

In that case, the spin we get earfuls of, is for the greater good, because it might get enough of us, but most importantly enough of our political reps, and senators, et al, and media, off our/their fatcells and make the changes we all now know we have to have.

And those changes are singularly, getting beyond all these foolish and as said deadly games of looking toward one single leader, saviour, fucking messiah!

Of course, in Canberra, sits the Cecil Rhodes' scholar stirrer and so-upimself-that-he-believes-he's born to lead, Tony Abbott, whose “mish” is to fuck-over the ALP, no matter what the outcome, as long as he wins the PM's chair.

So, if anyone is listening to this, they better stop listening to Abbott, and all his cronies and arse-lickers.

But how does we solve this feud?

I refuse to believe that Rudd was such a tyrant that he off-ended the ALP Cabinet completely. Clearly he has much going for him, in his clear-headedness, his language skills, and thus his affinity with the next global Boss, China.

But, whether he or anyone else really does have the right stuff to lead a nation through the future uncertainties, remains the, THE question?

I assert that neither he, nor Gillard, nor Abbott, nor Hockey, nor Joyce, nor myself, nor anyone is fitted to play that role, BECAUSE IT'S A LIE!

That they are all of the western mindset, of majority Zionist persuasion, as are all the western world's leaders, presidents, monarchs and others, DOES NOT MAKE IT TRUE, RIGHT OR FOR THE GREATER GOOD!

So, until the People, like the PROTESTORS currently shouting-down the concrete canyons of downtown New York, the “Occupy Wall Street” Champions, let go of this unintelligent and deeply dangerous delusion of waiting for a messianic leader to save our filthy-rotten-selfish-corrupt lifestyles, and accept that life, all life, survives because it, all of it, abides by certain, unchanging LAWS, we are doomed.

Make right the Laws, and we do not need leaders, nor any of the utter bullshit that comes with their inflated profiles, made-up by the equally deluded and church-hypnotised profit-oriented CRAPitalist advertising and marketing corporations.

Gillard, and while Rudd professes to be a Catholic, Rudd also, already know this. But I say that they also know full-well that the system is so awry, so warped in that deceitful direction of false messiahs, leaders, prophets, whatever you like, that someone has to be there to do some steering of the big fat and unintelligent ship of state, until the punters stop throwing their brains down the drain with lazy-arse falsities of voting every few years.

While this game is allowed, BY US, to continue, the fucking evil and fucking stupid Christian/Zionist media will feed off it, and off our lives, earnings and bones, 'til the fucking cows go back to Eurape!

Therefore, if there is not a significant shift in how people live, think and vote, the world will not be visited by any flocking messiah, no Jewish Clark Kent will appear and save you. Instead, a very powerful and very pissed-off Dark Cunt will effect the changes the planet needs, and because of our extremely lazy selfishness, it will wipe-out the vast majority of Humanity.

So don't even think about clicking on the online opinion poll button for or against Rudd or Gillard, or Abbott, or Jesus.

The only way we will save ourselves is by showing more than a bit of self-restraint.

Well past the time Australians got off their fatcells and PROTESTED in Unison with those Champions in New York.

He who laughs last........ looks at you lazy flockers with disdain.

Get a clue, Astrayliar!”

Leave Gillard, and Rudd alone, and let them, as the Sex Pistols sang,

Form a Committee!!!”

Of course, a bit of thought on that, should have us all think “but from which side?”

Yeah! Of the same coin?

Whichever Committee members have the support and the balls to institute THE LAW, firstly of “Land Rent for Government Revenue”.

And the support, while this loose concept of Democracy, still nowhere near fully realised, pretends to be how we do it, comes from YOU!

Rudd won the 2007 election because YOU knew he was on the money, on the right economic reform path. It was not Gillard who shunted him out.

So there is no real reason why there is this any speculation about “which leader”.

Only false reasons.

YOU allow them to keep grabbing the media airtime, either for or against this false issue, and we have a shitfight for a future.

This, as the Thai and Fiji military know, applies globally now, especially now.

So perhaps, like the Champions of those two nations' armed forces, it's time the Australian military forces woke-up from the spells cast over their otherwise fine institutions by the mongrels who led the Rum Rebellion in 1808?

But, I hold little hope in the current leadership.

Funny how Astrayliar has always been said to be ten years behind the rest of the world. It's not funny really, is it?

We are in the most dangerous delusion while we sit back and wait for the next election, whether brought-on by a failure in the minority government we have or not.

That Australians are more likely to be selfish cowards and lazy idiots, is likely to make things spin right out of control, and lawlessness will rule the streets like never before in no time.

This applies to all of Humanity now, as New York “Occupy Wall Street” Protesters know.

But perhaps it applies most to our reporters and journalists, editors and moguls........

But I'm just repeating myself now......

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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