Are the Jews our misfortune?

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This is a repost off G+, as per the following "Conversation" of "Truth Warriors", whom I Thank Muchly, for using that name.  
It's the kind of name I've thought of for a while, and refrained from using for obvious reasons, if they and readers here see my other posts about being set-up to be the Vatican's 'false prophet'. 
But there's no denying the name "Truth Warriors" goes straight to the point.
Fantastic, Dudes! 

However, this post is what came down from the ether when I read the header from Max Truth [there's another one!].

I guess, like most of us, there's that little bit of 'moral' hesitation, when we go to the questions as to the right mindedness or not, of "the Jews".

I have no doubts that my conclusions about 'Jews', are accurate.

To people who get shitty when 'anti-semite' or 'jew-hating' comments get air;  as this comment, the body of this post, goes to, there's usually more issues in the heads of those who blindly defend the 'jews' than they are ever gonna realize, let alone expunge.

Like I also say at the end of this piece, I certainly am not afraid to acknowledge, nor do I have problems acknowledging that "not all 'Jews' are assholes". Most of course, are not.

But the ones that are....?

This post though, carries on, off of this Truth Warrior post off G+, and into addressing the dangers of the 'christian psychosis', per se.

I added to it this morning, and it seems I got some pretty good material from the 'immaterial', if an Atheist is allowed to infer some 'supernatural source', for thoughts, words, etc?

Somewhere, someday, I'll find and finish an item I wrote, going to the BIG question of "Where do thoughts come from?"

Thanks again, Truth Warriors, for putting up this page!

"GOOD JOB, WARRIORS!" as some 'Commander Notorious', would say!


Cougar Claw

General Discussion  -  5:20 PM

Max Truth originally shared to Defenders of the Constitution (Discussion):

The Jews are our misfortune. Jews have been expelled from various nations and territories over 100 times through history due to their propensity to oppress the population of the host nation via usury banking and financial exploitation, subvert the morals of the society, and gain excessive power in the government and areas of influence vastly disproportionate to their numbers. Exactly what they have done to AMERICA. Expulsion Will Cleanse America. Ask yourselves should the patient celebrate the expulsion of a virus or a pathogen from his body? Indeed he would be considered insane not to. In the same way the non-Jew should celebrate the expulsion of the parasite of Jewry from his nation, his government, banking, media and his community. Only then will some semblance of health return.

Knights Templar.  Bunch of fanatical [as-in 'fascinated' ie., 'hypnotized'] Brits who went to the Levant to 'save' Jerusalem from Islam, for the jews.

Being egomaniacs as those 'knights' were, they were completely ignorant of the fact that they'd been 'snapped', hypnotized, by some sneaky priest or rabbi back in Britain - probably some 'wise' confidant of the local or national lord or baron or king of the time.

Tricked from the beginning, by rabbis, these egomaniacs went off on their crusades, stomped Islam, were hypnotized by the rabbis, AGAIN, in 'Israel', came back through Eurape to Britain, unwittingly pouring the jews magic all over the place along the way, to start their banking escapades, and the big evil - usury - for their jewish puppet-masters.

Fables like 'the holy grail' was the magic they had plied into them.  In other words, they were gabbling on without a clue about what was really going on in their own hypnotized heads!  Nor about the rabbis being inside them, who were spellbinding every sucker the 'knights' were yabbering on to.

When the Brits finally came to Australia, Bleck Fella here, having never 'fallen' from their Gardens of Eden, were also Fully Enlightened People, ALL OF THEM, so when the poms jumped off the ships, Bleck Fellas looked and knew straight up they were all entranced.  That's why the Elders here told their children "Don't look into their eyes!"

And so, all the way down to today, with the freemasons and anglicans, the same retarded minds have been on the loose, fucking everything right around the world.

And all the other sub branch-offices of judaism - catholics, baptists, methodists, presbyterians, lutherans, yo's witnesses, and on and on.

And, EVERY one of them, reckons they're the true religion!


That's why christians are hanging out for some dude to break the spells for them.  We know they're all too possessed to break them themselves. [That's why they love material wealth so much.  They can't live without an excess of POSSESSIONS!]

And the priests, are all far too comfy on their own nice-little-earners to EVER be HONEST with the flockers!  SHIT NO!


