NAB "Loans Affair" ongoing.....

Thursday's emails from-to the NAB on it's declining my application for a paltry $5,000 loan;

On Wednesday, 23 July 2014 5:47 PM, "nabfeedback@national.com.au" wrote:

Dear Mr Cook,

thank you for your email.

I am sorry that you were not advised of the outcome of your loan application earlier. It is clear that we should have communicated this much sooner.

NAB is not obliged to provide applicants with specific reasons for a credit application decision, however we are able to advise you that on this occasion you did not meet our serviceability guidelines for this application.

As I'm sure you are aware there are laws and codes that affect Financial Institutions, one of which is the National Consumer Credit Protection (NCCP). The NCCP sets out strict rules and regulations that we as responsible lenders must follow when assessing requests for lending. The resulting lending criteria policy and procedures implemented by NAB are designed to avoid maladministration, unconscionable lending practices and financial hardship to our clients.
I trust that this has clarified NAB’s position.

____ ________
Early Resolution Officer
NAB Resolve
National Australia Bank

My Reply, 140724

TO: [name deleted in respect of the idiot not being responsible for this banking crime]

Thanks ___, for your prompt reply. But no, it does not satisfy my concerns.

A year or more ago now, I began an inquiry with the NAB as to borrowing $10,000, for a replacement Holden ute, and with a few phone conversations with an NAB loans assistant based in Melbourne, we established that I was good for that figure.

I recall your NAB assistant saying that he was impressed by my ability to save. I held off on that application for other reasons, one being that I preferred to save a little more before taking the loan, and then reassessed my need for a replacement ute.

Nevertheless, knowing you are bound by your rules and decisions, I ask again that the bank reassess my application, and agree to the loan of a mere $5,000, now, and not in 6 months.

Contrary to your advise, I am capable of repaying this small amount in the 2 year period, as can be confirmed by referring to your own bank records of my saving and spending habits, and of avoiding going further into debt.

One more question; Has anyone within the National Australia Bank had any contact, via telephone, email in person or via SMS, etc, with any member of my family [other than myself], in regard to my being advanced this $5,000 loan?

This is becoming a legal case, so the question in the preceding paragraph is put to the NAB, in consideration of there being illegal interference with my ability to reasonably and legally partake of Australian society and culture, by a 'troubled' family, as explained in my previous email on this matter.


Max N Cook

It's probably worth noting here, that 'the family', has told me that they have some $150,000 available for me to buy some land.  But all manner of quite illogical and unreasoned explanations have been given by the family, stopping me finding anywhere to live.  Anywhere, that is, which might be near to my preferred locations.

Mum insists, that I 'choose' somewhere with an house on it, fit for moving straight into, and rejects all my very sensible choices [well..., I WOULD say that, wouldn't I? I do admit some have been not so good] of large and healthy tracts, acreages, of rural land, because I prefer to take a piece of vacant land and to build my own shack, of which I am more than capable of doing. 

I actually incline to the belief that mum wants me to find a house, which she can 'haunt' once she's dead, so plague me until my death, with her insane and evil spirit.  Why she couldn't do that in anything I build myself, is outside of my knowledge on these occult not-things.  Perhaps it's her belief that my own construction would have built-in to it, the hexes and Harry Potter curses of every materials' supplier I purchase the building materials from?

Whatever, I refuse to accept the irrational assertions, or lack of any assertions the family issues, if only by their sudden and prolonged silences, as is occurring now.

For the irrational people they are, I don't bother asking them for this wanted $5,000 for a motorbike, as no other funds have been forthcoming, outside of 'necessities' such as maintenance expenses for my ute, and for various smaller pieces of equipment I've needed to maintain my minimalist pauper's life.  [However, thinking about this as I write this, I might ask them again?]

Again, as put in the email to the bank, and in my many many other blog-posts here, I maintain the family, thus myself, are victim to the Theosophical Society's [TS] demands of me opening my 3rd eye, becoming a full-blown wizard, and playing, constantly thereafter, under their occult threats, their evil 'messiah'.

Out of an Healthy, Wise and Sane Respect, to my Self, to all Aborigines, to my Mentors of Philosophy, and to all Human Beings, I DEFY that pressure from that ignorant cult's call, to play their little lamb.

Granted, I do not know if other, related assertions about my roots, have any bases of truth in them, such as one about whence I actually come - some say from Alpha Centauri [our Sun's nearest star, 4 light years away], and thus, that I am the fabled, fictionalized real life Clark Kent, of the "Superman" fictions. To that, I laugh!

However, while kept in the dark, by that pernicious Theosophical Society cult, I am obliged to reject all such allegations and assertions as incredible.

I have been cursed with 'a talent' of a quite unusual character, power.  

While the cult, the family, police, and all around me, are incapable of being HONEST with me, about any and all of this macabre bad dream I'm in, I will stay as debilitated, in the area of witchcraft, and use the peculiar talents I have to ensure as many people on earth, [and beyond] are informed truthfully as to the evil plot the TS has tried, on me and on humanity, and to also work to straighten up the world's insane and evil media, military and political fields.


Brayakooloong Gunai Indigenous Outlaw

All Praise the Immortals!
All Praise the Warriors who have fallen
Fighting for a Just World!


Bleck - Green - Red
Wisdom - Intelligence - Honor