Occupy Sydney and all centres of oligarchic corruption!

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Feeling very suicidal lately, under much pressure, full moon and what-have-you.

Hohum? Need some Holy Herb...! An' a REALSexy Woman!!!

Of course, somewhere DESCENT to live, would go a long way to dispel the hexes of Catholicism.

As only google bots read these pages, it's useless putting the little advert for a shed to rent on this blog. BU-UT..., I'm gonna anyway, at the bottom of this post. Jus' for the record.....!

Ne'ertheless..., and..., whatever..., I found an article about Astrayliarns getting out and PROTESTING in Sydney's financial CBD, in allegiance with those taking it to the HQ of corruption, the New York stock exchange in (or near) Wall Street New York, USA, and was inspired to make a comment on the Yahoo news site.

It's a sign of how fucked-over the world is, that no-one has yet got their balls and briefs together enough to take these types of crimes against everything to court, and have the governmental and political system hauled down to the gallows.

Probably something to do with the fact that most of our politicians also have law degrees, thus are in the same cloaks and beds as the practising lawyers and judges and magistrates and and and and......! coppers!

Good on Ya' Sinny!

Very Inspiring to see some of the wealthiest people on earth, with the heaviest environmental footprint, doing something that is not destructive and overly-consumptive.

Indeed, the Americans of the "Occupy Wall Street" Brigade, deserve recognition by all US governments, especially by the police forces, and so do the rest of the People who have chosen to PROTEST at the centre of the corruption, in each major financial district.

However, as I suspect will happen to the so-called "revolutions" now at play across the Arab world, where they will be reduced once more to having been violent and unproductive affairs, ending with a massive boon the very powers they tried to oust, and in the end, nothing changes, we best do everything behind the scenes, to build the legal case in support of all these "Occupy" Protests.

Were Australia, and most of the world, as-it-happens, not such a joke in terms of having nothing better than "kangaroo court" legal systems, there would most definitely be an irrefutable case for the Protesters and their claims that the rich are in-fact, "illegally greedy", if-I-may.

Because, matters as the rude profits of the stock markets and the large multinational corporations, while often not clearly definable as "illegal", there can be no doubt that the greed and inherent psychoses which drives today's corporations and the upper end financial world, are in the least, "unethical".

It's clear also that their misbehavior leaves the rest of us next-to-no option but to live similarly unethical lives.

And, in the end, "ethics", and "morality" are what lie behind "laws".

Or, they should be.

But we are not in Heaven.

We could be, if the modern world United, and used our immense collective GLOBAL Legal Powers to build cases to present in courts all around the planet, the irrefutable evidence that the day's oligarchic elites and their multinational corporations are acting well outside any REAL Legal boundaries.

All Strength to every Group and Individual on Earth who defies the disgusting laws and policing restrictions that protect and enable the wealthy devils who're doing the rest of us over, for going to, and staying at these modern-day "barricades", like now in Martin Place Sydney, and NY, etc etc!

The world is at a crucial time, and it is our first Duty, as Human Beings, to make a Stand against the oligarchic tyranny.

Those who ignore it, are not Human Beings.

About sums it up..........?

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All Praise the Immortals!
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