Bringing Disparate Revolutionaries Together

111018 Outlaw Junction News-Chop Bringing Disparate Revolutionaries Together Edition

Happy 1st Month Birthday of the “Occupy Wall Street” Movement!


However.., before we get too enthusiastic.......

Reading a few articles covering the “Occupy Movements'” growth globally, I was reminded that the New York's “Occupy Wall Street” was preceded by both the Arab Spring, and, the Spanish “Indignance” Movement, or “Street Presence” in Madrid's centre. And Greece's PROTESTERS cannot be forgotten, either!

Not that this matters. Just so long as a wide uprising occurs.

Without making heroes of the initiators in each city, “Good Job Dudes!”

Getting out there and doing what you can, and have, deserves reward, no doubt.

Perhaps a majority would consider global legalisation of the Holy herb, Marijuana, would be reward enough?

It would go a long way to appease my aching Soul.

And any off-topic reward may well inspire us to either, up-the-anti, in our demands, or dedicate ourselves deeper in the New March for a Just world.

But, it is a personal drift off-topic. Sorry.

On topic, comes the question.... “What IS the topic?”

Yeah? My focus remains, on Land Reforms. GLOBAL Land Reforms.

But it's nothing to do with my being forced out to homelessness for over 16 years, or that other affairs make me want to rage against everyone who refuses to dedicate themselves to a Just Planet.

Most of us now know, that there have been Noble Efforts since the beginning of our Species, to enable a Just, Honorable system of land occupation, distribution and use, and we know that in every major nation and even major city, over more than 100 years, the Most Honorable Network of Social, Human Justice Advocates, have been quietly Working to effect what they have known as the Most Honest Tax. Land Tax.

So, without delay, it becomes timely to coalesce globally all the New “Occupy” Movements, under one Topic. One Issue. One Reform.

Without doubt, such a task is the biggest call the world has ever seen, so no-one can afford to underestimate that fact, but critically, what forces will gather to kill it, and us, off.

Always, as in any business venture, or project of most any kind, the initiators, and Advocates and Warriors who join-in after them, have to give some thought and space, to review the “worst case scenarios”. Another way of saying that, is “Know thine enemy!”

For the Potential which awaits, not just in (my penchant of) the Economic Science of Land Rent for Government Revenue Work, but as well, in the “Indignance” and “Occupy” Movements, being so “out there” on the streets, right in front of the centres of corruption - the stock exchanges - we have to be “on alert” almost every second, because either or all of these Protests are like magnets for the metal filings of selfishness and greed to be mindlessly attracted-to, and to rush to, to try to infiltrate, subvert and destroy.

And, like the proverbial “devil”, they come in an endless array of disguises. Bright. Brutal. Mellow. Friendly. Smiling. Laughing. Arty. Charismatic. Intelligent. Wise. Fast. Slow. Leering. Luring. Threatening. Etc etc etc.

Reading this type of assessment, might well have us throw our hands up in the air and go back to growing hydro in the closet!

Sorry if it deflates some.

I write those warnings to emphasise that, before the impetus drops off, while still on the “up-swing” of popularity, a definitive Cause, Topic, Demand, Correction needs must be Recognised, GLOBALLY.

Otherwise, I reckon, having been in and watching from the sidelines many many attempts at Human Justice Movements over some 25 years, burst into life, gather strength, grow, intensify, party, enjoy early successes, celebrate, then, soon enough become diffused, lose the drive, break-off into separate focii and demands and parties of policies, etc etc., otherwise, if we, globally, cannot get right down there to the most fundamental, bottomline issue, and set our sights on making that the BIG ONE, right around the Collective, the result, perhaps years down the track, will be but more and more “single issue parties” with nothing in common, with no alliances, with ever-smaller, ineffective issues becoming their reason detre, vying for a seat in the national or local council government.

Cause Lost” might be their generic label.

Nothing Genuinely Good, Beneficial and effective in breaking what the current upsurge of PROTESTS are going-to, of as-coined “corporate greed” will be the non-result.

A government or even a parliamentary system might be modified here or there. But in the “macro” things will be pretty much the same-same BULLSHIT.

