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Patrick Coleman commented on a video on YouTube.
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You are brave. I am suffering from Narcissistic Victim Syndrome and I have thoroughly explored the possibility that I was a narcissist. But have you considered that you might not be a narcissist but rather just a man victimized by it? Because from what I know a narcissist would NEVER admit to being a narcissist. 

an Interview on YouTube with Sam Vaknin

Here's a few comments of the last couple of days, me, mostly, going to this, relieving identification of my family's, at least how I perceive my family's, psycho-pathologies.

But, while my addressing this in my hard, straight forward talk and terms, it is more likely to have the family react as they've always done, and will incurably do from now on, and leave me homeless, the same as the utterly evil and crazy-mad cult THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY [just in case their internet 'bots' miss my mention of their name!], [AND...! in case the reader doesn't know, the SAME cult behind today's insane and illegal state of Israel, and it's ongoing massacres of Palestinians!], with the massive acceleration of unrestrained CULTURAL insanity looking more every day like it's fast-tracking the whole planet down to the jewish Hell they're making for everyone else, I do attack this disease head-on, of the errant religious mind, behind and which sustains the “cultural” mentality as I'm fuckin' sure always develops with bad religion. AKA, christianity and it's parent cult of judaism.

These couple of my comments go hard and I say, accurately at the cults behind the end of the world psychosis.

I thank Pat Coleman again, for posting the video, [hit the link above]. It's about 26 minutes long, but is a good interview with a bloke who seems to know the case, of Narcissism, pretty well.

However, as amateur as I am in psycho-analysis, I still ask myself if the term applied, “Narcissism”, is the most accurate word for the more general malady of megalomania, with extra sauce? Of course.

I found Sam Vaknin's YouTube comments page, and sent him this;

Hi Sam! I saw a video of your YouTube interview about Unmasking Narcissism, Psychopaths and their abuses, and am impressed, so

Thank You, Sir!

It came my way via Pat Coleman of Chicago USA, on Google Plus.

Sorry, but I'm a poor driver of the internet and Google's facilities, so can't give you the link to that conversation.

But as of now, 28/07/2014, the convo is up to view, if your interested.

I've made a lengthy comment on this matter, and Pat's putting your vid up has possibly began more of my own inquiries and deconstruction of my own and my family's psychoses.

And, Pat and I, and others, may make more comments, so if you can, please follow?

I've no doubt this, [whether or not the term "Narcissism" is the exact and most fitting term], is very important, from a 'cultural pathology' analysis point of view.

I'm convinced that the vast majority of 'personal' psychoses, have their roots in the 'culture'.

Suggesting that the culture is either pathological itself, which I have no doubt the mainstream western, judaic-christian ones are, or that they lead in inducing 'personal' psychoses.

As you'll read in my comment to that conversation, I have first hand experience of being abused by, themselves, victims of the larger, global cults, and cultures within catholicism and within the western military alliance.

So, I'm pretty-damned-sure I'm correct about this being a, and perhaps THE major issue of our modern period.

So, again, Thank You, for doing the Great Work You are!

As the BBC's post-WW2 radio comedy, "The Goons" would end each show with, "It's all in the mind, you know?"


Max Cook

Me; on the G+ Post by Pat;

Good one, Pat! Watched all of this one. And recorded it.

Will replay it to see if I'm one too. Whether it's that 'denial' thing or not, dunno? But to now, I don't think I'm a narcissist meself [question mark?]

He gets into it well, aye?

Brings up the 'cultural' side of it too, which is what I've concluded about all, or the causes of all/most of people's maladies. [Which, should, be the mockers on the trends of "I'm an unduvudual!!!" bullshit, methinks!]

As more westerners/christian upper classhole spoiled brats are coming round to seeing and to admitting, the western 'cultures', of, I assert, christianity and judaism, are drowning in personal, thus, at their root, cultural psychoses, and these are beneath why the whole world is "goin' orrrf!"

But, hey? Try telling that to the leaders? HA! Enjoy the Cuckoo's Nest if you try!

But, it gives Strength to the likes of Atheists who're speaking out against the draconian and dangerous dogmas, creeds and other shit of the churches and synagogues.

THAT, really does have to be brought to the fore in more Peoples' PROTESTS, no, matter which Issues are being PROTESTED against.

Thanks again. You're doing Good Stuff Bros!

Maybe you, the guy [Sam?] in the vid, [and the interviewee!] and this errant program [me], can start to influence the bighouses if we can get this narcissism stuff into the mainstream discourse?

Sure as Hell needs to be OUT THERE, aye?

Like in ALL zionist's HQs!

Stay Cool!

Patrick ColemanYesterday 9:06 PM
to me,
+Max Cook I used to not even be able to say the word without getting really sick to my stomach. But it's important to understand that BOTH victims and narcissists lose at this. This is not some game and I can remember that after all of my "takedowns" over my lifetime shortly after at least 6 of them hit rock bottom because of it. And because Narcissists tend to lack skills (and just mimic behavior) their bottoms can last longer and hit harder because they ruin relationships and cause drama. 

Me, back to Pat
+Patrick Coleman
[Apologies for this being as long as it is?

This is hitting on a BIG Issue ALL of western society (at least) HAS to address.

So it requires being 'outed' at every turn. From the personal to the cultural.

"Cultural" includes politics, religion and the marketplaces, ie., corporate-cRapitalism. (But once I buy another motorbike, I might be too busy?)]

The biggest thing is to have empathy for the narcissists who've ruined our [my] lives.

