Occupy The Planet, Protester!

 A Brave Greek Protester! from ABC website 111020

This picture is a gem, methinks, for depicting the opposites of an Earthy, bearded young Protester against the protected police brute.

Meanwhile, reports against the multinational banks come in, telling of how they are in need of reappraisal, and that “something” in the banking system is seriously wrong.

This, as one news item on Aunty Zion's Australian ABC1's News Breakfast, tells viewers that two Australian banks have received 3rd and 5th place on the US magazine “Newsweek” list of the world's top most-Green corporations?

Is that called a “dysjunction”? Who are we to believe? The Wall Street Journals article (The Occupy Wall Street Brigade Has a Point) saying that there's something seriously wrong with the global banking system, or our very own propaganda media outlet, (but one of a handful of which some 95% are Zionist controlled) the ABC?

Or am I jumping to conclusions, by linking these two items?

Perhaps so. But I cannot let the ABC item pass without some scrutiny.

The number 3 on that “Newsweek” list of green corporations, is, as it happens, the bank which I have my pension deposited into each fortnight. The National Australia Bank (NAB). Therefore, as the last time I wrote scathingly about that same bank, I went through an horrendous pattern of mess-arounds by the bank, for a few months afterwards. So, I have to say I'm a little wary of sticking the knife into them now.

Nevertheless, and however, maybe the knife should be stuck into Newsweek for failing to check the NAB, and the number 5 on their list, one of the other “big four” Australian banks, the ANZ, to ensure they really qualify as outstanding green-focused corporations?

But really...? Is there a large bank on earth which comes near to taking green issues seriously, seeing as they are all too ready to, 1, lend huge sums of money to the worst, least green mining sector corporations, and to numerous other highly-polluting industries and 2, themselves make that bulk of their rude profits exactly because they affirm the least green economic system of private land speculation, and are ceaselessly happy to lure customers into borrowing the larger part of all banking transactions to play that same heinous game of home loan mortgages?

Another word for these scurrilous banking practices is, “BLACKMAIL”.

Not only because they blackmail customers by being able to, behind the scenes, give clients no option but to acquiesce to this deeply and quite unethically, which REALPolitikly means illegally flawed economic, monetary system, a system controlled by the global cabal of bankers, headed-up by the Bank of England, the Hong Kong & Shanghai Bank (HSBC) the few other super-large US-Euro banks, all under the umbrella of the IMF, but these same banks hold to ransom most all nation's governments with their threats of withdrawing support and of making life ever-harder for both private customers and governments, if the government's get the balls to REFORM the monetary, taxation and land distribution system!

So, as most Aussies have known for a while, our own national broadcaster, the Zionist ABC, is not impartial, and is very much a puppet media outlet for the evils of the northern hemisphere, very much in the same basket of horrors as the recently publicly discredited Rupert Murdoch “News International” media corporations.

So, as the Wall Street Journal item writes,The protesters in New York, London, Frankfurt and around the world are right to ask whether we should rethink society's relationship with the banking industry.”

And here is a paragraph from the same WSJ article, giving the state of our world's banks to date, and for the immediate future:

All the big banks have major cost-cutting or deleveraging plans. The global economic slowdown and depressed markets are adding to pressure on banks. Goldman Sachs this week reported a third-quarter loss. Investment-banking activity is dead. With European bank shares trading well below book value, no one in the City doubts further painful cuts will be necessary. Morgan Stanley estimates European bank balance sheets could collectively shrink by up to €2 trillion ($2.7 trillion). Against this backdrop, it is hard to believe any bank will pay the mega-bonuses of previous years.”

But which banks, which governments, which Nations of Noble, Brave PROTESTING Mass of Rightminded, albeit also desperate People, have the Might, the Courage, the Fearless Honor, to challenge these evil monetary monkeys, and to take it to the root of all evils, the private land speculation and distribution market players, with Battalions of Economic Scientists amongst their ranks to ensure the books and the taxation systems and the ensuing Rectitudinal rearrangement of our Lands, of OUR Lands, is Right, True, Good, Perennial and Proper to-a-tee?!

