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What does it say that London's St Paul's cathedral is losing some 20,000 quid a DAY, because the Occupy London Protesters refuse to leave it's forecourt, so have closed the church to tourism?

A bit bleeding obvious mayte!

They side with the betrayers of the species and of the planet, by taking money from those who tour on the profits of the evil world of CRAPitalism!

As the Occupy Movement goes to the greed factors inherent in CRAPitalism, which have their roots in the errant land ownership and discriminatory land distribution systems, upheld blithely by the British East India Company OH! SORRY, rebranded to the International Monetary Fund the IMF, and it's monetary swindler-arms, the Bank of England (jus' 'round th' corner, cocka!), Lloyds of London (da'an an' left at vv' lights!), et al et al, and as the Anglican church has immensely disproportionate, utterly unconscionable ownership of millions of hectares of land, right around the globe, I think it's blooding the bleeding obvious to read that the cathedral's CEO is discussing whether to begin legal procedures against the Occupy Movement Protesters.

But, that's Christianity for ya'!

Watching events around the globe as I does, that kafuffle over in Essex, at what? Dale Farm, which this week saw the jacks and bailiffs and other scumbags force and arrest lots and lots of otherwise homeless folks off the property, has me wonder if there's any chance of the two significant events combining?

After all, as said above, the underlying ISSUE of the whole global Occupy Movement, is about the rude rude rude greed evolving out of the disgustingly evil, inequitable land occupation structures, held most viciously to in OH! England! Well..., and Scotland.., and Eurape, and the USA, and Astrayliar, ETCETERA!

And not forgetting Hong Kong! Tokyo and Shanghai!

Therefore..., as Dale farm, and the Occupy St Paul's of the 30-pieces-of-silver church have come into being because of the very same CORRUPT LAND LAWS, and as both are desperate for somewhere to land themselves, it might well be eminently reasonable for the two Teams to 'ave a chin-wag.

Personally, me being a central figure in the anti-Christian Movement for an Intelligent Species, as opposed to the lost and blind and selfish in the extreme sheep species of that faith, I'd say that that lost church, centred in St Paul's, really has no grounds upon which to object, against the two Teams of Dissenters, the Dale Farm and Occupy London Clubsters, finding as-centrally-located-as-possible piece of Anglican, or Catholic, or Jewish, or any of the Jerusalem cults branch offices land upon which to focus their United Protest against the evils of the dominant cultists - the western religions and the western banking, property-speculation and land-grabbing system of destruction.

Like the Occupy Melbourne Protesters had in their small and brief encampment in the CBD, all parties involved have to recognise the fundamentals of securing foods, and, if any of the Occupy Peoples globally are Genuine, then they will quickly see that to do this, short and long term, means growing-our-own, so-as to be less reliant upon the greedy CRAPitalist supermarket and fast-food etc., models of foods procurement.

Obviously, this demands that we, Humanity, require arable land, so I guess St Paul's forecourt, without ripping up the paving-stones (NOT necessarily a BAD idea!) is out of the equation/question/revolution?

However, as the church, by it's relying upon the evil western CRAPitalist tourrorism trade for revenue, is in-deep with the most criminally insane economic system the world has ever known, and while they should be onside with the Occupy Protesters who stand against those who steal, from the poor, (COMMANDMENT: THOU SHALL NOT STEAL!) by all reckoning (Argh! Pray Quick Cometh the Day of Reckoning, Oh Buddha! For the Christian Saducees and the Pharisees have receiveth'd their reward, and soon must PAY!!) the Christian churches, of ALL denominations, have a Duty to offer-up suitable Land for the Protesters and the Dale Farm Evictees, so that the Honorable and Righteous of them are free to pursue the devil and do what all Good Folk know is their Duty, to establish a Just court, church and government, where-from the whole of Mankind can live Nobly, Righteous and at Peace with their Neighbour.

And haveth enough land for to groweth their own feed, and ales, and Holy Herbs, and to construct their own Communal mudbrick dwellings, and upon whicheth TO PARTY!

Without the knobheads invading and shutting down the music!

But I guess the church of all sinners over their in Blighty, like their HQs in Rome and Jerusalem, is too focused on the grand hoodwink, of keeping a false mythology alive and as a consequence the cast majority of Humanity suffering, so that their blind sheep church-school ex-students can keep lying, and to make enough sovereigns to pay the tax-collectors to stay silent about the biggest economic evil of all - land speculation!

So Stand Strong Occupyists!

There's not a western church on Earth which has any right nor legitimacy to evict ANY of us, as, in their terms it is GOD's Earth, not theirs for to profit from.

And whilst they are not Holy in Economy, they have no voice nor authority over the People!

So-eth Sayeth, I-eth!

Omaxa bin Eartheth. A!

And..., So Mote It Be!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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