Top-end executives will still live and work and play miles above the majority, above the “99%” as put, flitting around the globe in their private learjets, bizarre stretch limos, and penthouse castles, doing sneaky deals with weapons' traders, stock market traders, illegal drugs traders, real estate speculators, super-rich arabs, and we, the majority, and our progeny, and theirs, will slowly slowly be disappeared into the local mythology of landlessness, becoming but slaves to Babylon. Or Rome. To Wall Street.... Etcetera!

Naturally, a large percentage of those who show a “dissenting” way of life, especially from the upper classes, will pretty-much always be cynical of any such PROTEST Movement, mainly because lots and lots of them are guaranteed a financially secure life, due to fabulously wealthy corporate executive daddy buying them a nice little or large piece of real estate.

So they are one, not necessarily interested in advancing the PROTESTS, especially if the Protests go to challenge and possibly dissemble their “kick-back” lifestyle of playing the “inheritance-game” of corrupt land ownership laws.

And two, they are as likely pals with people of the same genre, of the same inheritance lifestyle, of the same private school “bruderbonds”, and as people do, they talk. And get stoned, or drunk, get wary, paranoid and then get sneaky about how they can undermine the apparent threat to their selfish ways.

I've seen them join similar protests time and again, and watching this as a seemingly unbeatable intrusion, have walked away from various Protest Groups. Indeed, these arseholes have influenced my direction, and my determination, and have made me the loner I now am, working this way, toward a bigger Cause, without the social interferences one..., I think (?)..., has to endure when living in society.

But all that was over a decade ago now. Huge shifts in people's understanding of how their own and other peoples' minds work has occurred in the last ten to 15 years. And there is evidence that many of the undermined, disempowered Social Justice Organisations have been able to regroup, and with a new focus and drive like never before.

For all the subversive intrusions, they too have “wised-up” and are able to protect their Cause and Clans, with at least equal strength.

On top of this, previously disparate “class” and “Race” groups are coming together, and most, I want to believe, see the, THE Issue, of Land Reform and Rent, which has to be brought out into the open.

And lastly, through the work done in the subtle realm, the Street Warriors, the Gangstas, Hoodies, Outlaws of every town and city and region, uneducated and underclass-ified by society, have got their ears on, and are growing not only in self-confidence, and in Organisation, but in wisdom and want, to be giving to any cause which takes-on the rude selfish prigs way-up-there on top of the Human pyramid, and their corrupt laws.

And most of them, are humble enough (when not supercharged on Meth), to say they don't wanna kill those lords, they jus' wanna be able to live in a better, more equal, happier world.

So the Occupy Movements should feel this Strength and Presence, from the lower, and lowest classified members of society, and that they are now more able than ever to go about their business of straightening-up the world of finance and economy, without that old ever-present fear of some radical gang of thugs showing-up, paid by the bighouse mobster to bash them and their technology and movement to dust.

But once again, I return to the, or what I, and perhaps some billions of Humans worldwide, recognise as THE ISSUE, and of how we can keep the Momentum Rolling, Current, Active, Alive and Effective toward STOMPING OUT CORRUPTION, in both our governments, and in our marketplaces, large or local.

OUR marketplaces, I emphasise.

Clearly, anyone can see that there is a tremendous amount of warped and weird cultural habits and traditions operating everywhere now, and that tackling any or all of them is madness.

They don't call me Mad Max for nutin'!

But, before government, before we have to focus our time, energy and attention on politics, we have to be sure we can feed ourselves.

And all food comes from the earth itself. So does all our shelter, clothing, technology and other things.

The games of capitalism, of the last something-thousand years, have been pretty-much about “middlemen” providing us what we need.

Somewhere, before we buy the goods, they have come from the land.

Everything, has it's origins in the land. and/or, the sea. Same thing for this point.

The housing crisis that exploded across the USA a few years ago, which still holds millions of Americans in penury and homelessness, is based on our common need for land. It ain't the “house”. It's the LAND every house needs to be built on!

And those GFC-type crashes are what have brought on these current PROTEST MOVEMENTS.

