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General Discussion - Jul 21, 2014
How do you know that Russians shut down Malaysia Airlines MH17 - because Drunk rebels guard victims’ bodies that were ‘dragged around’ and robbed
The family members of those killed in the Malaysian Airlines MH17 crash have been dealt a new blow at reports that their loved ones' bodies have been guarded by drunk rebels, looted, left exposed to the elements and even dragged around, before they were unceremoniously removed from the site on Sunday.

A short thread of comment to-fro the Poster Screwed by Lawyer and another commenter came first, before I saw it and posted my comment, below.

Pardon, but...? "Media" is a filthy affair, worldwide.

When we, you or another say, 'western' media outlet reports that Russia has the highest rate of 'assassinated' or murdered journo's, it is narrow and dangerously stupid to take it as evidence that Russia, or the Kremlin, or Putin himself, are being ruthlessly 'evil' and unreasonably censorial against reporters and any who speak out against their [admitted] totalitarianism.

We, you, me and the lampost, have to realize that Russia is flooded with bigoted, biased and far-right-wing journo's too, from within and from without, who do NOT automatically have a healthy objective perspective on events.

Get in your heads, that some reporters, spies and diplomats, as well as many Jo Av'rages, of all nations, do NOT live according to, nor have a clue about the Best Political 'opinions' to hold to, and to trumpet in the pubs, media and street protests. Or in their boss's office.

At least as many journos everywhere, are bigoted pieces of shit, who sell their asses to any Rupert Murdoch, for fame, egotripping on tele, and the other bribes/rewards/salaries they can extract.

THAT, is cRapitalism, at it's absolute worst.

So, temper our biases we must, every time such an event occurs and causes such unsubstantiated reports and condemnations of and from leaders, nations, simple, Humble but Strong Peoples, whether right-wing Neo-Fascists [NOT all bad], Centrist Germans, or 'Leftie' Russians.

Russia has been at war in every department against the leading threat to the planet's sustained existence, since 1917 and before - the selfish, right wing, egomaniacal, ignorance-based western elite, and every mouthy greaser who sucks for a feed.

So, hearing of a reporter 'disappearing' or assassinated in Russia, does not mean automatically, that the reporter was a 'good guy'!

Just think of, or go read a few credible recounts of the USA's 1950's-to-now, "McCarthyist era" of anti-Communism.

Highly Intelligent, Rightminded Americans, many within what came out of that dark period, the "Actors Equity Union", now mostly passed-over, suffered horribly from the terrorism of those shitty days in the USA.

For no other reason than the USA was totalitarian and about as dark and bigoted as any 'Stalinist Russia' could be.

Indeed, a BIG reason why America is so crippled today, and has no Real Voice for The People, is because of that era of anti-Communism, where Balanced, Honest, Intelligent unbiased Perspectives were silenced, by covert right-wing government, domestic terrorism, on Americans.

Same-same everywhere cRapitalist corporatism gets a hold on government.

[That's why, of late, I'm leaning from The Red Hard Left, back to a Centrist "Fascism", where the government controls corporate activities, not the other way around.]

For my further BITCHING on this matter...,

"Good Journalism is FREE!"

[PS: I best add that, "I" think comments here [to now] are healthy, and I'm not having a go at you guys. I think we're on the same side, that-is, for Honest reportage, factual, not fabricated.]

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