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Palestinians are Warsaw Ghetto prisoners of today.

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This follows off my comment to the above Google Plus Conversation on the THINKERS page [I can't drive these things well.  So I hope the links go where I want them to take you?] of yesterday.

I added more this morning, in better grammar. But I deliberately use lower-case 1st letters of names of peoples, groups and organizatons I have no respect for.

Way outside my accepted beliefs, but it does seem that the jews have such power over the world because they have a 'guard' of something like 4th dimensional 'aliens' surrounding their diplomats and missions.

I refuse to believe the 'aliens' conspiracies, etc, for what they're described as.

And I also have doubts as to what 'ghostly' 4-D beings can be made manifest by enough human occult energy being concentrated on any single concept.

Eastern teachings on the occult go to that. That if enough people are induced, seduced or bought into believing with 'all their might' as-it-were, then their own subtle occult energies can combine to make the thought, the thought-of creature, or concept, actual.

So, if the jews, being [kabbalist] witches, have abused the occult out of resentment for their centuries of persecution, to gain power over the rest of us, over the rest of the western world's elite who've kept banishing them to landlessness, then they will, and have, used whatever it took to 'convince' ['hypnotize'] enough people into believing, thus creating the illusion that aliens exist, are here, and are supporting the jews resentment-based actions against the Indigenous land owners of Palestine?

That's why, I suggest, they've built hollywood and made so many movies about aliens and other possible fabrications.

The other biggie they spent billions on, over the last 100 years in hollywood, is the Jesus myth, which has denied millions, if not billions of already dumbed-down westerners, christians, for centuries, the knowledge of the occult realms, so have been able to fool them all about false gods, false leaders, as portrayed in the masses of 'hero-genre' hollywood flicks, to 'prepare' their gullible minds into 'believing' thus by force of their fanatical will, making manifest, a false Jesus come back.

If America abandoned hollywood on-mass, and stopped it stealing their bucks, which go to Israel, then perhaps Israel would have less money to spend on it's war machinery?

The other weapon Israel has, and merely having it and threatening to use it in a major nuclear war, their massive underground bunkers with huge stocks of nuclear warhead missiles armed and ready to fire, is most likely what stops the rest of the western world from sanctioning Israel to stop the massacre of Palestinians? “Mutually Assured Destruction” is the name of a policy the jews have had for decades, known as “M.A.D.”

Not much anyone can do about that, aside from starting a major conflict of aggression on Israel, so they start the Armageddon final war, which might wipe them out too, if the rest of the nuclear armed states attack Israel.

But short of that, the world's best option is to hit Israel where it hurts the greedy bastards most - in the hip pocket, and it's cashcow funnel of ventures like hollywood?

But as well as stopping that resource, the species has to come to terms with false ideas of power and control and leadership and wealth, all the bases on which Israelis, jews, or more specifically, zionists depend and overpower us.

So we have to do everything we can to kill off the false god concepts.

But also, cRapitalism's consumption markets, that constantly inducing us into being buyers of useless consumer junk products, as per cRapitalist 'free' markets, which christians are the biggest spenders in and consumers of.

These profits also go to the jewish cabals, giving them their wealth, thus the power over us, in laws and, weapons manufacture and, military might, etc.

And the biggest western consumers of cheap shit, are jews and christians. “Mammon” in other words. Showing further how false and even insane the judaic religions and their faithfools are.

Stopping the mad zionist jews from decimating the Palestinians, then, is a big and complex affair.

And these same troubles in the Levant alone, are the same worldwide.

As the zionists have been behind more wars and global abuse issues than any other 'tribe.

From material wealth and pushing over-consumerism.

To selling the markets of unnecessary products, since the beginning of the industrial revolution. With “planned obsolescence” built in, so products wear out quickly and we have to pay them for another one.

To colonization and virtual decimation of the world's Wise, “Edenic”, Balanced and Ecologically Perfect Indigenous Peoples.

Through the invention and deployment of ever-meaner military hardware, to nuclear weapons.

AND, I say, the manifestation of the occult forces of 'aliens' etc, [via mass-hypnotism, indoctrination and belief from hollywood and other western film studios' movies].

Much of it all, effected via their proxy agents in the British, US., and Eurapean elite, dynastic and corporate, but especially, via their sub-cults of the ignorance-sustaining christian churches and the collective of all these into huge and quite insane cRapitalist warmongering cabals.

Jewish and christian corporate Crapitalism depends fully upon war and over-consumption. Hence on environmental depletion leading to the planet's natural biosphere's destruction.

But getting to the core of most of the world's problems, problems of 'beliefs', can be narrowed down to these few aspects.

So, stopping mad Israel from bombing Gaza, isn't done quickly.

It's an huge problem as put above, in these complex webs of wicked intentions conspired by a bitter and twisted cult – the zionists.

But if any of us are serious about stopping the madness, everywhere, from Gaza, to the Ukraine, to the USA and Brazil, and in all 3rd world ghettos, etc., to any quarter of the planet suffering poverty and oppression, these things have to be confronted and addressed, systematically, by a massive global organizing of we Intelligent, awakened Human Beings, no longer religious dupes to those evil false god cults.

I don't think we can fix these massive problems.

But if we are to try, we have to strike at the root. And I think that's by starting in our own lives, by simply cutting back our spending until we only buy absolute necessities – foods and shelter.

And even 'shelter' is one of the western world's biggest sources of profit to these zionist cabals, via the real estate industries.

If you own your own land and home, fine. But if you rent, you contribute to feeding the beast. Very hard to keep a job though, without a secure home.

The way to resolve this and stop the zionists and others from turning rental payments into warmongering, is to learn about true land laws, and to lobby for corrections to them.

Organizations like ''OCCUPY WALL STREET” and others around the world, can select and put up candidates to stand for elections.

But keep it local because we know the federal arenas are totally corrupted by – the zionists, of the freemasons, catholics, and the illuminati, etc. [small “f-c-i”!]

Enough People lobbying locally to kick out the masonic grip on local councils, counties and state governments, is the only democratic option.

But, as I say, I'm not hopeful enough People, are there, to do it.

Getting the local, state and federal police onside is essential.

But as all police are scum of the universe, there's little hope that any good policies and good government will ever be elected, to get rid of zionism, false theism, and to institute True Land Laws.

Sorry for the long one! [NOT!]

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