Here come the denigrations of the Occupy Movement Edition

111019 Outlaw Junction Here come the denigrations of the Occupy Movement Edition

And here they come!

After noting in my paranoias, a silence all-of-a-sudden, in the news media I can access, with zero coverage of the, nor any “Occupy” PROTESTS, I hit the 'net this Wednesday morn' to see the above article on Reuters.

And that was only found (on Google news) after typing “Occupy Wall Street” in the “search” window.

Should I, or any of us be surprised?


No irony in the attempt to denigrate the Occupy Wall Street Protest, as “anti-Semitic” either.

In REALPolitik of my kind, the Jews would be a fair target, for there is plenty of evidence that the Jewish Zionist movement lead the world in the rudest capitalist ventures. There's hardly a large, multinational corporation, or in fact Eurapean political party which is not made-up of Jewish people.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, lately holding the president's chair of the tyrannical International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the boss of the French Socialist Party, just one example. He is also, allegedly a senior cloak and mask wearer in the illusively evil Illuminati.

So...., are the Jews “fair-game”?

Perhaps so. However, if anyone does target them, and overtly is associated with the Occupy Movements, either in New York or out on the global stage, we can be certain, as I warned in my last blog-post yesterday, the enemy will do everything to destroy any Noble, Honorable attempts by the Masses, by the Public Democracy, to exact some Justice and Honesty in the world's of big finance, etc.

However, as someone said, “let us turn adversity to advantage”.

Because the fact that a Jewish group, the conservative pro-Israel Emergency Committee for Israel, has come out with such a bald accusation, as the Reuter's article stated, “Give the committee credit for being clever, if nothing else, in its effort to tar the entire movement based on the behavior of a few. (Two Wrap reporters who observed the protests in New York on three separate days did not see any anti-Semitic signs)”, in a way, exposes their culpability in actually being at the centre of the evils of Wall Street.

Our problemo, is that as the Jews have a huge investment and control of the world's media, it will be a media war between the Just and the Jews, if-I-may.

Personally, I disagree with a great deal of Jewish beliefs, religious and economic. There's no doubt that Judaism is a “cult”, and one that must be questioned in this age of an inter-cultural perspective on life on earth.

But we cannot do as the Nazis tried, and eliminate them, mainly because they have been very infectious for centuries, and thus have infiltrated most every person and place on earth.

As Israel has, apparently, a huge nuclear weapons arsenal, and holds the world to ransom under it's “Mutually Assured Destruction” world plan, everyone, it seems, must be very careful on how they try to dis-empower the Jewish cultists.

But perhaps equally as important, draping a blanket antipathy onto all Jews is totally unintelligent, unsound, untenable and unconscionable, because clearly not all Jews are ruthless evil capitalistic bastards.

We of the “left”, from moderates to extremists like myself, of the Spiritual Communist 1%, know that Jews have as-often, been the most Progressive in terms of left-wing, or Socialist politics. Not that Dominique Strauss-Kahn fits that bill, to my mind, what with his insatiable sexual history, his connections with the Illuminati, (though we cannot discount the possibility that they are in fact, for Global Socialism), his having been the head of the extreme capitalistic IMF, and his being very, very rich. (Playing the “Machiavellian” card there, Domi?)

But there have to be more moderate and politically, Balanced Jews than those who climb the corporate ladders to CEO status, et al, and having been around for a few decades, from Melbourne to London, and on, there's no doubt that masses of Jews are bloody Good and Fair and Just-minded People.

And also, I bet that of the numbers of genuinely concerned participants over the last month, in New York, but further across to Madrid, London etc, there would have been a proportionate number of Jewish People.

But all of them would, with all the confrontations like these Protests going-on, be at least a little “tense” about their own heredity, and may well choose to keep a low profile.