If there was any such NATURAL, as-opposed to a manmade, and fabricated 'Jesus' savior, y'know, someone who well..., I wont go the 'sent by god' bullshit, but there can be a twisted argument along the lines of

"the course of natural events across the species' long evolutionary sojourn, might..., might..., cough-up, or 'filter-out', a person who either learns that the mainstream of sheeple in whichever culture they're born into, are so fucking lame and mentally retarded, that they leave the mainstream and again, for a sum total of 'fortunate' meetings and experiences, goes the "road less traveled", totally of their own intellectual discernment and accord, and attains their own intellectual enlightenment, without artificial as-per common bullshit religious manipulations, up to being a really powerful dude, er..., Dude."

Totally NOT like christians or about any, 'whiteguy'.  So not like the mad mobs they left.  And in their power, they are completely honest. Like I say, NOT like christians and jews.

Or..., they'll be hypnotized from birth, and forced along what is made to appear [only to them] some similar road or sojourn, by fucking selfish and outright evil as well as seriously psychotic priests, rabbis, and their sleazy little puppets, aka GCHQ's, the CIAs, Mossads, or ASIOs spies, ET cetera, and any gutless church-schooled compulsive liar, who like all of them are happy taking the bribes offered to be cunts, and with massive doses of black magic constantly being poured into them, by these turds, they are fooled enough to believe they are some 'god' or some 'messianic' figure, [the 'natural leader' syndrome and fallacy] and even might be so hypnotized to believe they are Jesus reborn to save the compulsively-lying, mentally, thus intellectually thus spiritually retarded, selfish piece of shit christians, and anyone who takes the bribes the same demonic, compulsively-lying land-grabbing piece-of-shit cults pay them.

But, the first possibility, of a person finding their own Enlightenment, 1, just does NOT happen now.
But, were it to, off in christian fantasy-land, it would have them, Intelligent enough to know that the idea of saving a mass of selfish, self-confident [via their material possessions], hypnotized [by imbecilic, dark witches], aka christians, from their own stupidity and egomania is a really stupid and in fact, a delusional belief.  If such a person did think that way, and believe such deluded ideas, obviously they would NOT be Fully Enlightened, but a mere dupe of some secret witch or coven of witches. But as this is fantastical, like christianity, were they to, they'd have nothing at all to do with the religious faithfools, and live somewhere where none of them ever go.

And, they'd know better than to stick their head up and speak what they know about how fucking dumb christians are, or about how fucking perverted and evil the whole christian concept, therefore it's clergy, is.

I'd guess, and say that there are millions of similarly Enlightened People across the planet, Intelligent, Wise and Honest enough to completely reject the whole concept of christianity, living and working in all corners, who are quite at ease with not trying to convert hypnotized 'faithfool' idiots, or even saving an illusory world from an illusory evil, or end. An illusory evil created by the same cults of deception, aka, the judaic-christians.

But, what would I know? What I do know, is that I'm not Jesus, and christians are dangerously selfish and delusional.  

Jews, on the other hand, are crafty, sneaky, deceitful 'people' often.

Not all of them, and probably not most of them.

But as these psychological illnesses are cultural, at the stage the species is now at, the psychoses are simply never entirely personal.

So, as judaism, and christianity are 'religions' of fanatics, with the clerics depending upon material wealth to maintain their false status amongst the communities [in their pyramidic cult model, the inevitable result of centrist, 'christ-at-the-head' designs, warmongering becomes integral to the cult], and in most cases are themselves even more materialistic [and quietly more 'proud'] than their flockers, they too do everything they can to 'convince' people and to lure people into their beliefs-systems. This is what makes a cult, thus a culture, dangerous, and is the cause of personal psychoses.  

When a mob of people are forced to close-ranks, as jews have had to for centuries [and as many many other 'tribes' have, but for jews, it's been for many centuries], the effect is that 'compounding' of all their pathologies, and resentment.  

That's only natural, surely?  One can't criticize anyone who is the victim of persecution, as has been the Jews case, if the cause is simple 'FOREIGNER?' stranger-danger syndrome.  If though, the victim does employ 'dark' sneaky tactics, for whatever reason, then they ask for others to give them a hard time.  

