Vatican sleazes-up to the 99% Outlaws as Eurozone sinks Edition

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Vatican sleazes-up to the 99% Outlaws as Eurozone sinks Edition

Perhaps a bit humorous, but I noted yesserday on flicking through The Guardian UK online pages, that the Vatican has flung-out an encyclical saying things about the current global economic crisis, and recommending global banking reform, as well as other things.

I guess I'll get back to the link and read the encyclical.

Basically, it's hardly a surprise. The Vatican, being in Rome, capital of Italy, another Euro nation on the brink of economic disaster, and suffering heavy amounts of damaging press because of it's upper classes over-consuming since about 2,200 BC, already has a significant lower class poverty problem, and has large numbers of refugees from Africa, and further afield, flooding in across the Mediterranean.

Such economic afflictions take a toll on “faith” of the Catholic kind, no doubt. The recent riots in Rome testify to that, perhaps.

And as the Catholic, as all Christian churches, are essentially cults constructed to offer the advantages of “group-security”, and they gather the lost sheep of the world and keep them inside their psychic loop with offers of financial security, the debt crisis has serious implications for accountancy central inside the Vatican.

“Bribery” is another word for it. “Blackmail” is yet another.

I seem to remember that before the Rat of Rome, Ratzinger, became, the rat of Rome, he displayed some expertise in his accounting skills for the church, as well of course, skills in keeping the massive paedophilia rings of it's priests hidden from the world.

And, not unexpected, the church's encyclical suggested the creation - not, an evolution - of one big global bank to watch over things economic!

No surprise there, either, seeing as such a monolith no doubt centred somewhere in either Italy or Zionist Eurape, has been a part of the global take-over and centralisation of power of Rome, since before they stole the Jewish doctrines in the 4th century AD.

But of course, this comes with heavy Zionist tinges of influence, tainted with their brothers-in-charms, the Freemasons desires to keep a tight grip on the global land distribution escapade.

Neither, to my mind, are tenable, because centralisation surely has been exposed as a furphy and a deadly way to open the doors and gates to corruption. Again exactly as Judaism, the Vatican and other related cabals operate and therefore want.

As well, it's painfully obvious, even though the church of hoodwinks central, has probably been drafting the encyclical for longer than the existence of the latest Occupy Protests, that the desperate Catholics are trying to out-do the banker's cult of the Protestant Anglicans in London, as they try to negotiate through the Occupy London Protesters camping on the front porch of St Paul's cathedral, by throwing this paper out which tries to have the world believe that, at least in principle, the Catholics are onside with this fast-growing Occupy Movement.

Me? I'm just massively sceptical!

When the Vatican comes out with an encyclical which states unambiguously, with no “fluff” woven into it about “faith” or “the spiritual” etc, which goes DIRECTLY to THE ISSUE, of “Land distribution”, and of how governments MUST bring in the revenue necessary for Good Governance of the People, by the Most Honest Tax, of Land Rent, then...., I may be less scathing of the death-guilt-and-shame cult of Catholicism.

However, I recognise that as I'm this fabrication of that very same global land-grabbing coven of warped and wearisome witches, I am doing almost what they want of me, by protesting against corruption.

And, it seems I'm cursed with this very task, of saying to the occult world of dickheads, what has to be said, about how we, as a species, might get through and beyond the economic, thus social, thus cultural crises Humanity faces.

But getting back to the addiction the church has with centralisation, fitting right into their delusions about building a global empire with one idiot on top, who they'll market as Jesus on-the-rebound, I think I'm employing my Intellect, with Science, to deduce that such a central figurehead cannot be other than yet another megalomania scam, by a bunch of bleach-brained white guys in fluffy robes, under serious Jewish, Zionist spells.

Again, I insist, that we do not need any such leader, or leadership authority. The Vatican itself is surely enough testimony to the inherent failures of this model?​ What with the disastrous ideals the Catholics have promoted through their private wealth-focused schoolies, the disgusting paedophiles within it's clergy, and the totally unsustainable speculative culture it's flockers over-consume in, which, in tandem with the rest of the lost sheep of Christendom, and Judaism, that has brought-on the impending global economic DISASTER!?

Again, I say, that if a cult is ever-looking somewhere else, but in their own Meditating Soul, for the arrival and thus for the Wisdom of any Great Leader, and, as they admit by merely saying they await the messiah, that they are therefore themselves, lost, what idiot would put any faith in what they recommend?

