“Jesuss says.....” A Poem of Defiance, against religion, and Australian police terrorism.

140707  A Poem of Defiance, against religion, and a small but true story of my JUST DEFIANCE against Australian police terrorism.

Me, about ten years before I forced the Pope to resign
"A nice piece of church, that was....!"

Jesuss says.....”
Thursday, July 17, 2008

I wrote this poem, “Jesuss says.....”, at the end of this prosaic piece, the day after I was arrested at gunpoint by catholic NSW police [sent by the corrupt catholic 'rum club' NSW Labor Party ALP State government, of Premier Morris Iemma], and charged with “firing a rifle at 5 people”, at the Aborigine “Bora Ring” an ancient 'Bundjulung Indigenous Nation Cemetery, at Tucki, in northern NSW, Australia.

[The term "rum club" is my name for the descendant Sydney cabal running most of Australian politics, in collusion, of course, with offshore powers such as Rupert Murdoch, of News Corp, but mainly the worst members of the British elite, who, for the most part, have majority control of Australian lands. Another name, an acronym is the I.M.F.  Another whispered name used is, "The Firm". I also maintain that the cabal has less control here of late, as their power has been chipped away at, chiefly by the Independent Commission Against Corruption, which has been in existence for a few decades now, but only of the last 4 or 5 years has it become effective in bringing the cabals' chief powerbrokers to justice. Though too many still walk free. Were all the guilty politicians and parties in NSW brought to proper and full account, there'd be none of the three or more main NSW political parties left to sit in the parliament.]

At the same time I was literally being stood on in the Bora Ring [and whiteguy cemetery] paddock, by the boot of then NSW Police Sergeant Peter Ellis, standing on my back, me stomach-down on the grass, and surrounded by some 10 of them, all with guns drawn, who pulled apart my mobile home and left my belongings completely disheveled, unattended and open to any passer-bys' intrusion, for the whole day, the Commander of the police station whence these mercenary coppers came, Lismore police station, perhaps the most 'bent' police station in NSW, “Chief Inspector Bruce 'Bluey' Lyons”, was meeting with the visiting catholic Pope Benedictus 16, at the Randwick race course, in Sydney, where the catholics were holding an Sydney Catholic World Youth Day, 2008. [See ABC Lateline program video, showing the Pope with Commander Bruce Lyons on the same day in July 2008. The Lateline program went to air a day or 2 after the last Pope stepped down from the top chair in the Vatican.  See also, NSW Police officer Pope Benedictus 16 - the pictures!]

I was terrorized on-site by the mercenary police, arrested, taken back to the cop-shop, locked-up, interrogated for 5 hours, sent to the local psychiatric hospital for an assessment - which proved I had no mental illness nor intellectual disability - then let go, and had to find my own way back to my mobile home, 10 or so kilometres.

I was only released from police custody after signing an agreement that I would report every day to a police station, pending the set-up court case, at the Lismore Magistrates Court. They delayed the case 3 or 4 times, dragging the whole thing out for at least 6 months

I went several times to the Lismore's “NSW Legal Aid” office, and was assisted by a 'pro bono' barrister, who was supposed to help me put my 'defense' together.

Soon after that July 2008, I bought a laptop computer, and began building my own defense, as the 'NSW Legal Aid', although I already knew, was totally compromised, not only by the NSW government, but by the British High Commission in Canberra, and their masters, GCHQ in the UK, and, by Australia's ASIO.

I was harassed daily wherever I went, and camped, in local forests.

Before and after this July 16th arrest event, police and civilian helicopters and light planes would regularly 'buzz' me, wherever I was, and during the catholics international meeting at Randwick in Sydney, I was buzzed by low-flying light aircraft up to ten times a day.

Even then, I was not accepting of the sum of evidence I'd accumulated, and to myself, had come to assume I was being set up to be - 'Jesus', or, as I write it in this poem 'Jesuss'.

