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I sent a message to the Victoria Police, of Australia, "Crime Stoppers" website this morning, after getting an email from my sister saying she wasn't going to read any more of my emails to her.  

We've been "allegedly" searching for a piece of rural land in Victoria for me to buy and settle on.  

I say "allegedly" because I know she is the family's 'soft-cop' with me, and lies to protect herself and the others, basically against me exposing what this blog post and the email to the police addresses.  

So the whole idea, which was hers in early 2013, of buying me a piece of land to settle on, for all the difficulties to now, has me finding it very hard to believe Wendy is sincere about us looking for and finding a place.  

This farcical affair of finding me some land, being 'her idea', only after I contacted her in early 2013, to see if she would go guarantor for a small loan for a small and cheap piece of land on the market near Avoca Victoria.  

She wouldn't go guarantor, for a loan I'd done my sums on, and saw I could easily repay in five years?  $30,000 I think it was.

Wendy owns, outright, two 19th century houses, renovated into one large on, about 2 kilometres from Melbourne city, and I estimate at a minimum, the houses she owns to be worth well over AUS$1 million.  Her 2nd husband, and father of her now adult daughter, left her, after he gave a large portion of his life with her, to renovating the two houses into one, with his top quality craftsmanship in woodwork etc.  I helped in that too, a little.

But as the 'search' has been painfully unrewarding for myself, and every place I've liked, and asked to buy - out of a sum Dad left me, on his passing, which the family has made the most bizarre conditions on me acquiring, thje family has said "no" to, every one but one, in a dustbowl of Coober Pedy, in South Australia, so miserable and remote as to appear well to suit the family's want to forget I exist, I run out of patience.  This happened most recently, and I went that little bit too far in an email and told Wendy to "Take your pills, bitch!"  She, and mum, and brother Don, all suffer their own psychological illnesses, and are all on medication for them.  I, am not on any medication, and do not need any, thang-YOU!  :)

Nevertheless, as regulars to this blog would have read, I've been exiled and lied to by her and the family for well..., my whole life, because, I found out too late, in 2005, when I was 50 years old, that they and the Theosophical Society had actually brought me into existence to be that insane and evil cult's "false Jesus".

I cannot recover from finding that out, particularly because the denials remain, and for that, all police forces in Australia are complicit, thus my appeals to any authority gets the "he's nuts!" treatment.  No matter, to the authorities, that every psyche, psychological and psychiatric assessment, gives me a clean bill of mental health.

However, Wendy sent me an email I read this morning saying she would not read any more of my emails, but will keep looking for a place for me.  Never mind the stupidity of that, for how are we to communicate if she wont read my communications?

That's right, I also sent, without any words from myself, another email to her, with a picture I copied off the internet, which describes "Traits of Maternal Narcissism", which describe perfectly, almost too perfectly my mum's maladies.  

But her cowardly email drove me to try once more to appeal to the authorities for help. 

So I went to the Victoria Police website.  The best I could find, was their "Crime Stoppers'" pages, and I found their email option to report a crime.

I refuse to go to the police over this, because passed maltreatment and ongoing covert harassment by police, leaves me with no trust nor respect for any of them.

But, the whole affair, and the fact that I'm now 19 years exiled by the family, maltreated by them, all quite mentally ill, yet in control of the inheritance Dad, it seems, left me, then Wendy's sad little email this morning, drove me to try again.

So, below this short list of controlling interests of and with the Theosophical Society, is what I wrote to the Victoria Police online "Crime Stoppers" web page email.  It begins with "Major cult crime, long running."

Theosophical Society controlling

Zion central.

Control hollywood.

Fashion industry

Washington's Pentagon.

Rome's Vatican.

London banking.




My family.

My "Crime Stoppers" email to the Victoria Police, 14th July 2014

Major cult crime, long running.
I, Max Nichols Cook, have conclusive evidence that I have been set-up to act as a false "Jesus" returned.
My family, living in Victoria, maintain to now, a gross deception as to my receiving my financial inheritance [my father has passed-on], keeping me exiled, homeless and defamed by them.
Mother Adrienne Helen Cook, of Doncaster, suffering serious mental health issues, over decades, maximal and dangerous [Narcissistic] control psychosis, lying about my genetic father, lying about our Aboriginality [Gunai/Kurnai, Gippsland], possibly murdered her step-grand-father on 16th July 1954, date of my conception.
The list of cult-related crimes around and within this family, is long, covering decades and several areas - cult deceptions and manipulations, military, pedophilia, murder, attempts to buy-off the public, and attempts to deceive christians about a christian savior coming. aka [NOT] 'me'.
Since 2005, when I realized I was their puppet, I've tried with reason to stop this folly, only to be further deceived, maltreated and confined.
I am not guilty of any crime whatsoever, remain in exile, have no vices, keep my mind and body healthy and, IMO, 'sane'.
My sister has tried to help me find some land to buy. But behind the scenes, the process is thwarted.
I assert this is because I defy the cult [The Theosophical Society] attempt to have me play their 'evil' role as a 'religious figure'.
Have asked police for help for some years, but got none.
False arrests, insinuations of mental health issues, but confirmed by psychiatric professionals as 'all clear', ie., not mentally ill.
Cults: Theosophical Society, Catholic church [St Joseph's convent long closed, Collingwood, Melbourne,] The Vatican, Rome. Have good reason to suggest also that members of the outlawed motorcycle gang, and affiliated gangs of the Hell's Angels are willingly participating in 'terrorizing' myself. I assess they accept bribes from the named cults to do so.
No small matter.
Please help.
Further ostracism, false accusations, police and public harassment, etc., serves only to damage my ability to assume/resume something of a life, stolen by this same cabal, now, over 19 years ago.
Am currently maintaining a 'low profile' in rural Queensland, living in my vehicle.
I've lost all trust in people, and in my family.
However, I prefer to believe, they are also victims, and thus, that they too, do in fact want for my best interests, to be able to settle down peaceably where I prefer, in rural Victoria.
This, to my best of abilities to discern, is an issue for the Victoria Police.
However, for it's broader effects, as per a false and dangerous attempt to deceive a huge number of people, about false, fraudulent religious ideologies, one, in particular, spanning the globe, I appeal to the Victoria Police to discuss this with British and other nation's security and policing services.
However, they, the British, are well aware of this large-scale criminal plan.
Also, over the passed few years, I have sent occasional 'reports' to a Victoria Police web email address, I believe at the St Kilda Rd, Melbourne HQ. Email; ethical.standards@police.vic.gov.au

The address replies with an auto-responder confirmation that it has received my 'reports' but I have not to now received any tangible assistance.

End of message.

I don't have any hopes from this. 

In fact, I expect further [police] terrorism and possibly even [family inspired] being arrested, fitted-up AGAIN, with more false charges, and possibly even locked in a psychiatric hospital, for a short or long while.

But, as 'betrayal' seems to be my 'karma' and life, this time around anyways, and as I cannot even go to the sheds I rent, without being seriously stalked and photographed, by locals, and many who rent other sheds there, who could well be from quite aways away, even while the Qld police have a house adjacent to the sheds, from which they can, and I assume do keep  constant watch, I'm all out of patience, and hope.

So, as the previous  emails I've sent to another Victoria Police address, mentioned below, have never brought any justice for myself, I can't expect this will be given any serious and effectual treatment.  

At risk of their usually bad reaction, I see there's nothing but an abject solitary and unjustifiably exiled life of penury to lose.

Thanks mum.

Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw
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