Again I say, that every member of Catholicism, world-leading experts in over-consumption and insatiation, is evidence that their doctrines are both false, thus, of course, DON'T WORK.

Therefore, PROTEST!

Umm..., well..., that, but..., therefore, the world cannot let itself be hoodwinked AGAIN by the Vatican, when it flings-out encyclicals trying to make-out it is Wise, and, “on-the-money” in suggesting how the species deals with the coming flood, of poverty, and wealth disparity, thus of chaos, horror, war, pestilence, earthquake, thunder, and the apocalypse. Especially as that very same cult, now a larger monster called Europe (ummm... EuRAPE!), was the initiator of what has been coming since Peter was hypnotised with guilt by Jesus for his cowardice, to boat it to Rome and beg forgiveness by starting a Jewish counter-attack on the Roman Empire.

But as well..., that Rome, and all of her branch-offices around the globe rely enormously upon the illicit profits from playing the land speculation game, firstly, throws the whole church in the slammer for heinous crimes against Humanity, which, by the way, should be taken to the International Criminal Court, and two, teaches the worst economic ideology to it's upper class schoolies, promoting apocalyptic economic theory and thus an ensuing global catastrophe like never before, must mean something.......? (Don't you hate it when you loose the point you had at the start of the sentence!?)

OH! It means that the church (debatably Rome, in combination with the Freemasons, and Judaism) is itself culpable of bringing-on all the strife we see down the track! (“culpable of”?)

Again, me suspects this is the last days of that ancient global plan, to bring-on the one-world government that Dante wrote about.

It's not inconceivable, nor in fact unreasonable to deduce that the only way for us, humanity, to find a steady path again, something reflective of the long lost “Garden of Eden”, would be to take all our excesses to their natural end, where we run out of supply, thus are forced, by our own errant ways, to resort to a more simple, therefore as likely a more pure way of living.

Some would call this global communism. Others see it as bashing ourselves back to the stone age.


Basically, if Rome cannot Speak Straight about the fundamentals of GLOBAL LAND REFORM, and it's revenue-raiser of LAND RENT, then nothing they encycle has any worth value or merit, and has to be disregarded as a shallow and too late attempt at profiting off the People's Movements of the Occupy Champions, all of whom, I've no doubt, have woken-up to the centralist scam of every messianic cult, and are over waiting for him - IT - to drop-back-down from Heaven.

Again, I say, that Democracy and Christianity are antipathetic, and run in complete contradiction of each other.

Christianity is all about having one huge mythological figurehead - Jesus - ruling over the whole flocking world, which implies that we, the Human race, have no say in how we are governed, or in how we are to pay our Respects to the Great Unknown, of such as Buddha's No God, or Taos.... Tao.

We are expected to believe everything HE says, and orders we do.

Surely, this is but totally out-of-date superstitious myth-making, again, a power-grab by those buried-heads of the death cults of the north, of the long lost tribes of Israel.

Whereas, Democracy, is - OR SHOULD BE - a system where we are given every opportunity to develop to it's fullest our own Intellect, and thus are capable of imbibing the clear, unambiguous, non-mysterious LAWS of the LAND, and committing them to our hearts, and with these few, simple TRUTHS, as one big mother of a species collective, are emboldened to defend the Law and thus, our People and Planet United.

So POOWEE on the Vatican, and on St Paul's CEO and board of directors and their tourrorists.


Meanwhile, at about 44 centres around the globe, People are PROTESTING at apparently Allied “Occupy” Protest sites.

Looking at the google map The Guardian UK provides, in it's “Occupy” webpages dedicated to the Movement
at least a map with links to posted photos, via “Flickr” from the sites, we might be or not encouraged.

I'd reckon there are more Protests occurring than are shown on this pic-map.

Already, there's a feeling in me, which says that the big bad machinery of Babylon has long been ready to deal with any Protest against it, and may have a sound view on it, with some knowledge that even if they grow they are incapable of penetrating the engine rooms or the helms of the financial powerhouses. Or of the megacorp media or other key industries' powerhouses.

As said above, there is good reason to suspect that the juggernaut of evil will not be undone, by anything nor anyone, but it's own bad operations. Operations which, if they are based on flawed or false foundations, as in the whole foundation of the current dominant global economic system, of debt, speculation and futures etc, added to by this insane “automated transaction” system which is run by pre-programmed hi-tech inventions - computers - then they have to go awry eventually, and collapse.

Indeed, this is as much the whole tenet upon which the system, or it's top-end players operate.

They know well that the system cannot keep going endlessly as it is.