Therefore, to that, it would be eminently sensible for all Jews who see the rectitude of the Occupy Protests, and who also see the very same fundamentals as I advocate we must change, principally and primarily the Land, and related Tax Laws (think: “Leviticus 25”), to waste not a minute more and join the Protests, Bald and Proud, fearless, and ready to go with the non-Jewish Protesters to the Barricades.

It is, after all, a Global, Species-wide thing now, so we cannot be sectarian and bigoted.

From my inquiries, the conservative Jews have a lot of psychological baggage to deal with, and this does seem focused and centred in Israel.

Other “unknown knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns” must complicate their sojourn immensely.

But the state of Israel has to face-up to the illegal land-grab that that small theocratic nation is.

As they're soppy farts, in terms of their precious religious real estate in and around Jerusalem, and as they are undoubtedly bitter for having to have wandered landless for 6,000 or so years, the rest of us have to concede that, even with their psychoses, the big noses have given the world unquestionably brilliant advances, and for all the good they have tried and here-and-there succeeded in doing, they should be given somewhere to settle down and find once more that Inner-Eden.

I go-on about this, because there is no doubt, that the “Jewish question” is intimately related to the current outburst of Occupy, Et Al, PROTESTS.

So rather than have the paranoid of them do what they can to close down the Protests, the Protesters must embrace them, with open hearts, with warmth and Respect, and bring them into the Circle(s).

Everyone, that-is Everyone..., has to do the Primary Work, of Meditating-away the dross of mind, which has us fear being honest about our own weaknesses and agendas, born of age-old cultural insecurities, and be prepared to address the REALPolitik of the times, and know that the Collective of Minds, from every sector, Islam, Judaism, Freemasonry, and that fallen mob from Rome, et al, but perhaps critically, from the Aborigine Worlds, who in some parts of the planet still, have never experienced “the fall” from their Spiritual Ways, know that this Collective has the ability to resolve our differences and small-beer ideological, economic and political disputes.

Flicking over to a The Guardian UK article

the same-old problems are noted, of disagreements within the body of Occupy debaters.

Always these same issues of “who decides” and “everyone should have a voice” and “consensus” and “who leads” and and and arise in Collectives. Always also, there fails to be an agreement on which issue, which policy, which demands come first.

First, everyone must recognise that almost everyone has a mind of their own, and that those minds are rarely full-up with the Purest Facts, with the Purest thoughts and beliefs and ideals.

And as often, even when one mind does have really-really good and fabulous thoughts and ideals and dreams, there can be a glitch between the thinks and the mouth, so that the purest thinks come out a bit differently to how the mind saw their genesis.

Even the best leaders of us suffer this misthink, here-and-there.

Therefore, it is fundamental that we are humble, and that we can be honest with ourselves and with everyone around us, discussing these potentially Grand events and beginnings.

Also, and this goes to my primary treatise on “leaders”, voices can mis-speak.

But giving ourselves space and time to refine what we have found to be essential, and by putting them in written form, such that, when addressing them, we can refine, define and divine Perennial Needs, into what are behind everything we do and need, which are Perennial Laws, we can grow beyond the feuds we always stumble on in these Most Noble Meetings.

If everyone had a Pure, Clean, Facts-based Intellectual Apparatus, we would all read, or hear what all the Wisest Sages agree-on, and agree with them, no arguments. No misthinks springing-in. No egotrips trying to get air.

And Good government of the group would rise naturally, just like the Taoist "It happened to us naturally!"

So, because so many of us have dedicated our lives to one cause or another, and therefore have come to believe that it demands and deserves time in the big arena of such as these Occupy Movements, no Progress will occur if we cannot let go of our fanaticism, and listen for what injustices underlie all the woes that have given cause for so many Good Guys to attend at such as Zuccitto Park, etc., and listen for which answers do really REALPolitikly go to resolving everyone's primary concerns. Everyone's Primary concerns.

Food security.

Housing - ie., Land security.

Good Government.


Honest Commerce.

Go-on Jewish Hollywood! Make a movie about THAT!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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