Internet censorship by the church!

And Hell? OH!  I tried to send an introduction email about the previous web log e-ssay to our federal government's Department of Education, but their site blocked me from so doing.

What follows is what I tried to send them, and then after that is the short email I sent to Firefox web browser, in case I'm messing up.

But that failed also!


As you'll see on the above web link, to my web log , I was shocked by a comment on ABC "Insiders" program this Sunday morning.
1st, please excuse my "harsh", in-your-face writing style. It goes with my REALPolitik and the hard issues I confront in our awry Australian culture, but thus, I feel, is best able to get to the core of the several problems we have, and in "education", we face in the future.
Please have a read of that article (linked in "Page URL"), and, I urge something be done, in the personal issue of having such erroneous opinions coming from "but babes", and the deeper underlying issues of "parental qualifications, and education" I delve into in the e-ssay.
Also, I do believe that, if I heard correctly, our prime minister was insulted by what the child said. Of course, he cannot be railed for it, but of a certainty his parents must be called to answer for such abuse. My web log article goes to that, albeit in hard, harsh terms.
Also, in regard to my own welfare, as that same e-ssay (and most all others) on my weblog goes to very divisive issues, I am aware that I am a target of those who disagree with my perspective. Over the years, I have suffered severe marginalisation, bashings, and homelessness for it, and am now living minute-by-minute stressed as to who next approaches, and their intent. The "local police" offer no assistance nor protection, but instead mock and insult me, and I have given-up asking my own family and other relevant authorities for help.
Therefore, may I ask the Australian federal government to inquire as to assisting myself out of this homeless penury?
However, that, is, to some extent, an aside from the issue that inspired this letter/email, and not for your department to deal with. Therefore, could you save me further effort, and forward this email onto whichever department you, in your Wisdom, know is the proper one?
Keep up the Good Work, and may Good Government Rule!

Omaxa bin Eartha

FEEDBACK comments to Firefox:

when I write to email link pages on websites, there is no "Captcha" displayed.
Do I have to let the site feed something through my firewall or such?
Have I got something "switched off" of blocked, which disables the Captcha word codes from showing?
This happens often, to other sites also.

However I did manage to send an ask to


Church, doing evil AGAIN!