They all know it's a disgustingly corrupt and flawed economic structure, and that it will crash one day.

But their attitude is, well..., we're here, with opportunities to make a killing, so, as the future is so uncertain, and as the system is so fucking big and automated, we cannot hope to stop or correct it, we best get what we can out of it while the chances are still there, fill our own silos and hope what we save will keep us in some luxury after the fall. After the BIG fall.

Essentially, “damn the rest of you! It's every speculator for themself!”

So, being both astute to threats to their micro-empires as most of the upper echelon is, thus cunningly able to either circumvent any obstacles, or subvert them, as well as being stinking rich enough to afford any piece of technology or security service necessary to keep the Protesting Wolves outside the gates, and stomped just enough to lessen their enthusiasm, the rich are not effected by these Occupy Protests.

And, tragically, as with chaos, social unrest and war, stock markets and the speculators within, profit from media interest and the upsurge in Human emotions these Protests are causing.


So..., what does a Protesting Planet do?

City corporations and councils don't generally get-off on these types of demonstrations, because they're all paid by their clients, who are the biggest occupiers of their CBD spaces, the multinational corporations which the Occupy Protests are Protesting against.

So, as well as the Occupy Movement being something of a tourrorist attraction, a novelty, a curiosity for locals and tourrorists, which probably has nearby food outlets experiencing a mini-boom in income, the mayors and councillors are as likely sitting on the virtual fence, waiting for the Ooompfh to blow over, and things will return to normal, the insane normal of mainstream, blind, selfish, CRApitalism.

And the planet keeps sliding down the shithole to the apocalypse.


The Movement is inspired and keeps growing. Grow grow grow, out from these essentially first world encampments, to the less well-off nations' capitals.

But of course, in the third world, where first world corporations rule with cash to the local police, military or militia to main and kill anyone who objects to their own Land being plundered and their families being enslaved, any such Protests by say, Africans, or Chinese, or Bangladeshis, or, for that matter, down here down the shithole in Astrayliar, were more than a pub's bar full of Aborigines to gather and Corroborate their dislike and PROTEST against the stock markets, or out front of Rio Tinto or BHP-Billiton head offices, “head would roll” the coppers might laugh as they pile into the divi-vans en route to any such Stance, Honorable, Noble, Legitimate or otherwise.

Perhaps, the Movement, has to increase it's Activities?

If they are of any size, in People terms, perhaps they could strategize to populate either outside a select few of the nastiest corporations in each city, or, perhaps better do whatever they can to interfere with their board or shareholder meetings. No doubt however, entry would be banned unless one was a shareholder or such?

Another method, which happens to line-up with my main bitch, of calling for Global Land Reform, would be for the whole Global Occupy Movement to bring itself under one banner, my call of course is of Global Land Reform, and then to begin unified Protests around the globe in front of as many parliaments and local councils as possible.

Because, after these few weeks, being of course on the outer-most perimeter, so having no idea what is being addressed, recognised and adopted within the Protest encampments, the big nasty world of finance is so big and nasty, it is self-perpetuating, and after the thrill of the first few weeks, months maybe, the Occupy will be either moved-on, peter-out or be stomped, and nothing significant will be achieved.

However, as the world does really appear to be on the brink of a major major economic implosion, the worlds of high-end finance may well not be left to carry-on endlessly.

But Occupy will not have won. The juggernaut will have killed itself, and will begin a knee-jerk reaction by letting loose on the rest of us with any manner of oppressive mechanisms, such as the current “austerity measures” the Greek and other suffering governments are imposing, and after that, with military dictatorships, extending favours, foods and fuels only to their cronies and upper-end arsehole mates.

So.., as said, without knowing what is being decided or achieved in the present build-up of !!!Occupy!!!, I cannot go passed the idea that it has to “Group-Up!” Globally, and that can only be effective if it runs under one banner, or “Policy”.

An interesting item was broadcast on CNN last night, about the soon to arrive 7 billionth person, according to the UN, on Earth. What was interesting was that CNN threw in the demographic statistic, and said that in fa-act, all 7 billion of us could fit into the area of France's capital, Paris, or, on the islands of Hawaii!

We'd all only have 2.5 square metres of space each though, so tennis would be “interestingk”?

But it did broach that subject, of distribution.

Perhaps the scandal of all scandals is exactly that?

(“Hohoho!” I murmur)

Think about it !!!Occupy!!!

Not “Why?”, but “What?” are you Occupying?

Tha's enuff.....!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

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