And, as is also impossible to not expect, they would, and would have at least some right to, connive, to get themselves out of the shithole, their own past has dumped them in.  That the tactics the more fanatical of them employ are seriously bad shit, means their psychoses has taken over, and to keep on the same track will be a bad end, for them and all effected. Which is all of us today.

So..., over time, it, that cultural psychosis, builds upon it's own maladies, compounds itself into a tight impenetrable block or wall of immovable beliefs, and their surrounding fortresses of psychotic mannerisms, usually expressed as ever-increasingly elaborate ceremonies. Hence, the delusional, fantastical fairyland performances in places like Rome's, the Vatican, etc.

But 1, because they the puppet-masters of christianitys' cults, the jews, strayed off any True Intellectual, Philosophical Path some thousands of years ago [the 'fall from Eden'], and 2, in that, as they wandered, were seen correctly by the people's they came across, as lost, and for being rejected, became bitter, and warlike, the judaic rabbis and extreme right wing jewish religious cults, in most cases they are not good for the Human Race.

But again, this is a cultural malady. With the depth into the psychic and psychological 'fabric' of people, these types of fanatical religious beliefs and spells penetrate, older folks can find it very hard to break free.

The process of ridding the mind of any such occult stigma is more difficult than most expect. The process itself can cause massive disturbances in the mind.

'Insanity' often seems looming around every next turn.

So it becomes a complete 'life change', leaving everything behind. 

Fresh, Wise trustworthy aids is vital. 

Where to find them, that, is the question?

Most material objects also have their own psychic glue, as-it-were, and when we have them around us, they too, can influence our path, for or against breaking free of the old ways, and attachments and 'chains'. I reckon it's no coincidence that our personal belongings are also called 'possessions'!

It's obvious then also, that to get a clean go at our own psychic and psychological release, human contacts must change as well. All the better if one can make the changes with those they know.

But that has it's own, usually compounded difficulties, because with each other mind to clean-up there's a connection to the old that adds to yours, and the combination multiplies the difficulties, as if exponentially. All associations and friendships of our old self were founded and based on the very ideals and beliefs we need to break away from.

And, in the end, this type of clean-up of the psyche, is the most personal trip. The ultimate aim is to be freed from all things which cling to the mind.

Theoretically, easy. In practice, depending, often frighteningly hard.

Ironically, 'good faith' is essential. However, all religions of 'faith', to now, especially the judaic and christian, have fallen too far, and since christianity's beginning, the cults have resorted to stupidity, fables, invented and exaggerated stories to build, keep and have power over the flocks.

The primary 'thing' essential for making it all the way to your Truth, is 'Truth'!

Funny that!

So all fables and myths and fairytale stories have to be rejected. Beneath most religious stories, on different levels, there is some element of 'moral' or good intention.

'Allegory', and 'metaphor', are written into a lot, if not all, of the bibles' and other religions' and philosophies' books.

Metaphor and allegory can be used.

But it's not usually safe to do so with students and the general followers.

And few if any of the priests are themselves wise, that-is intelligent, honest enough to know what shit they're talking, or when and how to use allegorical stories, then translate them unfailingly.


If any of them are correct, which none of the western cults are, then they would still have a following enough to support a much more humble-living AND HONEST clergy.

Christians! You're materialistic [Mammon-loving] idiots.  

If you were correct, in your beliefs, you'd all be living like all the world's Aborigines were before the 'western, Brit-Eurapean expansion' post 1492, in total Harmony with the Great Mum Eartha.

And that christians fall back in default to 'faith' in the word and powers of another person, Jesus, they are ceding all authority of Knowledge to someone else.

This proves they do not themselves know if what they believe is fact, let alone true.

Therefore christians cannot be trusted in positions of authority, because they themselves, by waiting for Jesus, admit they are stupid.

And, for this, any of them who say they do know, and so demand to have a say in government, are dangerous, and will only lead the People into war and disaster, their own bible's metaphorical 'ditch'. Which, with jews as their backroom hidden puppet masters, is exactly what they are doing to the world!

Wake up Humanity! Western judaic-christian religion and cults make you stupid, and, evil.

Ameartha! [pronounced 'Arm-eartha'. My Pagan, or Atheist alternative to 'amen'. A Respectful word to end a diatribe. A shorter way of saying “Praise the Great Mutha Eartha!”]

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


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