If the global real estate markets were Balanced, and operated on Just Land Laws, none of this would have eventuated.

Neither, I put it, would the species have been driven to seeking work, an income, in the most environmentally (and morally) destructive jobs ever, so the globe's environment would not have been pushed over the edge into it's increasingly unbalanced state.

Quite possibly, world wars and local and civil wars would not have arisen, or have been planned and effected, if the land laws were Honest, Balanced and Just? Possibly?

So, skipping back to the days' Global Uprising against Capitalist, corporate greed, the “Indignance” “Occupy Wall Street” Occupy Sydney” “Occupy every centre of corruption”, and “DEFY the tyranny” Movements should find no argument on deciding which ISSUE should be put on top of the list, of demands and reforms they want the governments to address.

Because, if we dissect the causes for corporate greed, etc, we will always find that it's simply individuals taking advantage of those alluring opportunities to make as big as pile of financial security as possible, while they can, because there is no guarantee that the future will provide the fundamentals of food and a roof, laughter and trust.

Perhaps this is exactly what the Protests are about? Changing the laws and the economics so that we can, at last, ALL be given a guarantee that the future will provide the fundamentals of food and a roof, laughter and trust. Perennially!

Y'know, really, it shits me that it is my penchant. With all the other garbage and myth and falsity and BULLSHIT and tragedy of, in and behind my own life, I really really HATE that I also have become a, if-not the voice, championing this most Honest, Most Fundamental Economic Reform.

I do what I do, in such as writing this stuff, because I CAN! But more because I've been built to do it. My Fabricators, began this thing called me, as a mission to breed-up a reborn Jesus/Merlin combined, to claim all the world's thrones, as the god king.

FUCK-OFF!!!!” I say to them.

Old school dreaming!

Anyone who is inclined to drift into that dreaming that I'm their saviour, needs to PULL-UP and refocus on the fundamental FACT, that millions of others are also aware of and as eloquent about expressing and fighting and championing this very same Cause. I'd be a drunk stoner, probably long dead by now, if it wasn't for those others who saw the same disparities and were destined to find these same economic and philosophical and psychological Truths, facts, and simple laws.


Today, any corrections and changes for the better have to be by the People. By the Demos. And like never before, on a United Global Scale.

Hence, we have this once in a Species lifetime Opportunity, as presenting in the Indignance and Occupy and Arab Uprisings.

Don't let it be diluted Dudes!

Don't let it be subverted, distracted, stomped or starved out of existence.

It could well be self-building, self-expanding, totally self-perpetuating now.

It's excellent that people from every little Justice Group are drawn to the epicentres of these PROTESTs, as long as they can all agree that they could, if United in Cause, all have their own vegie patch, or vegie FARM.

With the sweet smell of a country estate, rising up, happily each morning and doing a bit of Yoga, Meditation, Tai Chi, Gung Fu, and laughing and working with mates and large, extended families, having an ideally homegrown natural, healthy and hearty breakfast, (lunch and dinner) on a secure piece of land, knowing that the governments, local and national, want it this way. Lives of not having to fret about getting to work, of enduring the slavish sweatshop or factory conditions, of committing crime to pay the apartment's or ghetto's rent.

So, “Let It Grow!” as they say.....

But, again, with the correct focus, clear-headedness and right-minded Courage, Land Rent for Government Revenue, Global Land Reform, is the call everyone can call for, worldwide.

I'm inclined to believe, with some evidence to support it, that even the devil and many apparently hostile aliens will lay down their arms against us, if Humans can Unite on this Key Reform to the land marketplace.

On the other hand...., there is also substantial evidence to prove that, if Humans do NOT effect such honesty in governing the planet, DEMOCRATICALLY, chaos will rule and destroy a majority of us, and all we have come to claim and love and desire.

So..., one doesn't have to be a Mathematician to figure-out which way Humans, but particularly, the Indignance, Occupy and Arab Uprising Movements should go in their “Requests” of their governments.

The power is now in YOUR HANDS, Humanity!

Do not abuse it!

All Strength!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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