Focus Organize and Occupy Wall Street

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Focus Organize and Occupy Wall Street Core-Us Edition

Argh? YO!” in my best NY accent, to all “Occupy Wall Streeters”!

Fresh, Dudes! Fresh! Tha's the feeling I get reading about your venture over there in New York.

As the article (titled above) from the NYT describes, you've captured the US Unions attention, affection and perhaps adoration.


From down here down under, it's a long time coming, for the USA Union movement to get some wind in their sails again.

And the article seems to indicate that the Unionists are listening and watching, and want to not infect the freshness and vitality that Occupy Wall Street seems, with it's more youthful component, to have.

This is very good news, to mememe.

And, I reckon, good news to all True Believers worldwide.

Unions are crucial to a balanced society and culture. None of them can be shitcanned for being dragged into the pit of modern commercial enterprise, and thus having to fight the underlying corruption of big money corruption, with, corruption.

But, as every solid unionist and anti-unionist knows, corruption creeps in wherever the fight for a piece of land exists.

That always has the effect of stultifying any Justice movement, and so, unions become as much as part of the problem.

Because of the need for size, in affairs unions deal with, charters and constitutions have to be created, which seem always to have to be kept as narrowly defined as possible, to keep something clear about their purpose. And that always gets “boggy”, and slows the vitality each member and small sector might start off with.

As most unions have roots in old times, as-it-were, of even just 50, 100 years ago, it's probably real hard for their hierarchy to keep pace with the changes of society, which are coming at us all faster and faster, by the hour almost.

But perhaps the most difference, is that today, more people, I venture to suggest, are skeptical of dogma, from any “side” of politics, and a far larger percentage of the populace have enough education, even just from the streets, and can use the simple tools of a more scientific mind to deduce economic facts from the hyperbola, which is, Wall Street, and it's mythological speculative, deception and confidence based marketplace.

With the “fresh” youthfulness of the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Clubstas, and a likely greater independence from the older genres of union dogma and allegiances, added to the critical situations prevailing on local, national and global fronts in most all arenas - personal economics, government finances, and the environment, etc., the OWS is free (like any Good American) to use their intelligence and get down to the bottomline issues - issue.

Me, King Commo, I am, - a Commo!

But Capitalism has it's place, no doubt about it, and is, I tend to accept, part of our True Human Nature.

But it don't work - for long - if it's not based on SOLID Economic Ground.

So, use the Momentum You Dudes, right there in the Heart of the Free World, Downtown New York, to keep it clean and alive, but not with hype and confidence tricks, but with Science and the True Call for Justice, which as your President Clinton famously put it, “It's the Economy, stupid!”

Surely, even the American People are getting wary and tired of the combatative nature of unrestrained CRAPitalism?

New Yorkers, and every American who wants a better world and nation, who've taken the trouble to get themselves to downtown NY, and side with the OWS PROTEST, do so with the best in mind and heart, and so, as the OWS grows globally, keep the focus on the Simple, Clean, Pure and True Intelligent, Scientific approach to Economics.

Jus' th' FACTS, Ma'am!”

Might be your last chance? If you, New Yorkers, Americans, can't shift the corruption apparently inherent in such as the stock markets, and put in it's place the Noble Science of Economic Law, then we may as well all do and deal drugssss.

Unions have to be a part of the Shift, and be prepared to move forward, to the more Holy Ground of the Scientific Economics of Land Rent.

The Unions should be parleying with the NYPD non-stop, to win their acceptance of the OWS Movement.

After all, the cops do the hardest yards because of the fundamental corruption of the Economic laws, so each and every one of them, should be right in there with OWS to let it grow.

Most everyone knows it, knows of it, but skepticism has us resign ourselves to the shithole.

All Strength to THE PROTEST!

You might not know yet, but OWS and it's partners across the USA, and further, is pumping a lot of Hope and Heart back into many many people, worldwide.

Seems to me, Omaxa bin Outlaw, that every Outlaw, every Gangsta, every Hoodie, even every Mafioso on Earth should be Supporting OWS.

As it grows, surely it blows that fresh head-clearing breeze over us, giving everyone the strength - the Strength of the Group, of the United People - to speak and think clearly about the Law, and Economics, without the fear of the bighouse mobs stomping us?

Progress, is about moving beyond the stereotypical cultural and societal models we've been forced, and led to follow.

Specifically, it's about going beyond the leadership models of the lost tribes, ever looking for THE MAN to idolise and leave the thinking to.

Get THE LAW Correct, and everyone can learn it and know it, commit it to their hearts, and are their own Boss, free to be Intelligent, - and - Wise - free from the shackles of ever-corruptible hierarchical social, cultural structures, and free from the ridiculous need to spend time keeping up to date with ever-adapting laws.

That - is Democracy in Action, Dudes!

All Strength!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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