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Tribute To Steve Jobs Edition

I put a tribute onto the first website (PC World) to tell my eyes that Steve Jobs had passed on, but can't confirm it made it as the lappie's battery died in the same moments.

So it's almost just “trendy” to say any more now.

But to put it on the record of these Outlaw Junction blogger pages, and as a sign of Respect for the 20ths and early 21st century's greatest Visionary, here are a few more thoughts in Tribute to Steve Jobs.

My second computer was an Apple Macintosh, bought 2nd-hand in 1994 I think. A “2si”. An amazing 80 kilobytes of memory, which I increased to some 120kb, and 4kb, increased to 16kb of RAM. Or something. They might have been Megabytes?


Got me going though, on the electronic typewriter path, and advanced my and my small group of Social Justice Warriors some way.

Since then, I've had my own businesses pulled-out from under me, by the “private-school sette”, been sent to the sinbin for advocating Land Reforms, onto a government pension and thus, to living marginalised, homeless and in penury.

So I can't afford Australian excessive prices for any Apple product now, and survive on what has to be said to be brilliant quality Toshiba L300 laptop.

But the desire lingers for an Apple, or several of the products Jobsie envisioned.

Before I bought that 2si (IIsi) I asked endlessly professional designers and people in fields which employed computers as to which was better - a PC or a Mac.

And always the answers were that the Macs were far ahead of PCs, were faster, and the software was far superior, for reasons I never really understood nor now. Something about being based on “binary” digitising, or so, therefore was a much simpler operating system?

But clearly Steve Jobs was one of the greatest boons both to all industry with his creativeness in perhaps the primary tool for the improvement of that which America stands tall - Capitalism - in that his computers were the great leap forward capitalism might have needed in the 1970s and '80s.

This, if we recognise what “capitalism” actually is.

Because “capital”, is the term used for products which reduce time-consuming manufacture and labour, which make the production of goods, and services, more efficient.

Architects, for example, who are over fifty years of age, will recall how slow and laborious drawing their designs before the Apple computer hit their world.

If we look at what has been produced since the Apples first made it into the design industries, amazing building designs, and any number of products that were so different in looks and electronic “underbodies” if-I-may, from anything prior to those years, we can see Jobsies influence and contribution to advancing the environment, the city and urban environment out of a comparatively very slow, staid and even “dark-ages” or as he might have said “straight” era.

On “environment”, the Greens movements around the western world were advanced by the better-off “educated” people of conscience, who had time and intelligence to motivate themselves and others to act to stop the wanton slaughter of everything natural, and I hazard-a-guess and say that most of them, in the 1970s and 1980s, would have been in the wealth-brackets which enabled ownership of the best computers, to further their Missions. So Jobsie's Apple computers gave to that Noble Cause as well.

Well we might wonder, “what if Steve Jobs was around when the British began the “Industrial Revolution”?

Surely it would have been far less destructive, far less polluting and over-consumptive?

And, while perhaps “oversaying”, it's as likely that the Apple Mac's OS, being as efficient as it was/is, and simpler, went some way to inspire people to seek the same in their own ventures, of looking to produce and use the most efficient methods and machinery.

Bill Gates deserves recognition in the arenas of advancing humanity's communications and skills, and has done wonders there, no question.

But I think he admits that Steve Jobs was a Legend, an Immortal, in his Vision and Creativity in terms of moving the computer design and hands-on practicability so far, and with it, the species, into the post-post-post-modern 21st century.

Blokes like Steve Jobs Ascend to Higher Planes after lives like he led, no doubt.

And, it has to be said, that I see, from down-here-down-the-backward-pipe of Anglo-Australia, the Independence and readiness and motivation which has inspired so many, Jobsie included, of the United States of America, was clearly what gave Steve his “Umpfph!” his “Mojo”, his drive, enthusiasm and thus his Brilliant Creativity.

I feel, that from his cloud, he'd agree.

Buddha Blesses you Steve Jobs, and so does America, I reckon....

Fly Free Steve

Lastly, were the world's Environmentalists to offer awards to people who advanced industry the most, each year toward more efficient, thus more sustainable, thus to even actually aiding the natural environment, they'd not be going wrong to do so in Honor of Mr Steve Jobs.

A little “tongue-in-cheek”, but what else could such an Award be called, but the “GOOD JOBS AWARD”?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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