110910 Outlaw Junction Log-In Suspicions Edition

Can't help but wonder about the fact that to access many websites these daze, one has to register or log-in to them, before you get any info.

We all know that the facility of the internet, is as much about getting information, both from any site one might want to inquire about, but also, those sites all seem fanatical -because they can! - about getting whatever info about us.

It becomes not worth the effort every time you hit a new site, when they insist that you sign-up or register before prices or other stuff is supplied.

1, is that you have to input a password.

This means you either invent a new one for every new site, or,
2, you use an already used one of yours to register, every time weakening your own 'security', and forcing you to write down somewhere, either on the computer, or on paper, the new site details and your ID and password.

Will the internet ever be simplified, and secured against those sites you hit, and find you never want nor need to go to again, who now have your details, which you know better than to ever trust, when it comes to their sucking whatever out of the info they have on you?

There is clearly an obsession in those abilities being there, so, being abused, by the techies and geeks who are so fucking clever as to be able to do sneaky things with the internet, and who one should never trust, if only because they think they are smarter, because they have that 'exclusive knowledge' over the majority, so tend most often to abuse their 'privileges'.

Privileges always attained because they were shuffled-off by the parents, to a private school, so were taught one, to be fucking arseholes, and two, were taught to regard the rest of us as for their entertainment.

Therefore, we, Common Folk, are forced to be victims of their clever-dick, secretive fanaticism!

And their propensity to overcharge us for every little thing they stock and flog, usually doing their very best to convince us that we need the items, or that their product is the best one to buy.

Example: I wanted a second monitor for the laptop. I went to a 'trusted' small computer business, and asked the owner what he had available.

He leaped up and showed me a 2nd-hand monitor and priced it at $150.

Too much at the time, so I negged.

About 6 months later, I went to the same shop, but was served by a techie whom I knew was a lot smarter, less a puppet of the church, and more Honorable.

I asked about the same thing.

He offered me a similar model, and sold it to me for $20!

It's true value!

NAH! Christianity, Catholicism, is fucking evil, and every private schoolie should be hung from the nearest..... NAH, all burned in mass graves.

Expecting those anonymous services we stumble across over the internet to actually offer a free service, without strings attached, without sucking us of our time and information-information-and-MORE-information, then the need to subscribe to their fucking dull, useless and generally uninformative and unwanted 'newsletters' etc., is never gonna happen, clearly, while CRAPitalism and every dealer's need to scam everyone who they hit on, just to afford the rent or mortgage, is the way of things.

And all I wanted was to find out where I can buy dried beans in bulk, rather than having to pay Woolworths 10 times the market value for the most basic foods I eat?

Shit we're dumb fuckers in Australia!

Thank you GOD!

And the New South Wales' government tabled it's budget last week, the first in the red for a few decades. Some 1 billion dollars in the red, no less!

No doubt, a large influence on the state's finances going under the black line, was the unwanted 'Papal visit' in July 2008, which cost the NSW tax payer some HOW MANY MILLIONS, RATZINGER!

16 million dollars, the head tells me!

Funny HAR HAR, that weeks after that papal visit, you know, the one when I was arrested, bashed and had my possessions scattered over the ground, by the NSW pigs, Lismore pen, in the same hours the station's 'Commander' Bruce Lyons was licking the Popes dick in Sydney, when I was then carted-off, held for 5 hours, subjected to a play-act psyche test by demonic catholic psychiatric fuckwits, held some more then told to get my own way back the 15 kilometers to my ute, ummm..., permanently damaged by that experience..., that weeks after that papal visit and costly debacle, the NSW premier idiot Morris Iemma was ousted in an inhouse coup, by the Righteous Left Wing NSW Unions, and was replaced by one Honorable, and several times more intelligent Nathan Rees.

The Nathan Rees who introduced Ethics Classes into NSW government schools, but, for all his Merits, was to be voted out and replaced by a blonde-haired-blue-eyed strumpit only months later.

Clearly, New South Wales is no place for Ethics!

And more recently, NSW's extreme right wing Christian-Democrat, the “Oxymoron Party's” Fred Nile MP forced the new right wing fascist Liberal/National government to remove the Ethics classes from schools, because they conflicted with his precious dogma of religious education-read-hypnotism classes!

No wonder the nation has gone to the shithouse, and that the Intellectually superior and would've been if not for New South Wales, the most Honorable federal Government Australia has seen for 223 years, is struggling in the NSW-centred and terminally-biased polls?

But we're a proud lot, we Astrayliars!

You know, they get away with it in-the-main because we are sea-locked, and so the more Honorable and Intelligent of us cannot simply drive over the border and claim asylum in Indonesia or Timor L'este, or Papua, or the Solomons!

So..., back to buying beans in bulk....?

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!

from the Traveling 4x4 Tent of

Omaxa bin Eartha
aka Max Earth


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