That mum and brother have totally fucked everything I had going for me, knowingly and mockingly keeping me homeless and in complete social exile for over 19 years to now, [but for much longer, when I include the secondary methods they, mainly mum until about 1993/4, employed under the instructions of her insane zionist cult (Theosophical Society, "TS")], and that they are protected by both the Vatican cabal and thus the softcock, genuflecting police, all ignoring my evidence, calls and pleas, makes it very hard to (empathize with/for them).

I do not suicide only so I can wage war against them, and, as you've addressed, against this worldwide psychosis.

I know 'forgiving' them is a 'win' for them, sick or otherwise.

"Got away with that one, AGAIN!" is how they take a victim saying they forgive them.

Like "Dr Sam" [don't know if he is a qualified doctor, but to me, that is less important, and more often is a negative as 'qualified professionals' are infamous for following a set of criteria which  tend more to satisfy the categorizations of the huge international mental health, medical and even pharmaceutical drugs corporate and bureaucratic requirements than explaining or effectively treating patients], but as Sam Vaknin says in the vid, this [narcissism] is an "incurable" malady.

But because both are 92 and 64 y/o, and have been deeply psychotic since my conception, mum well before, when she was stolen from her Dad by the catholics and locked in a convent to be turned into the monster she's been since 11 y/o, even 'behavior modification' is out of the question.

That's my own situation.

However, theirs, is massive, in that they, either by their 'puppet-masters' [mum's, the TS, and the catholic nuns, and brothers, the Australian Army, and his 'mates' from his cadet-ship as a 'teen in the air force], have been at it for that long, and with each act, with each enactment of their psychoses, which is completely automatic now, they're madness is compounded more and deeper into their psyches.

So, what with each CULT also refusing to admit to THEIR sicknesses, to their psycho-pathologies, and as the sicknesses are global now, in terms of the spread of this same disease across the worldwide cults running both catholicism, the TS and the western alliance military, and as this malady has become integral and even the basis of their forces 'modus operandi', 'how they operate' from initiating recruits up to forceful global geo-political economic dominance, the /a resolution is impossible.

Or, "We're all DOOMED!"

That they are all self-supportive, and 'huddle' in secret, to strengthen their own madnesses, which are clearly, to outsiders AND to them, nothing short of evil, means that the otherwise tenable responses such as 'sympathy', 'empathy', tolerance, forgiveness, etc., is only ever abused by them, [evil does not allow for intelligent, wise, rational or balanced thinking - evil tends always to increase the mad thoughts and thinking processes], forgiveness is actually a dangerous way to react to them.

Letting them off the hook, lets them [or the evil spirit possessing them] take down whomever comes along the next time, and they're back into their old bad habits in no time.

All US and Australian, etc., police forces are classic cases of this.

I've tried for decades to reason. But it is a no-point method. They are blind, transfixed in escaping responsibility, shifting the blame always onto the victim.

That, is classic right wing political thinking, as we see in your "Republican party" and here in the Liberal-Nationals, and in the 'Christian' based parties in politics. The poor are left to struggle against the elite's evil system, and have no choice but to resort to crime to afford a house, or starve, AND ARE BLAMED by the corrupt [read "ABSOLUTELY INSANE!"] elite controlling the economic distribution and flow of resources across society, and are charged with being criminals just to eat.

It's predominant in all upper classes and their politicians, and in the likes of Britain's House of Lords, landocratic elite. The classic "Lords of Sick"!

That is the crux of this being a "CULTURAL" illness, and everyone beneath them, under the mercenary police forces, who take the bribes to enforce evil laws, thus are induced, inducted into the same psychoses, of this narcissistic means of controlling society, everyone beneath is powerless.

Until this [and I'm still open to discussion and deductions as to whether the term "narcissism" is entirely correct, and appropriate], is faced, properly and fully addressed and remedied up at the top levels, where it is strongest, thus at it's worst and most pernicious, way down at mum and Don's gated village in the most salubrious Melbourne suburb, THEY, mum and brother, are able to keep up appearances and talk their way through their remaining years, AND my inheritance [a major cause of this from the start!] totally ignoring my shituation, and that I'm NOT a fucking psycho, nor sick, but am THEIR and their mad cults' victim.

And, to go objective, as this is perhaps the most denied psychosis across the modern western especially judaic-christian world, it has permeated all of us living under that utter hex of a culture.

So, very few people around us, will not have some traits of the bad sides of narcissism.

So, if 'push gets to shove' we can guarantee a bad reaction from everyone we put this to, to whom we can be bloody sure we correctly suggest or allege is mentally ill.

Definitely if they are aware of the pressure of this same series and cabal of cults is applying to such as myself, but deny it and further enact it upon a victim.

In short -

"Everyone is mentally ill, Phil!
     Everyone is mentally ill!

Everyone is mentally ill, Bill!
     Just lie back and take another pill!"

[From my 2010 rapp song "Everyone is ....!" yeah!]

So, it ain't over yet!

If, it can ever be now, as this is so deep in the very culture which dominates the planet?

That's why my Step Dad, the Most Honorable Human Being I ever knew, fought mum's psychosis until his very last breath, and why I will too.

He was an AIF WW2 Paratrooper Sergeant-Major. One of our first Commandos! So I'm raised by Him, as a Warrior.

So THIS, the war against this endemic, epidemic global, cultural psychosis is MY war.

My Motto,

"Never Forget! Never Forgive! Never Surrender!"



Thanks again, Pat! :]

You're a Trooper!

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All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
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