the natural condition of the mind........, is silence

In Honor Of The Great Ones - my Two Spiritual Masters - 

a car?

Dare I admit...?  Yeah, I do!
Having deduced something quite bizarre about who I am, it was only something of a surprise to find adverts around my email or news sites, for both the latest Lamborghini, and Rolls Royce's latest invention, the Wraith motor cars.
I drooled for a while over the Roller, but was soon returned to Sattwa, and a clean disregard for these wonnerful pieces of auto-architecture.

But.., for nothing else to do the other night, I started designing a motorcar, and yep, soon enough the Roller drove back into my imagination.

So after a game of chicken with it at ridiculous speeds, 
I drove my imagined Auto next to the Wraith.

And..., we entered a patch of fog!

When we both came out the other side, mine ahead, naturally,
this was what mine had become!


The Justiflyer!

say     no    more

And yeah, I know, it ain't that good! And, you might be right scoffing that it ain't the car, but the groovy magenta backdrop, what makes 'im noice?

[But for an amateur ad-man, HEY!?]

[Respects to my Spiritual Master, the Person who heard, and told me the quote.
My First Spiritual Master?  My Father, Allan Nichols Cook-Meredith]