Because '-suss' -piciously false, and 'evil', all this is.

While waiting for this case to come to court, I found out that the woman who made the accusation that I'd fired a rifle at her group, one Anne Van Der Wyck, was the sister of a false hippie “Peter 'Pedals' Van Der Wyck” of the “RainbowPower Company” [a front for an illegal 1st world people-smuggling/immigration network] of Nimbin, the false hippie village, where the centre of the Australian “Alternative” lifestyle movement began in 1973, and is based. An offshoot from the Woodstock, New York State USA hippies.

A lot of Genuine Folks there. But also they're surrounded by assholes, running pedophile rings, illegal drugs and people smuggling networks etc.

The “Tuntable Falls” community runs the [catholic-jewish zionist branch of the] Australian illegal cannabis growing and selling industries from Nimbin, and also, while fronting as the movement to have Cannabis legalized, namely “HelpEnd Marijuana Prohibition”, or H.E.M.P., they are in FACT, the main behind-the-scenes advocates STOPPING Cannabis legalization from happening.

Catholics, protestants, freemasons, and any cult growing it, make huge profits from the illegal Cannabis-for-leisure trade, worldwide. The key reason Pope Francis recently came out against legalizing Cannabis.

However, to continue..., it wasn't until I'd put together my 'defense' for the court case, which the police knew everything about [for being fed it all from the Legal Aid offices], proving my innocence, as well as proving police culpability, corruption, plus evidence of me being set up to be the catholic's false Jesussssss, that, in the court room, waiting for the case to be heard, that 'the prosecution', informed the court that their charges and the case against me had been withdrawn and dropped.

I was 'free to go'.

“FUCK YOU COPPERS!” I wanted to say. But a modicum of decorum overcame me!!!

However, the police terrorism persisted for years. I remained exiled from all society, my family dumped me, mainly because they were and are still party to the false Jesuss conspiracy [orchestrated by the Theosophical Society], setting me up, and actively keeping me homeless, with persistent lies and manipulation of my abilities to be paid my inheritance of a few hundred thousand dollars - PLUS!

I estimate the police, not only from NSW, but from Victoria and Queensland also, as well as christian cults and the Ananda Marga [another chapter of the story], owe me compensation in the millions, for, to now, 25 years of forced exile, 19 years of homelessness, and a lifetime of civilian, domestically and internationally driven terrorism, over 40 years by the Hell's Angels and affiliated crime gangs' [the freemason's/CIA's 'civilian' mercenaries] harassment, stalking, and - terrorism, false accusations and insult.

Now, the situation is so far out of proportion, as to be beyond anyone's abilities to deal with. Mainly I say, because they're all mentally-ill and spiritually-retarded self-interested cowards.

But, in whiteguy judaic-christian land of fairytales, 'you get that!'

Below, is my poem, about catholics, and the whole religious bullshit, as I scribed, the day after the cops arrested me, on July 16th, 2008.

I often wonder if there was an intended coincidence there, because on that date, but in 1954, was when I was actually conceived, to mum and her extramarital lover, Boxer O'Brien, also a victim of the catholics during the 1930s, when mum was stolen from her Gunaikurnai Indigenous Father, Donald Sutherland Willis, and locked in the St Joseph's convent in Collingwood Melbourne, for 6 years. [I searched online for official info on the convent, but it has a dubious reputation, [Power Without Glory, a 'fiction' by Frank Hardy] and since I've been hammering the church over mum's connection and six horror-filled years there, I can't find much online about it.]

But, as I was being conceived in mum's womb, on July 16th 1954, she was busy murdering her step-grandfather, John Thomas Willis, in the same bedroom, by her planning for him come home and catch her in the act.

John Thomas Willis, who was one of the south-eastern Australian region's first white invader/pioneers [part, I estimate, of the infamous “Scottish Brigade”], who was later to be the 'winch operator' of the “Long Tunnel Mine” where 13.7 tonnes of gold alone was extracted over its operation between the years 1865-1914, at Walhalla, Victoria.

