2013 Sept 7 Australian election - The LNP Are Not Leadership Material At All

130813 JUST DEFIANCE The LNP Are Not Leadership Material At All Edition

by Tim Colebatch SMH
August 13, 2013 - 2:23PM

We have to be careful not to judge books by their covers, say what?

And anyone with even half a brain should see through the guise of false intellect and dis honor in the two males pictures [off the smh article].

As I say below, if they do become our next federal leadership team, then we can be certain that the election has been rigged, and is a phoney.

Masses of disgruntled Australians will see through the fraud, if it turns out as predicted, with the LNP taking office, and it's hard to not see lots of them taking it out in violent ways.

The article by Tim Colbatch explains facts about the deceits of the LNP. But a few of their lies.

The responsible media house of Fairfax, avoids to now, saying much about the likely outcome in social impact terms, where, as with the insane Kennett Lib/Nat Victorian government of the 1990s, massive cuts were made to all public sectors, huge swathes of government departments and council operations were privatized, hence we now have much increased utilities' costs, government school and government, publicly owned lands were flogged to the new right wing government's land speculator/developers mates, even real estate corporations were given key roles in sponsoring state schools, simply so the defunded state schools could survive the sell-off thus increase in costs for public facilities and costs of living.

As well..., we got the Howard LNP federal government, which took us one more step down the road to fascism, until all things came home to roost for them, and the voters were so fed up they rejected them.

Innerestingly, the ALP was awash with inspired visionary motivation by 2004, then again in 2007,. and threw in front of us the promising leadership teams.

Howard and coven's quite illegitimate and indeed evil scams and deceits combined with the people's distaste, and a fresh ALP, once big Kim, was told, led the simmering opposition to Howards, GW Bush and Tony Blair's unconscionable invasion of Iraq in 2003, to restore their traditional, yet far less than they could, Reason-based policies back into power.

Sadly other less public hopes were slowly being dashed behind the scenes, and failed attempts at raising the dead told against the most capable 2007/2010 ALP government yet known, and continued to eat away at the ALP/Greens/Independents 2010/2013 federal government.

This is not to say their primary task of governing the nation through a variety of “heady times” and global debacles was not good, nor well managed.

Quite the opposite.

They have done us proud, as they say, contrary to the bitter lies-factory out of the egomaniac and foolish LNP, and it's media cabal of Murdoch's, primarily.

I didn't see the 1st leader's debate on tele. I saw a pic of Abbott standing behind a podium, in the finest suit too much money could buy, with his hand gesturing “emperor” style, as if from the pic, he was auditioning for the role of a modern-day Caesar in a hollywood movie.

'Twas but a flash, but it “felt” as though he was caked in face make-up, for the cameras, and to fool the movie fan viewers that he matches the hollywood model of what a plastic Reagan-esque leader of the first world should look like, when he's not on the toilet.

But for more than a few years, none of the LNP polies have shown me, me, a skeptic with something of a reputation of picking winners, leaders, and, frauds, that any of them are anything more than the biggest threats to Democracy, outside of a false Jesus appearing and taking over the world.

So, I read the SMH article by Tim Colbatch, as in the link below the title, and looked at the two photos, of Abbott amidst a media and idiot fans scrum, and Jockey [TYPO!$%^!] trying to look as if he is tough and maybe even as if he knows what he's saying/doing/acting-out - again, for the cameras, and felt whether writing anything was worthwhile, whether life with such phoneys in power, was worth it?

With the decades of scary stories about earth being invaded by aliens, though skeptical of most of those types of stories, it should not be rejected totally, I think.

But one cannot help but feel that the likes of Abbott, especially when photographers manage to snap such perfectly bad images of the likes of both these fools, I do ask again, whether they are in fact mutant aliens from another universe, or such.


 In the least, from what I do know about 4th dimensional beings being very capable of taking over the body and mind of humans, and other critters, aliens or not, one cannot discount the possibility that the LNP politicians have been lost to alien minds.

This, alone because they show such evil disregard for the well-being, short and long term, of humanity.

Abbott's [and Murdoch's] pathetic discrediting of the carbon tax, and the follow-up pricing of industry emissions, but one example. Surely every lower-middle class person in Australia is aware of the harsh withdrawal of services and protections government is there to ensure, that the extreme right wing LNP types so love, so callously, to legislate in?

Surely, no person, no human, with anything near a critical and balanced mind, would want this type of character telling them how we should govern such a potentially fine nation?

After taking a few distractions, knowing also how few people read this blog, I bothered, and submitted these comments to the article's comments window.

I don't really wonder anymore. It's all evil bullshit.

My Comment:
The LNP are not leadership material at all.

Fabricated posturing, false claims, deceitful figures, one liners and make-up make not what the nation needs.

Law and disorder will be a major issue if the LNP wins the election, because the streets will become random shooting galleries by the fed-up classes, many times more than we witness to now.

If the LNP wins, especially if they win outright, it will be proof enough that the election has been rigged, like most every bad media story canning the government to now, by the Murdoch press, radio and others.

The toughest question might be:

"Is the right wing offshore establishment, wantonly, and unawares, setting the scene for Tony Abbott or such, to be our first government politician to be assassinated?"

Seriously, no-one should be shocked if it does happen.


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