Funny, how I know US President Barack Obama would take-up the offer, or the challenge, of reforming the banking, land distribution and taxation systems forthwith!

Funny, how I know most every Outlaw on Earth is now well aware of the original cause for them to both become “Outlaws” and to have, in the first place, to commit crimes just to afford food and a roof!

Funny how I was invaded last night by a gang of Christian private-school witches, intent on terrorising me for why? For going to the underlying ISSUES which promise them their selfish, lazy-minded lives of inheriting daddy's corporate wealth, and the land he bought?

Daddies in real estate, perhaps?

Meanwhile, back in the WSJ and their article about the Occupy Wall Street point, the 3rd last paragraph says, “Alan Greenspan's cardinal error was to believe the financial system would be essentially self-regulating. Yet despite the disaster of the past four years, the regulatory response has been predicated on the assumption that this dream is still attainable; that if only regulators can agree on the right capital and liquidity rules, resolution regimes and bail-in mechanisms then banks can again be left alone to create credit and decide how it is allocated.”

Umm.., anyone over ten years old knows that “self regulation” has too many loops holes and flaws to be taken as a serious way of having people, bankers or babies, restrain their behaviour!

And clearly, anyone in media or authority who advocates or appears onside with this chimera "self-regulation"  is but a puppet of the banking or whichever industry cabals tell them what to say, think do and shit....!

"Self regulation" is one of the most heinous deceits the CRAPitalist world has ever come-up with!  It is designed to NOT work. Simple as that!  So any politician who weakens and retreats from opposition to such bullshit is not qualified to be where they sit! 

"Self regulation" is one of the most effective devices corporations have used to further the outright destruction of the natural world, and the destruction of the whole species' dignity.

The last two paragraphs of the article ask... “But I wonder if this is really ever likely to be true.” Etc....

For the remaining 142 words, Simon Nixon, the reporter who wrote the WSJ item, gives every reason why it is “difficult”, implying impossible for anyone, let alone bankers, to repair the situation, and, for the first time since the “Fall from Eden”, make the economic, thus the social, thus the cultural, global road Straight.

I have no doubt, that Simon the journalist is Genuine, and it is to be said that he wrote a good article.

But once more, Zion will edit his ability to take the issue to it's logical, Scientific conclusion, and not allow him or any journo of the WSJ or any other mainstream news media pages, to state outright that the root of all our banking woes and crime and homelessness and even bad dietary situations, rest wholly in how we, the People, are allowed to distribute ourselves upon the LAND.

As this censorship is all-pervading, and as the mainstream society and culture dominating the planet, or at least the media and other outlets which both inform and form our individual beliefs on “the good life” are so persuasive, it will not be until every city on Earth is Occupied by the Rightminded, from within the dominant paradigm of popular culture, and from without, from every Outlaw Gang and Club and Mob on Earth, and until all the usual “business-as-usual” daily functions are brought to a full-stop, that we will be able to persuade our major governments to ACT against these evils of the current banking and taxation and speculation systems.

Therefore... PROTEST!

And, when the night has arrived, and the day is gone...
and you gotto stop work and carry-on....,

PROTEST! Some more!

As these do grow, as they seem to be (assuming it's all not just another Zionist illusion transmitted into my cranium? Assuming my cranium is that, and not some amazing bionic, biological computer controlled by the remnants of the CIA's MK Ultra Project?), people living nearby the Centres of Outrage, are joining in, by using what they have, to help. Some are offering storage facilities. Some food. Some ablutions and relaxation spaces.

All Strength and donations to pay their water and gas bills, etc, to them!

A Google search at the start this morning showed that networks from all over the world are still watching and commenting on the “Occupy” Movements.

That it has dropped-off the local Australian media cabals' networks simply means that the local outlets (controlled still by the Murdoch cabal) are being told to steer Australian's attention off the Movement.

Clearly, the mainstream upper class here is worried, and are concerned that our rudely opulent lifestyles may be threatened, if OWS continues to expand globally, and most importantly, out from the first world centres of New York, London, Madrid, Athens, Rome, etc, to become large PROTESTS across the third worlds.

Because, my inner skeptic looks from afar at the London encampment on the frontal tarmac of St Paul's Cathedral and wonders just how much the Protesters there are screened, especially by the church, to ensure it remains orderly, by having the bulk of the emcampers from their cosy little upclubs of private school students and grads? (Public schoolies, to the British, just to keep the language confusing).

As my thinks-posts return to repeatedly, if Humanity IS serious and empowered to get to the bottom of all these financial woes and troubles, then we have to get to the underlying inculturation, and it's root, seed, and source. And that, is right there, in the institution which determines the culture - the messianic church. One Human on the very very top so the sycophantic clergies can reap their profit and reward and control away from, and over the rest of us!)

I point more often at Rome's evils. But Anglicanism does not escape the lash of my tongue and keyboard, and besides, I regard both as being offshoots, branch offices of Judaism, with more than enough evidence to confirm it as so.

And, on top of that..., it is testimony to how corrupt and in-bed with corruption of all economic systems the western churches are, that NONE of them have ever spoken out publicly, nor even in their pulpits, about the issue of LAND RENT FOR GOVERNMENT REVENUE, and that that is the MOST HONEST TAX!

This because they make billions yearly from their own speculative investments in land, or, on the flocker's dependence upon land to survive - HARDLY THE "CHRISTIAN" THING TO DO?!?!?! - and, most all western religions' clergy would be out on the streets with the rest of us, and would have to actually do some REAL work to earn their keep, if the churches did not play the evil land speculation games.

So we cannot discount the likelihood that the Anglican clergy is not just riding the wave, both to bolster their own flagging popularity, and to ensure they have some close level of control over what is discussed and decided in the London “Occupy” Protests. Thus, keeping the whole affair under some western whiteface limits of censorship, etc. probably hoping that after a period, the whole thing will lose momentum and the protest will die, so the clergy can keep their luxurious hypocritical positions of opulent lifestyle and influence in British (and global) corruption, politics and land speculation.

So, this is why I suggest that the whole PROTEST has to grow beyond the first world cities and spread into all third world capitals as well, so that it grows beyond the reach and censorshipping control of the western cults, and banks and other self-interested parties.

As said, I'm firm in my belief that President Barack Obama would dearly love to be posited downtown at Zuccotti Park, doing his thiang amongst the Rightminded Attendees.

I recall glimpsing something yesserday about his agreeing with the OWS Protests, as do other US polies.

But an affirmation of the sincerity of the world's politicians has to come from all over, and so the presidents and senior ministers of all nations, as the United Nation's Ban Ki Moon has, have to show they have an awareness of the disasters of the current banking and related corruptions, by calling for their security forces to be responsibly restrained should a Group of PROTESTERS show-up outside the 3rd world country's stock exchanges, or finance centres.

For, there can be NO doubt, that the THIRD world nations suffer most purely because the ruthless, plundering, colonialist, FIRST world nations have stolen their sovereign rights and lands, and thus their ability to Honorably distribute their Peoples upon it, to live according to their own Noble Ancient and proven Traditions!

Besides, anyone, politician or otherwise, who rails against these Noble Protests, yet who state that they support Democracy, will clearly be seen and known to be liars and hypocrites.

I also advocate that every Homeless Person “Groups-up” and pack a few days food and warm clothing to take-up and establish an “Occupy” camp outside the major banks on their local mainstreet!

So-called “Charities” should also be right behind any localised, smaller scale Efforts by locals, homeless or otherwise, and should be in attendance nightly to provide food and whatever else the “Occupyists” need, short-term.

Enough of us, with an onside (pro-bono) legal eagle readied to advise the coppers that you/we have the Right to do this, will only help the central Occupy Protests in their Mission.

If local councils get hot-and-bothered..., then we glean a little more on who is profiting from the larger land-speculation corruptions....

But everyone knows already, that they, like the larger government departments, are all culpable of gross negligence and dereliction of duty, when it comes to ensuring their poorer Peoples are made safe.

All Strength!

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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