John Thomas Willis, who, I maintain, was also party to the genocide of my Ancestor Gunai/Gurnai/Kurnai Aborigine People in the district of Tamboritha, Gippsland, Victoria, Australia in or around 1900.

Why I think mum murdered him.

The genocide, which my Grand-Father, Donald Sutherland Willis and I estimate around 20 of his siblings/cousins, aged from babes to teenagers, witnessed. And were thereafter forced to never talk about it, especially to myself.

So, from all that, my 'harrowing' life and family story, readers might understand my antipathy to all things - and women - catholic?

Jesuss says.....
Scribed, 17th July 2008

Jesuss says "the pope's a piece of shit".
His Brothers agree, and wanna assassinate the prick!

Jesuss wants t' welcome il poopa,
when 'e come to town,
As a sign of his respect,
as th' popemobile passes thru,
Jesuss wants to burn all his churches down.

The dopey-popey all dressed-up,
to talk dead words only scholars unnerstand.
But tha's alrite,
Catholics ain't real bright,
think they "SEEN THE LIGHT!"
When all they 'SEEN'
is a well-dressed master-of-mirrors conman.

But "Jesuss" not at all fooled,
He THE "Wise One" after all!
He know the church is run by Satan,
and that it has been since the Fall!

And Jesuss KNOWS, what none can tell,
No priest, archbishop nor no witch
who call hisself "The Pope".
and that to be set free,
is the catholic's only Hope.

But Jesuss fell all over laughing,
after saying that with merth.
'Cause He SEES the End
of that Roman blend,
of lies and hocus-pocus,
Jesuss sees the fees they tax,
have cost the Rest-of-Us our Earth!

And now Jesuss' hidin', lyin'-back,
laughing-though-in-Heart still raging mad.
He yell
take y' Sodom & Gomorrah,
I'll wipe-out all Brit-Euro-scum ever had!"

And Jesuss didn' return on the 3rd day
in Gethsemane or Rome,
They fished 'im out
of a murderer's womb,
then cursed him 50 years
with their mind-numbing witch's bones!

Jus' like in th' black book,
Jesuss wuz a loiterin' boy 'round the Temple,
The 'Rabbi's' plying the nubile's mind
with Kabbala magic, "Let's say 'he's from Yehovah!',
for our flocks... we must be simple!"

Now the "Godfather" Rat,
'e cuma too-a Uluruba,
to talk Latin Euroshit
to True Fellaz of the
"Great Southern Land"?
And if we here had our way,
we'd say that pope 
"Piss-off back to Pizzatown!
It's YOU who don't understand!!!!"

"We watched you from here,
for more than 4,000 years,
We KNOW the Europak got no Honour!
You always slayin' an' fightin',
keepin' ev'ryone frightened,
Why!? So you can "live?"
in a tomb, a “castle”,
a poisonous nuclear family HORROR?!?

You fly down here,
Ever 'WALKED' anywhere?
To slip-one up th' dumbshit
nubile catholics at Randwick!
Gonna tell 'em "Jesuss gonna save 'em!"?
Then in ya' gold-plated bidet
dunk and wave 'em,
an' suck their Souls
so they never wake-up and shout

Yeah Jesuss gonna save 'em!
Yeah Jesuss gonna save 'em!
That's save 'em in ICE!
Cause the Euro-catholic god of plunder,
'as made a terminal blunder,
and generally killed the PLANET!
Not, you greedy toads, very nice!

Piss-off Benedictus!
Go back  "save" YOUR Euromorons.
Your cult has done more than any to destroy the Great Mutha Eartha!

Get out of my Country, you charlatan!

If there's one thing Mum Eartha does NOT need, it is your untrue, 2-faced cult.

"The Bird" so-called, to the church and coppers drawn on back of my ute.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor